100 thoughts on “How to Make a Walking Robot at Home

  1. I couldnt do this!!! I got stressed!!! And this is not working 🙁 help me please, i need to do this for Tuesday :'v

  2. What type of motor are you using?? Whenever I try to put the rubber band,it slips off!!!I also tried to make a deep point in which I can put the rubber band!!

  3. I have also made it but because of the weight of the battery the robot is not moving forward. So what should I do?

  4. Oye wn pudiste haber puesto las medidas de algunas cosas como los palos de Aledo ,los palos de maqueta ,a cunta distancia tenían que estar cada tubo separado de los otros , tuve que aser la wea 2 veces para la otra explica mejor porfavor

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