26 thoughts on “Hundreds of birds killed, hurt after flying into NASCAR Hall of Fame building

  1. Birds navigate by internal radar. The magnetic field would seem to be the cause for disorientation. What caused them to flee at night after roosting, is very curious. Was there an electrical storm in the area?

  2. Im sure more of the never ending construction around the shit hole known as charlotte is the problem.

    Also its a nice metaphor for nascar crashing and losing all its fans from their garbage ideas and rules

  3. Idiocy, obviously there is no shine on the windows because they are lit from the inside. If they placed some flood lights outside shining on the windows the birds would not think it was open space.

  4. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/183559/inside-the-24-hour-race-to-save-the-birds-that-crashed-into-the-nascar-hall-of-fame/

  5. Hoseah 4:3 Therefore the land will mourn; And everyone who dwells there will waste away With the beasts of the field And the birds of the air; Even the fish of the sea will be taken away.

  6. Obviously something electronic is screwing up their navigation systems. This is electronic pollution by major tech corporations. But you leftist ninnies will never accept that. Just keep censoring conservatives and you'll be fine!

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