How to Organize Papers & Documents at Home (Part 1 of 10 Paper Clutter Series)

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from and in this
video series, I’m going to be sharing with you how to organize all of your papers at
home. So we’re going to be talking about binders,
files, your most important files, sentimental papers, taxes, mail, papers to scan, any open
project papers, information you want to remember, and any articles that you have pulled out
of magazines to one day read. We’re talking about all of these things, how
to organize them so you can find them, you can stay on top of them, and most importantly,
you can focus on what matters most. But first, if you have stacks of paperwork,
you have piles of paper, documents are accumulating throughout all of the horizontal surfaces
at home and you feel overwhelmed and you’re procrastinating the task of going through
and decluttering and you can benefit from support, there is a link below to help you,
to guide you, and to give you any accountability that you may need so you can actually de-clutter,
let go, and get organized. Because it’s always easier to get organized
if you’ve first decluttered and gotten rid of all of the noise and made space for the
things that do matter. Okay, so the first tip is to declutter and
make space. And I know you’ve probably heard this a million
times, but you really have to make space if you want to begin setting up your organizing
system. So, if you have stacks of papers, piles of
papers on all kinds of horizontal surfaces, the best thing you can do is do a little bit
at a time. So, if you think about it, all of your papers
didn’t come in overnight. They took months, years, decades to come in. So the same way they came in as the same way
that they’re going to go out, although it’s not going to take you decades, but just do
a little bit at a time. For example, take one file folder. Maybe you have to leave your office because
there’s so much going on and you can’t focus, take it to the kitchen table or take it somewhere
else. Go through the files, figure out what can
be destroyed, which is shredded, figured out what can be recycled and just do one file
folder at a time and eventually you will make progress, eventually you will make space,
and it will be a lot easier to begin setting up your organizing systems. Okay, so the second tip is, you’ve probably
heard this a million times, but to give all of your pieces of paper a home. So it doesn’t have to be a fancy home, you
just have to have a place to put every single type of document that you have. And once you declutter and you’re left with
just the things that you need, it’s going to be a lot easier because there’s going to
be less papers to go through. So even a simple box like this that you labeled
the front Tax Documents for 2020, so now you have a place to put all of your tax documents
for 2020, can save you time and energy when it comes to looking for these documents. So give everything a home. It doesn’t have to be fancy. All it has to be is functional. Tip three is once you go through all of your
papers and you declutter, you let go, and you’re just left with the papers that you
need, then you’ll realize that all these papers fit into two categories. The first category are active papers. So active papers are things that require action
that you’re going to use like you’re using right now or in the immediate future. It could be open project papers, information
to remember, something that you want to hang up because it’s some kind of reminder or an
important note for yourself. So all these things are active papers and
you want to keep your active papers nice and visible within reach. If you identify as being an out of sight,
out of mind person, keep them open on surfaces so you are reminded to see the papers and
consume the information. The second category of papers are inactive
papers. So inactive papers are papers that you don’t
need right now, but there’s a good chance that you’re going to need them in the distant
future. So this is reference materials, any kind of
records, medical, financial, pet records, home, car records, all these things. Keep these things behind closet doors, keep
them in drawers, keep them out of sight, but keep them accessible, just not in prime real
estate. Okay, so tip number four is to take all of
your incoming papers, so any incoming mail, documents you bring home from work, from school,
any bulletins, brochures, literature you bring home from church activities, any other extracurricular
activities, as soon as you get home, take your stack of papers and you’re going to sort
them into recycle, trash, and shred. So you don’t have to take action on the things
they were holding onto but you just need to eliminate the things that you don’t need. Because once you get rid of these things,
you never have to look at them, you never have to shuffle them ever again, and it’s
going to make your life a lot easier. So I have this stack right here I’m just going
to quickly go through. Okay, I need to hold onto that. I don’t need this receipt. Receipts can not be recycled because of the
paper, so that goes in the garbage. This, I need to hold on to. This I want to read. This is action. This is action. These two are action. Okay, this is shred. Get rid of that. The envelope has my address so I’ll show the
envelope. This is a coupon. I don’t need that. Recycle. Recycle. Not going to read that. Not going to read that. A coupon that I’m not going to use can be
recycled as well. A credit card offer. I can shred that as well, and it has my address
on the envelope so I will shred the envelope as well. So I’ve eliminated about half the stack. I never have to deal with those papers ever
again. Now I can take all of the papers that I need
to open, to read, to pay, take this, bring it to my mail center or wherever you take
action, that could be in your kitchen, your office, a desk, anywhere in your house, and
then take action whenever it becomes a priority for you. But the biggest thing is to weed out anything
you don’t need right away or soon after when you get home. Tip five is to always be leaving notes for
yourself. So, anytime you have some kind of active paper
or really just any paper and there’s something that you want to remember so when you come
back to the document, you have clarity, you can eliminate the confusion, and just take
immediate action. So, for example, if there is a task that you
are responsible to get done once a month or once a year, and because it’s not every day,
chances are you may forget, take a sticky note to write yourself instructions on whatever
the task is so when its time comes, you have clarity on what needs to get done and you
don’t have to waste your time and your energy to recall all of those thoughts on how to
do a certain task. Another example is if you have a problem with
a bill or something and you need to call a company and you speak with someone and they
give you a confirmation number and they give you the amount you’re getting refunded for,
write yourself a note. When you check your account in a week or something,
you have your notes to fall back on if there is still an issue or if there’s some kind
of information that you still need to remember. Or another example is if you have a lot of
receipts and you went out and bought a gift for someone and you want to find the receipt
again because they want to exchange the gift, write down at the top of the receipt, Ed’s
birthday gift, or something like that, so when you are shuffling through all those receipts,
the one that you may need will just stand out amongst all of the other ones. So those are my top five paper organizing
tips. Again, if you have stacks of papers or piles
of documents and they are accumulating on surfaces and you’re having a hard time getting
started going through the paperwork, there is a link below if you need support and accountability
to begin your project. Thank you for watching and I will see you
in another video. Take care. Bye bye.

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