How to Increase Affiliate Sales 2018 | Bridge Page Strategy

hey this is Dan froelke here and welcome
to my youtube channel I really appreciate you stopping by in this video
I want to show you how to increase your affiliate sales for 2018 and beyond
you know I’ve got a strategy I want to share with you that I learned it
probably about a year and a half ago or so in when I implemented this strategy
it really increased my sales dramatically alright so I want to share
that with you today and I really hope you get some value out of it and thanks
for watching thanks ok what exactly is a bridge page and how will it help you
increase your affiliate sales all right well first of all it’s called a bridge
page because it bridges the gap between your capture page in your main sales
presentation all right and the advantages are they gives you the
opportunity to brand yourself allows you to introduce yourself before you send
your prospects to the main sales presentation so it warms up your
audience before they get to your sales presentation it also allows you to pre
sell your product ok for example if you had a product that you’re selling an
actual product and it helps you out you might want to mention the advantages of
the product before the actual see the product and you know you can include
that in the bridge page and it also allows you to set yourself apart from
the pack and that’s extremely important as a matter of fact when I understood
this well this was all about a year and a half or so ago it’s when I first
created my first bridge page when I realized that my sales increased
dramatically so I absolutely love what this it’s bridge page strategy is and
you know you should implement this strategy so right well now I want to
take you I want to show you exactly where a bridge page goes on my little
whiteboard here all right so let’s turn this on here the drawing thing
all right so I want to show you exactly where we put our bridge page and where
it goes all right so you know first of all we’ve got the capture page right
here you’ve got your little opt-in form and got your traffic going right there
traffic and of course after the opt-in page we goes right to the sales
presentation right so this is how the normal sales funnel is well so you’ve
got your sales presentation here maybe a sales video blah blah blah and of course
after that it takes them to where they can purchase well whatever it is you’re
selling right all right so that’s the sales funnel that we all know right
however you know the bridge page strategy goes like this so this is where
the actual bridge pages is gonna go right between the your capture page and
your main sales presentation right so this is the bridge page here and it
could be just a video of yourself introducing yourself you know you could
add some copy in here and I’m gonna show you a couple of my bridge pages so so
here’s how it goes now you’ve got the traffic going in your capture page they
opt-in it goes to your bridge page and then they’re redirected and then they’re
redirected to your sales presentation and then on to the to the end there so
so that’s exactly how it flows just wanted to show you so you’re not that
confused on where it goes it goes in between the capture page in
your sales presentation alright here’s an example of a bridge page that you can
create very easily and all it is is you can just shoot a video just an
introduction explaining who you are and you know like
you’re the average person I was struggling I was looking for ways to
make money online and then I discovered this system and then at the end you’re
getting to give them a call to action click the button below and it’s gonna
gonna take you to the system that I want you to check out and you’ll be glad you
did or something like that okay so again very easy to create and this
will make all the difference in the world in its it’s a very simple way and
it will help you increase your affiliate sales. what exactly do we say on our
bridge page okay so first of all you’re gonna start out with your story okay and
which is gonna point out a problem that everyone can relate to you know it’s
gonna relate to people then you’re gonna provide a solution and then at the end a
simple call to action so all I have to do is click the button below or
something like that so for example here’s my story for years I was a
stonemason working outside and as you can imagine that’s a lot of hard work
you’re outside in the elements the hot Sun and it’s a lot of heavy work hard on
your knees hard on your back and I was doing that for years I developed a back
injury and had to get shots in my spine to relieve the pain and this went on for
a long time and I really could not handle it anymore
I had to stop and I had to look for other ways to make money alright so I
turned to the internet because I was always intrigued with people who made
money online you know people who living me the laptop lifestyle so I got
online started look for solution and answers on how to make money I tried a
lot of things but I failed miserably until I found this system right
here that I want to show you and then you just have to give them the
call to action you know click the button look below to learn more and it’s as
easy as that okay so I want to show you one more bridge page that has a little
more involved all right now this is an example of another bridge page that I
used and have had great success with I wish I could take credit for the ad copy
but I cannot because I hired a professional copywriter for this job and
this person has years of experience in our work from home niche and he’s really
an expert in this field and he does a fantastic job and again I use
them every once a while for big projects I’m using them right now to do some ad
copy for an offline thing that I’m doing now every sentence on this page is
crafted with three things in mind know like and trust okay everything from the
headline and then I’m gonna scroll down a little bit but again every single
thing every single word on this page is crafted so people understand you know
that I’m an expert expert in my field okay that they know my story that they
know who I want to work with and who I do not want to work with and how to get
started where to get started and how I can help them solve their problem that’s
what this page is all about from the big headline up here to the call called
actions right here okay and my story so anyway that’s what this bridge page is
all about and and I truly believe that having a bridge page makes all the
difference in the world and it will increase your affiliate sales there’s
really no question about it because people get to know you first and they
know the person that they’re gonna be dealing with. And of course a copywriter
is not cheap you can spend anywhere between thirty five hundred two to five
thousand dollars on a simple page like this now I’m I’m not talking about the
page layout okay did that I’m talking about the ad copy
itself okay so just the ad copy Oh between 3,500 to $5,000 now is it worth
it well it just so happens to this this bridge page here is hooked up to a
system that I’ve had been having great success with and you know I’ve made over
a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in less than eight months so you know is it
worth it spending it a few thousand absolutely it’s worth it and anytime you
can get a professional outsource a professional I mean I’m not talking
amateur guy that the thinks he knows knows copywriting I’m talking about a
professional copywriter that has years experience in our niche that’s I guess
that’s who you want to go with and you know in if you’re interested in in
knowing this person I can you know just leave a comment below and I can
certainly hook up with you and tell you tell you about how to get all of him
okay so those are two bridge pages two two examples of bridge pages for the
bridge page strategy that I have here and you know I’m certain if you
implement any one of these it will increase your affiliate sales and you
know I’ll go ahead and leave a link to this bridge page actually you’ll have to
opt-in to my site and you can check this out for yourself and again I can go in
into every single paragraph and I can tell you exactly the strategy behind
every single paragraph okay so that’s what a real copywriter does
alright there is there’s meanings behind every every single sentence
alright so hey this is Dan froelke I hope you got some value out of this
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okay so uh again this is Dan Froelke thanks for watching have a great
marketing day!

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  1. Another excellent video from Dan.  Yes, I knew about  bridge pages but he explained and showed it in a more clear way.  I always get a lot of value from his videos.

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