so like I said guys, there’s a lot going on in fact we’re leaving right now cuz we have something to go get ahhhh, yes I’ve missed her ahhh, you guys, it’s just sad I’m leaving Dubai guys it’s like five thirty in the morning right now I haven’t slept I don’t like to sleep when I have flights early in the morning so um, I went out last night and here’s the funny story as you guys know we made history, the Logang made history in Dubai this past week we had the biggest meet and greet this city has ever seen eleven thousand people, yo we packed them all, we literally shut down a mall incredible, and we did this stuff I could go on for days, and I bought this watch, I spent forty thousand dollars on a Rolex it’s the presidential watch, it’s made of titanium I actually love it but here’s the funny story, so I went out last night, well this was like two hours ago tonight yeah I guess also good morning Brendon good morning how you doing bro it’s early bro, it’s early yup and yo, Dubai people go hard look what these kids did to their Rolex yo, what!? talk about being a Maverick, Jesus bro just champagne over the rolly?? are you good bro? you crazy anyways guys we’re leaving right now, I don’t want to leave, like look if your not apart of the Logang make sure to subscribe all we do is epic stuff, we’re the best strongest family on youtube so hit the button, woah this is just getting sadder and sadder dude a fan gave that to me, subscribe please this is the security team, we’re gonna get in motion with them in a second but Dubai I love you, this is the tallest building in the world just put me out of my misery bro guys it’s not all bad, our last night was pretty good last night, ahh it started with my boy money kicks giving me a gift guys I’m with *inaudible* aka money kicks dude he calls me up he’s like yo I’m gonna bring you a gift I’m like alright bro and if you look down it’s a giant f**king Louis Vuitton bag he deserves it, he’s the realest youtuber *inaudible* brooo yoo, yessss oh there it is oh ohhh yo you got me the duffle bro brooooo yo thank you brother your the guy bro so that was cool, money kicks my man thank you, your boys got Louis Vuitton, your buys got designer only the best brands in the world bro Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Maverick by the way if you have not gotten your Maverick merch yet you know where to get it LoganPaul.com I don’t even need to say it join the movement, be a Maverick also yo you guys know salt bae? the guy that like trickles the salt over his forearm we went to his restraint last night and your boys went there in style yo guys we’re in a vehicle right now ahhhh, oh ho ho ho I need one of these bro the interior is red, this is amazing bro oh my gosh my legs are going up my legs are going up, my legs are going up so we don’t know If salt bae is actually here the first thing I notice about this restaurant is that all the severs have mustaches mustache, mustache, mustache, mustacheeeeeeeeee mustacheeeeeeee (singing)- Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Brendan, happy birthday to youuu *cheering* great now back to this sad stuff but first one quick happy thing, yo look at the sign first class and platinum cuz the know the rollies platinum ok, sad stuff guys it’s the security team, these guys have been protecting me for the past week incredible, you see Nyeme’s gone jetskiing with me, in case a shark come’s up and bites me bro my boy Prince, running out in the sand dunes with me yeahhh, I did that man *inaudible* protecting me at the club bro, yo he hasn’t slept all night just like me neither has Prince bro these guys are so savage, honestly can we bring it in guys, I’m gonna miss all of you, these guys are incredible it’s very important to have guys who are bigger then me protecting me cuz you guys know, the Logang’s to hard, there’s not much I can do bro *mumbling* yo, my boys a maverick lets goooo, k back to the sad stuff I might see the flight attendants who um, kicked me out of the bathroom you guys saw what I did the other day welcome to the first ever Maverick pop up shop what are you doing? come on in what did you do to this? yeah, yeah I opened up the first ever Maverick pop up shop in the air on the flight, in the first class bathroom baby, they’re HUGE you could do anything in there, anyways yeah they ended up kicking me out, and like it’s the same company so technically I still could see them it’s just kinda awkward cuz I told them I wouldn’t post the video and I did I hope I’m not blacklisted bro alright my eyes are peeled bro I don’t think I see any of the flight attendants I don’t recognize and of them so far I think we’re good hey how are you? oh yo that looked like her hey do I look familiar? yes *laughing* oh I do, not cuz the last flight right? oh I think we’re good yo I’m not getting kicked off the flight, that’s cool yo, ya boy’s back in the saddle, oh my god the space is so big, my boy even has room let’s gooo can I just sit here for the flight? yo you good bro it’s cool yeah? yeahhh, oh my yo this is amazing uh oh, oh, oh wow, uh ok, we we’re joking he’s not actually gonna sit there for the whole time you know what’s crazy I was busy having so much fun in Dubai I didn’t think of anything crazy to do on the flight like I have no idea what’s gonna happen I’m probably gonna sleep, who knows bro, but what I do know is there’s so much room for activityyy yo Brenden what’s up? you see that on your face? it’s really bright guess what it’s from probably that the rollyyyy, honey, honey it’s so sexy hey, I’m coming for your eyeball, I’m coming for your eyeball gotcha, you ever been blinded by a Rolex? not that I can remember street cred goes up just like when I got shanked by a Bugatti key yo I’m telling you, get shanked by a Bugatti key, street cred, up uhh, yeah this kinda sucks guys I’m gonna miss Dubai just really quick, thank you guys for allowing me in your country thank you to everyone I met who came to the meet and greet guys it’s so nice seeing the Logang, just not only in the United States but everywhere guys it’s a global operation the Maverick enterprise is growing and with a dream and a little hard work, and the Maverick logo we takin over the world one day at a time now, on that note I gotta pee oh ho the Maverick is back, yo look at the bathroom right now it’s empty right, see personally I thought it looked better with the merch in it maybe I do something else in here, I don’t know, maybe I do something In the shower like that’s cool, that could totally work I just got to figure out what exactly Oooo, decisions decisions, looks like a decision collision, oh man I’m gonna like.. alright I’m gonna go sit down so by sit down I mean like lay down don’t forget I have not slept yet and I’m just really thankful for these beds this is, uhh again, like a sixteen hour flight and I’m hoping when I wake up it’s dark cuz my sleeping schedule right now is f**kedddd lets see how long we can sleep *gasp* oh my god what year is it? where’s my Rolex? yo, Logang I slept foreverrr oh my gosh, ya boy was tired lets see what we’re dealing with ohhh, oh oh, I slept for 14 hours *inaudible* that felt good ok, uh bad news guys, well good news we’re almost in LA so I didn’t get to do anything in the shower, but the good news is I think we have a couple surprises for us waiting waiting back home yo I wanna see Kong, I wanna see Maverick, I wanna see Evan Lydia’s like, she’s, she’s cool ladies and gentleman we should be arriving in Los Angeles yayyyy ok Logang, let’s go home *inaudible* ya boys back in Los Angelesss oh my gosh it’s my home guys while we were away they put plants everywhere plants, more plants, and more plants yo this is crazy this place is turning into like a jungle obviously they still have a lot of work to do here oh the Yeti hi baby I missed you you gotta baby brother oh my what about Kong, ahh Kong succulents, ohh look at this, that’s nice Kong! Konggg! Kongggg! hi baby, hi buddy it’s papa, it’s papa papa’s back, oooo it’s Kong nugget oh hi baby oh my gosh I missed him so much, young doggyyyy oh ohh, what are they doing bro? I don’t know I haven’t, I haven’t looked what are they doing bro? what is that? Kong what is it? yo, real life moment right now I actually missed this dog a lot like I really love Kong, he is so precious hi buddy what do you think of the new toy? oh he loves it, he loves the new rolly Lydia, Lydia, LYDIAAA, ahhhhh oh my god Lydia did you guys miss me? we did more than Kong? no, no *laughing* it’s good to see you Lydia, is Evan here? yeah he’s here Evan’s here?? Evannn Evan? is your wiener out? nah Evannn hey buddy what’s good? meeee, how you doing bro? give me a hug, let me get up ahhh that’s my boy yo, this reminds me, we gotta have an intervention with Evan soon cuz like all he does is play video games and obviously we can’t forget about my boy Maverickkkk! hi! hi Maverick *squawking* it’s me Logan Paul what up buddy what are you doing? well I was in Dubai *squawking* yeah a couple times I know, you got a front and center view of all the jungle your’re a spoiled little parrot I think I hear Frank ahhhhh, that’s so good yogurt ahhhh how you doing Frank? bro just your Wednesday ritual I can’t eat my f**king yogurt bro I mean I’m just saying there’s always a camera are you eating the yogurt or are you sexing the yogurt good to see you high five they turned it into a jungle look at those things hey George hi welcome back thanks dude, be free Kong, ayee *laughing* this is huge what are we gonna do with this ohhh, they put the mirrors up too Sully I’m sorry I’m coming home and everything’s new bro this is like a new house oh my goshhhh honeyyy we about to get swoll in this room bro Brenden look, you can see yourself oh my god its me hey what’s poppin Logang and look the dent the universe ohhhh and remember guys, on this side it’s in reverse oh high super san Logan, how are ya? hi six-pack Kong how are ya? lookin good over there, speaking of Kong is he.. he’s pooping he’s oh really? uh huh oh cool, that’s a good boy he has no idea we just filmed him pooping he’s not gonna know until he watches my vlog tomorrow cuz you know he’s subscribed by the way if your not subscribed what are you doing?? subscribe for me second piece of good news, this is all good stuff the pink hoddie’s are back in stock, yo these are like, these sold faster then the favorite hoddies both are fully restocked still the softest hottest merch in the game LoganPaul.com/shop or link in description now if you’ll excuse me I gotta give the Budda a high five we actually have another guest coming over soon, I think you guys know who it is honeyyy, honeyyyy *screaming* we made it, I crossed a mountain, I crossed the sea and baby we can *inaudible* aye you guys remember Andy from Italy (Italian) we’re going multicu- we’re going from Dubai to Italy to Andy andyyy I bring the eggs all the way baby, all the way ahhhh, honeyyy ahhmm yo what’d you got here? guys we crossed mountains actually yo you’ve been diving for how many days? five days oh my, yo Andy’s been out here bro five days baby yo this is hilarious andyyyy ayeeee oh goodbye eggy yo we got Andy we got a new car we got Bren- uhh what are you doing oh my boys hungry Brendan, you know Brandan here looks a so skinny maybe Logan doesn’t feed him or something, I don’t know I give him food it’s fine, Brendan eats a lot actually he never stops eating I saw him I said you know we need to fatten this Brendan up (Italian) ohhhhh I ordered a leg, they sent the wrong leg ahh so then I was on a search to find the leg and now we find the beautiful bone in bone in leg yo we are multicultural as f**k so like I said guys there’s a lot going on in fact we’re leaving right now cuz we have something to go get ahhh, yes I’ve missed her, the cool bus! ahhhhh sup boys what’s up man? ohh, yes yes Kennyyyy it’s on a remote now very necessary yesss ohh oh snap, they mounted the merch gun and backpacks, oh snap take a look behind ya my boys made it a bar bro it’s a barrr yo this is crazy oh my gosh no drinking and driving kids, no drinking and driving definitely not but for the guests go for it ohhhh yes yes, ok come here, so you guys remember when I got the cool bus we had a contest, if you bought merch within the 48 hours of me getting the cool bus I would pick ten of you to put your names inside here and fly two of you out, you guys are still gonna come but the names are here bro, my people Alex Kadar, Chloe Mason, Ben Hoffman, Shane Golden, Samantha Ugarte Gwen McCoy, Marline Lopez, Austin Wright, Hannah Shaw, Alexandra Tauber thank you guys for joining the Maverick revolution and now in eternal part of the cool bus so when everyone walks in they see your names plastered on the front thank you Kenny no problem, any time, any time so sick bro watch the windows for me real quick mmm, yeah, what you know about that automatic tint they also put a water proof outlet on the top and, wifi whenever we need it, the bus does not have to be on so the security cameras are gonna work it’s all good stuff, it’s all great stuff brooo, I’m not gonna hit anymore cars when I’m backing up, we got a back-up camera Brendan go do something funny, look it’s Brendan let’s pin him against the wall you testing it out sorry Brendan yo and the bus wifi, we got permanent security cameras look at this you can see everybody and everything *inaudable* ya boys have done it againnn we try, we try, these requests are just I mean it’s pretty soon your gonna ask me to fly it too I’m mean how’s the chair coming *inaudible* ohhh still working on the chair *inaudible* working on the chair? alright alright diligently working on the chair yo I can’t wait we’re gonna get the chair bro, we’re gonna whip that s**t right now I’m getting cultural, I’m eating Raman, Japanese and my boy Andy, what you bring for us bro? guys we brought the (Italian) yup, yup Andy was watchin the vlogs and he saw that our wine cellar is empty so he brought like the most authentic classic Italian wine (Italian) I mean we make a the wine, remember the wine we make ohhhh oh my goodness yup that the.. and then we put it in the bottles Logan Paul’s feet touched this maybe it’d be worth a lot definitely, definitely this wine yo lets go put these in the cellar let’s go (Italian) uhh oh this is actually a cool cellar you know why it’s so cool? dude cuz this is like a real cellar this is a real cellar? no no no but like real, because back in the days, this is history people right back in the days to make the wine cellar you want the same temperature as the earth ohhhhh, so bored by this history lesson Andy ohhh look it Brendan put these four here wow Brendan *laughing* thanks here we go, wow this is authentic ok Logang that is a wrap if your not apart of the Logang, do me a favor, subscribe actually you know what if your not apart of the Logang don’t even worry about it we don’t need you *laughing* also, cop your Maverick merch, the hottest softest dopiest pinkest coolest ever Maverick merch in the game a revolution of people changing the world, the Maverick enterprise is growing up into the top, back in LA, back to the grind Logang I love ya’ll and I will see you tomorrow (Italian) take it easy fam peace

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