Introducing HBXL Building Software – Software for the Construction Industry

are you fed up with your current
estimating method would you like to take off plans quickly and accurately maybe
it like a CAD package which doesn’t need days of training to drop your building
plans are you struggling to get on top of health and safety and safeguard your
business do you just want to make the money on your project that you thought you
would well we’ve got tools which will help
you with all of that so you can get rid of the headache, charge your worth, win more work, stay within the law and protect your profits. Adrian Wild our managing director
has been a builder and developer for over 20 years together with our team of
software developers he’s come up with a range of practical software tools to
make sure you work smarter not harder and they all work seamlessly together
this means to be able to estimate quickly and accurately design plans
professionally manage your projects efficiently keep your site safe and get
paid the right amount and on time we know builders developers and the trade
so to see the software in action for yourself why not book a demo take a
trial or come and see us at an event around the UK our team waiting to hear
from you and will support you all the way from the moment you inquire through
to see if all tools are right for you to using the software for real in your
business why not check out what our clients have
to say about those by reading our testimonials or give us a call today to
discuss the right solution for you

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