How To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

– Hi, Carson Tate here. For most of us, working
from home is a dream. There’s nothing more satisfying than avoiding a long commute,
having a boss hounding you, bidding goodbye to office politics, and flexibility over your time. However, that freedom and
flexibility comes at a cost. If you’re at home, it can be
easier to spend too much time doing housework, streaming
TV shows, or running errands. You can be easily tempted by so many distractions and disruptions, all that eat up your time. Concentrating on work-related
tasks can be a challenge. It becomes more about
procrastination, not productivity. If you want to learn more about
improving your productivity, check out my 99 productivity essentials by clicking on the link in
the description box below. So how can you stay focused and motivated when working from home? Follow these five tips. Tip one, create an office. Find an area in your home
you can call your office. This is a space dedicated to your work, and you should treat it like that. This means no beds or comfy
sofas where you can lie down. Think of this as a sacred
place, where the only thing that you can bring inside it is your work. Look for a place where you can
focus on achieving your task. And it doesn’t have to
be a full-fledged office. A desk and a comfortable
chair’s all you need to get the job done. And avoid doing work in
other parts of the house except this certain location. Tip two, create a schedule. If you work from home,
start setting up work hours that you can easily follow. Working from home grants you the freedom of avoiding the usual nine-to-five, but you should have a
specific amount of time you’ll devote to work each day. Have a set start and stop time. Stay on track and avoid deviating from it. Set deadlines and work
towards timed goals. Use a calendar, have a to-do list. Prioritize your important work. When you have less energy,
do administrative tasks. Don’t let those small tasks pile up. Otherwise, they will be very big ones. Tip number three, take a
break at least once a day. You may feel that working day and night is important for your
business or your career, but what you’re creating is
an unhealthy work environment. Stop overloading yourself
with so much work that it defeats the freedom
and flexibility you desire. It’s normal and healthy to take a breather every once in a while. Take breaks to do the
things you enjoy the most. Breaks give you the energy you
need to perform at your best. Tip four, wear the right outfit. Jumping out of bed in
your pajamas to go to work may sound awesome, but
getting dressed for work actually tells your mind that
it’s time to start working. Now, I’m not saying you need to wear a full suit or work outfit. Just ensure that what
you wear when you do work is different than what you
wear when you’re relaxing. Keep it professional and
wear the right outfit to get your juices flowing. Tip five, define boundaries. Remember, the enemy of your productivity is a lack of clear boundaries
between work and play. Having boundaries at
home is so much harder than at the office. Be up front with family and
friends about your work hours. If they contact you
during your work hours, deal with it as if you were at the office. Consider your workspace door
that actual physical border between your personal and work life. Once you cross it, you’re in work mode. The advent of technology has made it easy for us to work from home, but working from home is not that easy. Distractions make it hard to
stay focused and motivated. Master these five tips to
fully enjoy your freedom, work simply, and live fully. If you want more productivity
and time-management tips, I’ve got 99 more for you
when you click the link below to download my free PDF, 99
essentials productivity guide. It’s a guide on investing
your time wisely, managing your inbox,
getting your work done, delegating effectively,
and maintaining your focus. Productivity is not a
one-size-fits-all process. We each have our own
unique productivity style, and by knowing what yours
is, you can learn exactly what you need to be working effectively, so you can spend more of your time doing what’s important in your life. Click on the link in the description below to take my free productivity
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to maximize your productivity and work simply and live fully, make sure you click the thumbs-up button and subscribe to my channel. (bright, upbeat music)

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  2. Great tips. Personally it took me about 1-2 weeks into I felt in the right working rhythm to do my best work. Consistency is key too!

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