What’s up champ. I’m Vince Del Monte of In this video we’re going to tackle a really awesome very important life-changing topic and that is how to rebuild your metabolism. This is something that I’ve been focusing on doing this past year which has resulted in dropping my set point from 213 to 203. What that means is that I always had a hard time dropping weight without putting it back on with more extreme dietary protocols. When I took this new approach that I’m going to share with you in this video, I’ve been able to lose fat, and keep it off. I’ve been able able to go out more frequently and eat more of my favorite foods. I’ve been able to take more trips, blow my diet and still stay lean. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you can see the pictures to prove that to support that. If you watch my snapchat you’ll see that I regularly order in pizzas to my home. I eat pasta and meatballs all the time I love bagels and syrup and waffles and bacon and eggs for breakfast and I don’t have like your traditional hardcore bodybuilding diet that you see in the magazines. You know I’m kind of done with that. It’s just not the way I want to live anymore. But to eat in a way that I do want to eat I had to learn how to fix my metabolism. Alright and I’ve discovered so much over this past year that I’m so excited to share with you so before we get into the different things you need to do to improve your metabolism we do have to establish the problem here and some of these problems are coming from the industry. The fitness industry that wants to sell you on the idea that you can fix everything with an app. They want to they want you to believe that everything could just be fixed with the magic macro formula. Just thermodynamics. And you just have to math your way lean. It’s just a function of figuring out your BMR, your TEF, your thermic effect of food your TEE, your thermic effective exercise, your needs, and then figuring out how much out you know you know how much figuring those things out and then if you get those numbers right you’ll be able to lose weight. And let me tell you guys something yes that works if you’re healthy and if you already have a healthy and supportive metabolism. I am not denying the laws of thermodynamics so I’m did not I’m not denying the energy in versus energy out equation. What I am bringing to your attention is that that whole equation is based on the state of your hormones and your metabolism. We have to fix those things first before the math stuff starts working out for your favor. Does that make sense? Are we clear? Alright so you’re probably watching this video for one or two reasons. Problem one you’re experiencing is that you’re doing a ton of activity. You’re not eating a lot of food but you’re not losing fat. Problem two is that you’re doing a lot of activity you’re not eating a lot of food and you’re gaining fat so two bad problems all right if you don’t have those problems keep watching because I’ll help you to ensure you don’t experience those problems as well
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Alright so there’s a couple things here that are going to go into fixing this and the first thing is a new outlook on fat loss. Alright. We got to get away from the whole diet mentality. We have to stop following diets that have an end date that imply a short-term event. What you need to embrace is a new outlook which is a dietary strategy. You need a strategy in place that has some strong principles built into it and one of those principles is that slow equals fast when it comes to weight loss. Alright. Your body doesn’t want to lose fat. Alright. Your body is designed to maintain homeostasis. It’s got all these cool things built into it to hoard fat. If you eat too little when you reintroduce food and it’s got all these different hormones that are going to go off if you’re not eating to trigger hunger which is going to get you to bat get you back to homeostasis so what we need to do is we need to take a new approach and I want you to write this down and I didn’t come up with this. This is Scott Abel’s ableism. It’s really really good it’s worth memorizing and it’s a great approach to life – to lose fat you need to coax the body. When you coax the body the body responds. When you try and force fat loss fat loss the body reacts and the body reacts negatively. So we need a focus on coaxing fat off the body not forcing fat off the body. We want to go slow we want to let your body drop the fat as its we want to allow your body to surrender fat on its it’s time schedule not your time schedule and that’s one of the problems with all these before and after transformations out there you know they force people to get in shape but then the person rebounds because it denies the rate your body wants to lose fat so we have to take an approach and what some of you guys need to do is you can’t enter any more transformation contests you can’t put any more deadlines on the calendar and you just have to say I don’t care if this takes me one year or five years I’m going to lose this fat but I’m going to do it in a sustainable way alright and this is what happened with me it took a year to lose ten pounds and not that I couldn’t lose it faster but I wanted to keep it off this time so I there’s a lot of things that will come together as we keep going here but I stopped trying to force fat loss okay and what I what I actually have to do was I have to go to step number two here and I just have to stop the whole dieting and I had to go into what’s called reverse dieting this is a phenomenal topic a lot of people have covered it but we’ll just do a quick Coles Notes version of it reverse dieting is when you bring your calories back up to maintenance in a slow and gradual way so let’s say I’m cameraman can we move over to this this screen here for a bit I don’t want to interrupt my flow I got to go in here right now right I’m flowing right we don’t want to redo this so so let’s say um your maintenance calories is the formula I use this 14 to 16 times body weight I’m 200 pounds so this is going to work out to 2800 to 3,200 calories this is where I should be eating on a daily basis to maintain weight but let’s say I’m consuming 2,000 calories and trying to lose weight that means my metabolism is not optimized so the first thing I need to do is start reintroducing calories so let’s say I’m at 2000 over here I might increase 200 calories you know every three weeks and this is literally what like 50 60 something like grams of carbs per day so it’s a small amount of extra food per day and we do this gradually until we’re back at maintenance level and the whole goal here guys is very very strategic what we’re trying to do is optimize our workouts all right because the best way to lose fat is to burn it off we don’t want to starve it off we want to have the capacity to Train in a way that allows us to do good quality workouts where you’re getting stronger where you’re squeezing muscles you’re burning calories during the workout and after the workout so that we create that deficit through exercise so write that down you want to burn the fat off you don’t want to starve the fat off but the only way you can do that is if you can have a good quality workout and guess what you need to have a good quality workout everybody’s favorite carbohydrates if you’re afraid of carbohydrates man we’ve got that’s another topic for another day but you’ve got to start I mean the reverse dieting would be a great step for you because you’re going to reintroduce them gradually and that’s going to start fueling better quality workouts all right while we’re increasing better quality I think I failed to say that these are weight training workouts okay these are not just any type of workouts we’re doing weight training workouts because we want to build muscle mass we want to add new muscle yes if you’re a lady you too we need to add more muscle to your body so that you have a higher metabolic rate and you burn more calories throughout the course of the day that’s why when you go on vacation with your lady friend who’s more muscular than you are got more weight or muscle in her body she can eat everything she wants at the buffet and she might actually get leaner her metabolism is so optimized it just clears those excess calories it’s like whoa that’s a lot of calories but that’s okay we’ve got this muscle mass that will clear them all out and they don’t gain weight all right as a somebody who goes there with a slow snail like metabolism and they eat the buffet and they gain ten pounds in a day all right not funny I shouldn’t be laughing all right so that’s the next thing we want to bring our calories back up to maintenance and a lot of you guys might just hang out for the next year my calories have been around maintenance for the entire year so I just had to first bring them up and then I’ve just hung out at maintenance and you’ll be shocked to see that you can actually recom pure body – at maintenance because your body can surrender body fat for fuel and you can even grow muscle if your hormones and metabolisms are in an optimal state another topics for other days but let’s keep this going here one of the big things we need to do is eliminate fluff from our workout schedule and from life in general so what’s fluff in the gym it’s cardio all your cardio needs to go I’m serious just stop the cardio completely I believe every male can get down to ten percent body fat with weight training and nutrition alone all right if you can’t you haven’t learned how to optimize your workouts and I’ll give you a great resource in a moment but the first thing is that we have to understand that cardio increases cortisol and cortisol increases water retention alright and too much just activity period also increases stress and cortisol and water retention and the whole in that and why am i bringing this up this is actually quite fascinating because what happens is if you increase water retention too much you’re going to think your diets not working because you may have lost a pound of fat on the scale but you gain 5 to 10 pounds of water weight and now you’re like oh crap so what happens so what happens is you do more cardio you get more stressed out about the process you drop your calories even lower and then the cortisol skyrockets again and that makes the problem even worse alright so the first thing we want to do is take a minimalist a minimal approach to training and this is hard for people it’s like man I’m not doing a lot though yeah but now you’re doing quality and that’s what we need quality not quantity so the first thing I do with the client that’s not losing weight who’s under eating with a lot of activity is we literally get rid of all the cardio even the HIIT cardio we will introduce it in time but for now we got to get those cortisol levels down next up our re feed meals now re feed meals get introduced in time this is a big mistake I see a lot of people you know they like buy generic weight loss program that prescribes a cheat meal every Sunday and like where do they get that from like why are you why do you get a cheat meal once a week like you have to optimize your hormones and your metabolism first or else those cheat meals are going to set you back I see I see people that are overweight they’re introducing a cheat meal on Sunday I’m like you’re like 30 40 pounds overweight you don’t need a cheat meal you don’t deserve a cheat meal until you get lean your body is not going to utilize it in the way a lean person will utilize them so here’s the kind of the process all right once we get our calories back up to maintenance and we stay there for a sufficient period of time where now we’ve had a good period of time this might be a couple months of hard training we’ve gained some muscle mass then we might introduce what’s called a slight caloric deficit not a severe one a slight one and now we’ve earned the right to start moving back in a direction where we can start losing fat but it’s because we’ve optimized our hormones and metabolism so we can now introduce what’s called refeeds because when you go back into caloric deficit you’re still going to experience some of the same challenges which are can we shoot the camera over here for a second it’s natural for the metabolism to go down as you lose body weight testosterone is going to go down as you get leaner hunger will go up what else is going to happen cortisol will go up test goes down the metabolism goes down hunger goes up a whole bunch of other bad stuff happens as you get lean that’s just a part of gaining lean and it’s all controlled by leptin all right again we don’t need to get into all the science here but what refeeds do is refeeds help jack this up and in turn bring metabolism testosterone back up cortisol will back up replenish glycogen salts fats things you’ve been missing for your diet they help tell your body Kate you’re not dying you’re okay and they help the big thing is they reduce stress so they drop cortisoll they help you lose water weight you know a lot of people say you’ll see on Instagram right people post I just ate like 10,000 calories last night and I lost weight what will happen all they didn’t lose fat don’t let them fool you they might not even know they just lost water weight maybe they got laid maybe they had sex with their wife after a long time and they just reduce stress maybe they started watching some TV or went on a trip or you know one two of the movies and watched a comedy and that just you know it’s the same it’s same kind of thing that the refeed achieves and it reduces stress so they drop this weight so we want to introduce these things to manage stress levels to manage stress levels so that we can continue to lose fat without your body thinking that it’s dying okay because you have to understand that dieting is really just controlled starvation alright so we have to keep tricking our body and reassuring it saying you’re not dying here’s something and then we go back into that deficit here’s something and that’s how you get leaner and leaner but in an intelligent way alright last but not least we need a quality weight training workout that optimizes muscle mass okay so we need to go to the gym maybe three maybe five probably no more than six times per week and we need to focus on quality workouts the workouts should be designed in a way that stimulate muscle and the don’t annihilate muscle we need to get in we need to get out we need to ensure we’re recovering from our workouts we need to ensure that our workouts are leaving us invigorated because again if your workouts are too hardcore then you’re going to get skyrocket cortisol alright and you’re going to get that water retention now you’re going to go hardcore thinking that your program is not working and again that worsens the problem so when the gym we have to take this counterintuitive approach we have to actually maybe do less but focus on the quality of the workouts longer rest periods better weights you know good quality weight good quality contractions and this is a very again challenging mindset for people who are ambitious to embrace because they want to just go hard hard hard push push push and I get it that’s awesome I don’t want to take that away from you however when we’re trying to get leaner and leaner we have to keep these things in mind less is often more write that down there’s a great principle for life less is often more quality not quantity productivity not activity alright so um I think we’ve said way too much so let’s just wrap up there I’m going to provide a resource for everybody who’s looking for a well-designed weight training program that’s not going to destroy you but that’s going to invigorate you that’s going to work with your body not just on your body and that program is no nonsense muscle-building 2.0 I’ll put a link right here and I’ll put a link in the description if you’re watching on your phone you can’t click links on the screen as you’ve probably already figured out and that will take you to a page that will tell you about an 18 week training program that is designed for natural lifters for people that want to lose fat gain strength and build muscle in an intelligent manner this program has been followed by more than 15,000 people in just 2006 we’ve got tons of people that are just reporting incredible results again if you’re looking for a resource that tells you exactly how to train which will help you optimize your metabolism it won’t destroy you it’s going to invigorate you I think I just said that so we’ll stop this video here because it means I’ve talked too long all right thank you so much for watching guys let me know what you want me to cover in future videos in the comment section below and I know I think I opened up a lot of loops there if you want me to go down any other tangents your opportunity is right now in the comment section let me know I read the comments I respond and engage with thought with you guys because I value your feedback and the journey that we’re going on together so expect more of this in 2017 as well I really want to help you guys embrace a sustainable approach to building your body building your life and eating in a way that is long-term that’s going to help you and not hurt you alright so with that said if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up see you guys next time

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