30 thoughts on “How to Rebuild a Turbo / Easy Turbocharger Repair with CHRA Cartridge – NEW Balanced Core

  1. As you can see – this isn't to complicated. But if you have "0" experience with cars, better trust in your mechanic. This shouldn't take longer than 40 to 60 minutes.

  2. Geeze my lawn mower has a bigger turbo than that lol. But thanks for the info this will help me out on my 20g i need to rebuild

  3. Hi, have mondeo mk3 tdci (garret turbo) with same problem as shown at 3:00 in your video plus my one is moving up and down aswell about 1 or 2 mm. Wud this CHRA change help me or it needs to be changed completely for a new turbo. Housing doesnt seems to be scratched from intake side. What do u thing? thanks in advance

  4. hello,
    I just broke a turbo audi A3 tdi 90.
    if I change this part, I have nothing else to do?
    no balancing? adjustment? nothing more than change the CHRA?
    because I hear and foremost anything about it!
    thank you for your help.

  5. Would be advisable to leave the plastic dust caps / plugs in until ready for fitment… Just in case some dirt gets into the ports.. Otherwise nice video..

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