Incredible Architecture The Moses Bridge

Today we’re in West Brabant, it’s about two hours outside of Amsterdam and we’ve come to visit an unusual architectural marvel called the Moses bridge. That’s one thing to know, this Moses Bridge is in the middle of nowhere it also means there’s hardly any tourists which is great The Moses Bridge was built in 2010. It’s not well known so people don’t know that it’s here. We will tell them now of course. It will be the next tourist discovery. We had to Google search this one. It’s a little bit of a hidden gem. Very much so. Is it a hidden gem? It’s a bridge that they’ve built which is kind of submerged so it looks like you have parted the waters which is really amazing Hence the name Moses Bridge. So right now, I’m below the water level and as you go up you can see the water is at this level So it’s kind of just above waist height. -How did you find this place actually?
-I think it’s very mesmerising to be honest. No, not how do you find it, how did you find it? Don’t you love though, that on a clear day it’s like a mirror image. That was cool right? -Unbelievable! We’ll be coming back again right? No we won’t be coming back again. It’s really amazing. It’s so nice. Unfortunately it’s not easy to get to so I don’t think we’ll be coming back again. But if you get the chance to come out here, then it’s well worth doing. Right? Ja, and maybe we’ll discover something else next. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. See you next time. Bye!

9 thoughts on “Incredible Architecture The Moses Bridge

  1. Wow, this is so cool! How far is this from Amsterdam? And, what happens when the water is rough, or the water level rises? Does it flood, or do they pump out the water from the bridge walkway? Just curious… Thanks for filming this, what a fun find!

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