How To Stage Your Home Like a Pro

There’s so simpler way to increase the value people will pay for your home than to stage it carefully. First things first: you want to clear everything out. After all perspective buyers want to envision themselves in your home not you. Start by de-cluttering and turning surfaces and closets into blank slates. Next: paint. Use neutral and warm tones or, for a modern look, go for a subtle gray. Either way, accent everything with a crisp, white trim. Now, imagine the story you want each space to tell then use accessories to tell it. Place settings on the dining room table could suggest family or festivities. In the kitchen, a bowl of fruit on the counter evokes emotions in buyers about what that home will feel like once they move in. And, finally, don’t forget the outdoors. Add furniture and accessories here to show your back yard is truly an extension of the indoors and bonus space for the home. The number one rule in staging is less is more, so don’t over do it with bright colors or too many objects.

7 thoughts on “How To Stage Your Home Like a Pro

  1. You know I've never been deterred from buying a home because of the owner's stuff or the color of interior walls. I knew I was going to paint and I knew I'd be bringing in my own stuff.

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