– [RCSparks] There it is my friends, the XL4200 that I have been
working with for many years. In fact, I had two of these. I sold one of them to my buddy Rookie. He wanted to come and have
an excavator in YouTube Gold, so he took it over and I have been using this particular model for
two seasons of YouTube Gold, plus a whole bunch of other
fun things over the years, that you may have seen on RC Adventures. But, it does show signs
of some heavy duty wear. All of the cylinders are
leaking over all this time. Yes, I can go ahead and get
replacement O-rings for it, but I think another excavator
might be due in the studio. Check it out. Brand new box sitting here
from a company called LESU. Depending on where
you’re from in the world, you may pronounce it differently. This company actually specializes
in 1/14th and 1/12 scale heavy duty equipment or hauling, like truck hauling parts and accessories. They build the trucks themselves. And, in fact, they are somewhat leaders in the hydraulic area of the hobby. Now, in the affordable
hydraulic area of the hobby, if that even exists as a term, but I want to, you know, rip into the box. My confidence on this is higher than ever because I think to build an excavator is going to be one of the
highlights of my RC career. Loving the corners. Everything is nice. Protected. Instruction book, first
thing I see on top. The BA-B0002. It must stand for bad ass I’m hoping. Right, here we go. First look. Whoa, whoa-ho! Wow! So, this must be the
excavator arm, obviously. Look at the connectors. No way! Everything is unpainted. I literally have to do everything
from what I understand. But, look at this. This is the hydraulic block. This is where the servos
are gonna be controlling the valves that open and close, that control the fluid to
go through the machine. Oh, it comes with little servos. Servos. A bag full of tools. All sorts of tools. Wow! Okay, this must be the track
motor, right here, one of them. Oh yeah! Wow! Okay, so brush motor, right there, with a gearbox. Wow, neat! I wonder how it works through
this area, right here, like normally, I’ve got
direct drive motors on mine. For example, there is a
motor right behind this area on the other side and I got
them from Soil and Industries. You can see right there,
there’s two motors sticking out. But, this one has it in line. That’s crazy! Okay, let me get some
of this stuff laid out. Is there two layers? There is. Of course there is. Oh yeah! Look at that. Even comes comes with a hobby-wing quicrun in there, brush-less. Too funny. Let’s have a look at this. Look at the big bucket. Now, this is a decent sized bucket. This isn’t like the largest
bucket I have on this one. This one is not the stock
bucket, and in fact, I had to assemble that bucket. But, look at this. That’s a pretty darn good size. We must have to bolt on the
edge, the cutting blade. Wow guys! This is amazing! There is a hydraulic ram, right there. Wow! I’ve got a lot to figure out. Believe me, if you’re intimidated looking at this, I am too (laughs). Here is the pump, okay? So, this is the pump and it actually has a pressure gauge right on there, so it’ll tell you where you’re at. Sweet! What are these? Brushed electronic speed controllers. 320 amp. What? Wow! There is a lot in here for me to discover. Here’s the centerpiece that
it’s gonna be turning on. Wow! And, here are the tracks. Look at that. One track and it’s heavy too. Come on out of the box. Look at this. Unpainted. Unbelievable. 1/14th scale. Wow! Wow! Look at this little fella. It has a pinion gear on it, and an inline motor with two transmissions, it looks like. And, then a whole bunch
of plastic accessories. Well, I certainly have my
work cut out for me this time. First thing I notice when I open the book, is the decal sheet. Let’s have a look at this. So, the PC 360 size. And, they checked off, it
looks like manually checked off that every piece is in here. Wow! This is going to be an
insane build (laughs). This is gonna take longer than a week. Now, clearly I have a
ton of painting to do, even before I start building. And, I’ll do most of that off-camera. Look at these. Holy cow! So, no plastic lines on this. Like, this one’s all plastic, right? I’ve had some issues
with it over the years. But, all of these pipes, connectors on the end. I wonder if I’m finally
gonna be able to get like a jaw crusher for the end
of my excavator, or a thumb. That would be amazing. Yep, a lot of painting first. So, what do I have to use? Probably a good acid etcher. I’m gonna have to acid etch this first. All of this. I’ll have to wear a mask
when I’m using this stuff. But, this will help etch right into this, and adhere to it when
I go to spray paint it. Now, a lot of you may be like, why aren’t you getting it powder-coated? And that’s a good question. I think it’s because I really do enjoy the painting process as well, and I’m willing to give it a shot. It’s an excavator, it’s not
supposed to look a 100% perfect. Wow! There’s more line right there. So, there is some tubing. Oh, that’s heavy. Holy cow, that’s, listen to this. That’s what I’m talking about. This is a pad (laughs). So, for painting, I’ll be
able to remove these screws all the way down and just remove the hoses right out of the way and then that way I can get a nice even coat. Probably what I’ll end up doing is hanging these pieces through the holes and then, that way I’m gonna get
a good even coat of grey all the way around. And, I don’t think I’m gonna go for the standard orange color. Why not do something a
little bit different, right? Have it stand out from the rest of them. Besides, it’s my first excavator build. It should stand out. Hopefully, it works (laughs). I mean because of my building (laughs). Incredible! Look at this on the bottom. There’s pieces that, oh nice! I was wondering about that. Look at that plate. Oh yeah! There’s all the fittings
for the hydraulics. Yeah! You can always tell when
I’m excited about a project, when I get the first layer of primer on, before I’ve really un-boxed anything. I love this hobby. There’s just so much cool stuff to do. Okay, let’s look at one
of these speed controllers that it comes with just so we can kind of, have an idea of what it looks like. Okay, pretty standard. Inexpensive. Almost looks like a hobby-wing. I’m not sure. It doesn’t say hobby-wing. So, I would assume it’s not, but 320 amps? That’s crazy! Wow! Comes with a ultra plug and
the connectors on the end. It looks like it’ll be plug and play. Let’s have a look at
one of these cylinders, before I wrap up today’s episode. I’m sure everybody wants to
have a up close look at it. Wow! So, I also have to cover
up the tips and, of course, the end here, so I can
paint this whole thing with that primer. That’s the beauty about
an acid etch primer. You don’t have to rough
up the surface at all. It’ll actually, when you put
it on, you gotta wear a mask, you gotta careful, I’m
getting etched right now. It’ll work its way right onto the metal. That way it’ll resist a lot of
scratches when I do paint it. And, I’m thinking like
a red and black theme, red and white, not sure about that. But, something that really pops. Not green ‘cos that’ll
blend in, in the springtime. But, I think red would be a great color. Red and black. Look at all the braided hose covering. So cool! There is so much going on here guys. I’m gonna have to figure it out as I go. So, now you can see I’ve got a ton of work ahead of me in the coming weeks. You guys can hit the notify bell, if you wanna be notified of the new videos that get dropped on the channel, or just come back and check the channel. I don’t really care. I do want you to hit
the like button though because those likes show me that you enjoy these unique build videos. I know a lot of people just wanna see me running the trucks and
cars and tanks and stuff. They don’t wanna see me build it. So, I need your support. If you want me to keep building, hit that like button right now, and I’ll see you in the next
episode of RC Adventures. Now, get outside and have fun with RC. You know I always do. Bye for now.


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  3. I LOVE excavators! We own an excavation company and every time my Hubby gets a new one I am the first one to get in it and play! My favorite thing is when we demo a house. Nothing like crushing a perfectly good house with a big excavator!!! ❤️🐞

    PC 360 is a big excavator! A 36 metric ton machine!

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  16. With the Canadian mining season fast coming to a close and the machines starting to show their age and the ware and tear of two hard seasons on the harsh unforgiving Alberta prairies, The mine boss has decided to get an early start on next season buy spending more than the mines total earnings in it two seasons and purchasing a new excavator.

    How will the crew take the news?
    How will they feel about the possibility of another season ending bill?
    Will the machine work when the boss is done?
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