How to Rebuild Front Brake Calipers : How to Disassemble & Clean Brake Calipers

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the
proper service procedure to rebuild a front brake caliper. Now what I’m going to do is
remove the square cut seal from the caliper bore. This is your square cut seal here. You’re
going to take and loop around it and fish it out. This is a very unique type of seal,
only to brake calipers. Fits around just like so. Normally it would be a lip type seal,
you would think like in a wheel cylinder, or a crank shaft seal, rear main seal, or
a cam shaft seal. This doesn’t have a particular lip on it. What happens is this seal actually
rocks back and forth, as the caliper pushes out, it’s going to rock backwards. The action
of the seal rocking forward is what returns the caliper piston and releases the pressure
holding your brakes apply. There are no return springs to deal with. What we’re going to
do is take a clean, lint-free rag and clean up our piston. This particular piston is ceramic.
You want to be very careful with it. If you drop it, it will break. Some pistons are steel,
and some are even plastic. Once we have it clean, we’re going to sit it dirty side down,
this is the side that exposed, right here. It’s not necessary to hone a caliper bore
unless it is extremely degraded. If yours is extremely degraded, I would suggest just
purchasing a new caliper. The reason for that is the seal does not slide along inside the
bore. The seal sits inside this groove, and the piston rides on the seal, so there’s no
honing necessary. We take and clean it out with a lint-free rag, just making sure to
get all the large contaminants out of it. And there you go. That is the proper service
procedure for disassembling and cleaning your brake caliper.

26 thoughts on “How to Rebuild Front Brake Calipers : How to Disassemble & Clean Brake Calipers

  1. Another tip…If you are short on brake fluid and are fortunate enough to have some nasal discharge, using a loogie is great alternative for lubricating the bore after cleaning it.

  2. Waste of time and money.Easier way is go to your nearest parts store and get a reman caliper which you take less time and save money.Plus the bleeder screw will not come out intact most of the time,Snapped off

  3. Not worth doing it,you are replacing defecting parts that are bad.The parts reused might be bad and you will do the job over again.Cardone is one company that remans them using all new parts and completly cleans everything

  4. The piston needs to be inspected for wear or damage like grooves that will create a leak. It may need replacing as well.

  5. The prices of new axles are cheap,I would buy a new axle.Plus a drawback with rebuilding a brake caliper is you don't get the hardware kit called new slides and the boots for the slides.Only thing I do use new with the reman caliper are the copper washers,they get thrown away.Tend to leak and I reuse the sealing washers,have not had a problem with them leaking yet.

  6. The Part Plus parts store I get parts from,the new axles are cheaper than reman.Includes the Auto Value parts store too.I see this a lot with new parts,new parts cheaper than reman.Last was a mass air flow sensor for a GM product with the 3800,the new mass air flow sensor was a few dollars cheaper than a reman.

  7. There are remans that are junk,A/C compressors are this way and I have seen these fail a lot.New is the way to go for A/C compressors.There are new waterpumps which are not remans.Lot of the remanufactured water pumps and powersteering pumps will have "reman" stamped on them.New,won't have this on the new parts.That GM mass air flow sensor was completely new

  8. What is a "lint-free" rag? You always hear everyone say to use it but I have never in my life seen "lint-free rags" for sale!

  9. So, if you take a clean t-shirt out of the dryer after it has completely dried you will have a 'lint free' t'shirt.  Most dryers are equipped with a screen that catches the excess lint produced during the drying process.  Take the lint from that catch screen and rub it all over the same t-shirt.  Then you will have a t-shirt with lint on it.  

  10. People, the spit is required to properly complete this job.  Thank you ExpertVillage!  Good info, and a great laugh at the end.

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