How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 1 | Intro

Hi everyone I’m Elena your Bridge BFF (best friend forever). I’m here to teach you bridge in 10 easy steps. Are you interested in learning the card game? And want it to be fast and easy, but not too fast so you don’t understand what’s happening? These videos are for you! We’ve broken down the game into key concepts. So each video has a key concept and at the end of the ten steps you’re gonna know how to play basic bridge. The best card game in the world According to David Bowie 😉 To play bridge you will need to know bidding, playing and scoring. Don’t know what those are? You need to tune in to these next videos to find out.

3 thoughts on “How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 1 | Intro

  1. This is the best bridge training tutorial I have seen on the Internet. Are the bridge muppets for sale? I have some nieces trying to learn bridge and I think they would like them.

  2. This is so great! I am excited to learn bridge and start playing with friends. Thanks for putting this together!

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