100 thoughts on “I’m Building A $100,000 Stock Portfolio From SCRATCH (In 2020)

  1. Love the idea of fractional trading, I really think that this process will increase even more the price of stocks for the future.

  2. Don’t you own a blog? Could you make videos about making a profitable blog? I’m just now making mine and was surprised to see that Google Adsense has such rigorous requirements

  3. How do Ryan. I don't suppose you know if M1 finance have any plans of offering their services and platform to a UK audience? It looks like an amazing platform for people looking to build a dividend growth portfolio with reinvestment. Loving the idea of that auto-invest function

  4. Appreciate the transparency. Your videos are always a good watch. This is a great idea for a video series. Looking forward to following along. Keep up the good work

  5. Thanks for watching and I hope you are as excited as I am for this series!
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    Sign Up For M1 Finance: https://ryanoscribner.com/m1finance

  6. If you’re sticking with this portfolio long term ( over 10 years) don’t be afraid to buy companies at all time highs. Buy winners when they are high and higher and keep buying. Can’t time it.

  7. Adding every week is crucial to helping compound interest and reinvested dividends. 

    Keep it up I look forward to the updates.

  8. Any reason you are doing weekly investments rather than monthly? Wondering if it helps some how to invest small more often, rather larger amounts less frequently.

  9. Anyone else NEVER EVER going to even think about switching to Liberty Mutual after being forced to look at these gay ass adds?????

  10. Cant wait to see your performance.. i am a big fan of m1.. i have 5 m1 platform.. here are the tips.. set the % allocation and stick with it. Let m1 buy stock for you.. invest regularly.. what i mean is invest weekly or 2-3 times a week.. Best of luck, ryan.

  11. https://m1.finance/dLA303UYc I'm mainly dividend but I got AMD which i believe long term will make a lot of money. Gotta have long term balls with Ford in your portfolio 🙂

  12. Looking forward to seeing the progress. I have an M1 account and my biggest challenge has been stopping myself from overreacting to seeing red.

  13. Ryan would you suggest investing in VOO on Robinhood. I’m still in college so I don’t have a steady stream of income to open a Roth IRA. Should I wait to invest until I can open a Roth or can I buy it on Robinhood. I believe VOO is a great investment I don’t want to wait but also if it’s a bad idea to do it now then maybe I should?

  14. 0 commissions means == bad executions. That is, M1 will never be able to buy at the best price available (cheapest) since their executions are slow compared to Commission based brokers. But, alas, not everyone are looking for “cheapest” prices. They just want to be in a position.

  15. HOORAY!!!! My new favorite series!!!! I have a good chunk in M1, but sort of at a standstill right now. So excited to follow along and see what stocks you choose! Great idea! 😁

  16. M1 is a great one…was thinking of doing the same strategy just because of those automatic reinvestment fractional shares so we can be fully invested like you said

  17. Hi Ryan Scribner, im a young millennial Canadian ! I was wondering what would you do in my place if i have 40k $ and recently joined quest trade and wealthsimple. My main goal is gain more than 1% per year that my bank is giving, im also frugal/minimalist/no smoke/no party so i put 80% of my income into savings. Any tips from you or others would be helpful !

  18. Imagine if you had put all that money you spent into the market last year….you'd be sittin even prettier. Hope the market doesn't tank on you in 2020

  19. Hi, i am new to the channel. You should do some videos on Canadian stocks and portfolios. If you where to to use them witch ones would you use.

  20. It’s ok. I’ve been inspired to do something stupid in my IRA. And I think I’m going to make a video of it. It will either go extremely well with time or extremely poorly.

  21. Hay un fantasma en la ventana detrás de ti !! No jeje solo era una broma, excelente video, gracias por compartir =)

  22. This sounds great. I'm along for the ride and look forward to the updates. 2020 is going to be an exciting year!

  23. Looks like great minds think alike Ryan! I guess I’ll give you some competition. Just posted my journey starting from $0 just now. Been investing for 10 years now so the bull run has been a fun ride thus far. Big fan of Peter Lynch and the multi-bagger strategy. I’ll be investing in growth stocks and dividend stocks. Continued success! – Michael DeRiso

  24. This is a complete CHALLENGE for most of us….but the beauty of all of this is that, this KNOWLEDGE is capable to make you FINANCIALLY FREE and live your life by your own terms…the best 100k PORTFOLIO that you can build is your SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE

  25. @Ryan Scribner I just got a stock advisor and know I need to go in on the market with any extra capital I have. My only issue is, is that there is a lot of thought of a market crash or at least a retracement in the near future. Do you ever try to play the market or doesn’t matter bc you know you’ll hold it long term anyways? Its hard bc I want to start today but having second thoughts incase 💩hits the fan lol

  26. Pro tip on M1 Finance: when you buy stocks, do so in a “sub” pie. It helps you keeps things much more organized rather than having 50 stocks splattered over the screen

  27. Is your number $100,000 because that's what you making a year (after taxes) in YouTube adsense? I'm guessing at 862,000 views per month at $12 per 1,000 views is right at about $120,000 /yr.

  28. How much are you adding each week?

    Think you could have one where you add $50/week to see where you end up after a year?

    I think most people would fall into this category.

  29. I use winnings from options trading into my roth ira. For example, one day I made 3k and withdrew 500. Rinse and repeat. Dividend investing should go along with options trading as well.

  30. Loved the video, I finally used your link to sign up. Can’t wait to continue watching your cc tent and watching my portfolio grow.

  31. Ryan give me your thoughts on my picks. Costco(Cost), Ross(Rost), Aflac(AFL), Discover(DFS), Realty Income(O), Ally(ALLY)

  32. You'll have to pay income taxes on any dividends and capital gains earned through M1. That's why I use my Roth IRA for dividend investing.

  33. I really wanna hear you piece on crypto currency and your method on investing overall I think I understand the stock market alot better good vid

  34. I would love to see how your crypto profile looks. I am price to mark on alt coins to buy into BTC ETH XRP with profits for the great amount of patience to follow. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this series.

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