How To Install A Shower Base – DIY At Bunnings

I’m gonna show you how to install a shower
base into our bathroom. For this we’re going to need the following
items of tools and equipment: some cement mixing gear, some battery powered tools, some
hand tools, some nails, our shower base, some framing timber, a saw stool. I got my level
of course, but most importantly I’ve got all my safety gear so that we keep safe on the
job while we’re doing it. Our first step is to mark and cut the hole
inside the floor so the shower tray fits nice and snug. We do this by measuring the square
sump on the shower tray. Then allowing around about 20 millimetres or more so we’ve got
a little bit of movement for the shower tray. I’ll measure this now. Measure it on the floor
and then cut the hole. I’m just using my square to mark the lines very, very straight and
square off the back wall and my level as a straight edge to draw the other three lines
in place. We’re about to cut our hole in the floor for the waste of our acrylic shower
tray. I’m gonna drill four pilot holes in each corner. This just makes it easier for
me to cut the hole out. Let’s use our grinder to cut out the fibre
cement board first and then we’ll use our power saw to cut the rest of the floor out.
I’m now gonna remove my fibre cement board. We’re now gonna complete cutting the hole
out with our battery saw. Now that I’ve cut the hole with the power
saw, I just want to finish up the corners with the hand saw, so the piece in the middle
will just pull straight out. As you can see the flooring’s just popped out. We’ll now
clear the hole space. We’ve now removed our flooring and discovered that we’ve got some
under floor insulation. We’re now gonna trim this away and that we clear the hole ready
for the shower tray to be put in. Great, the hole is clear. Let’s move onto the next step. We’re now gonna grab our shower tray and lay
it in position and mark around the wall where we need to chick it out. We need to do the
chick outs so that we can push the shower tray in the correct position to allow the
shower lining to come down and sit over the edge of the shower tray. Another reason we
put the shower tray in like this is to save measuring. We can now use the edge of our
shower tray for our pencil marks, it saves a lot of time. We’re also going to allow our
pencil to be at an angle when we’re marking just to allow a little bit more allowance. Let’s remove the shower tray and start chiselling
out our 10 millimetre recess. With the shower tray removed you can now see a clear pencil
line and the area we need to chisel out. Once again, we’re gonna chisel back around 10 mls.
We don’t need this amount, but let’s give ourselves a little bit of clearance so when
we put our shower tray in we can cement it and put it in the right position. There’s two different ways we can do this.
One, we can use a nice, sharp chisel here, dig into the wall, drive it down to the floor.
The second way we can actually use a hand saw, cut it into the stud and then chisel
it out. I’m now gonna continue to chisel out my 10 millimetres on every stud around the
shower tray and I’ll also need to take the 10 millimetres out of the bottom plate. To do this, simply grab a pencil, sit it up
at the 10 millimetre line and mark it along the bottom edge. You’ll see I’m using a safety
guard for this. The sole purpose is this timber is rough sawn and you could get splinters
in your fingers. Now we just need to clean the timber out, complete right around the
shower tray, and we’re ready to install our shower tray. We’ve now completed chiselling out our recess
and our bottom plate and studs. Let’s just check the levels on the floor to see how much
cement we’re gonna need to put the shower base in nice and level. We use a level for
this. This floor’s showing a little bit out of level, so we’re gonna need more packing
on this side than this side. Pretty good this side. We’ll now grab out wheelbarrow and our cement
and mix up enough cement mix so we can install our shower tray nice and level. What we’re
gonna need for this, is we’re gonna use some sand and cement and we’re gonna use a three
to one mix. That’s three parts of sand and one of cement. Mix it up, nice slurry so it’s
not too stiff or too runny so we can level out the shower tray and put it in the correct
position. We’ve just now completed mixing our cement
mix to a nice slurry. We’re now gonna move the cement onto the base of the floor allowing
a little bit more cement on this side because the floor is out of level. Then wriggle our
shower tray in, check the level and make sure it’s fitting beautifully. As you can see I’ve
put the cement across the whole base of the floor so that the shower base will fit nice
and level, and nice and consistently. We’re now gonna grab the base and lay it on
the ground. Wriggle it around until it’s nice and level so I can see it. We’re now checking
the shower base for level. We’ll wriggle it around until it’s in the correct position.
The tray is now sitting in the exactly right position we need to be. The lining will now
fit correctly inside the shower base. We just need to grab a shovel and tidy up
all the cement mix and put it back in the barrow. Now my shower tray’s in. I’ve cleaned
up all the excess water mix. I need to put a row of nogs around the bottom
of the shower tray to hold the lining of the shower. We’re now measuring our nog, 423.
We’ll now cut our nogs and nail into position. We’re now going to install our nog just above
the shower tray and nail it off with our nail gun. All our nogs have been put in in the
correct position and now the base is finished. All we need is for the plumber to come and
fit his pipes.

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