Introducing PSI Bridge™

Built by the pioneers of remote proctoring,
PSI Bridge™ is a unified online proctoring platform that empowers educational institutions
and credentialing organizations with the ability to provide a superior proctored journey for
test takers. Let’s take a closer look…Highly secure and non-invasive, PSI Bridge transforms
the test-taking experience with innovative and AI-backed technologies. Test takers don’t
need to learn a new system because PSI Bridge works seamlessly with existing test delivery
or Learning Management systems. It not only supports every phase of the assessment lifecycle
– from exam creation and customized business rules to reporting and results review – but
also provides support for various modalities of remote proctoring, including Live, Record
and Review, and Practice/Unproctored method. Administrators and instructors can quickly
create and register proctored exams, as well as manage and customize exam security. PSI
Bridge’s self-service delivery model makes it simple for test takers to take an online
proctored exam on-demand, or schedule an exam in the future – all with a consistent user
experience, regardless of modality. At the beginning of the exam session, the test-taker
performs a microphone and web cam check to ensure their equipment meets the minimum requirements.
Security checks– including identity authentication and room scanning – are employed to ensure
the right person is taking the test in the appropriate testing environment.
To ensure continued security throughout the exam, the secure browser application prevents
examinees from copying and pasting, taking screen captures, using instant messaging,
running remote access or virtual machines, and accessing other applications or websites.
Administrators and instructors can quickly and easily receive and verify exam results
from within their LMS or Test Delivery System… zero-in on the specific exam violations that
were observed by the proctors… and view web cam, chatlog, audio and desktop recordings
of the exam session from the moment the test-taker was authenticated through submission confirmation.
No matter what type of exam, PSI provides you with the ideal blend of experts, technology
and support to help optimize your assessment delivery, and ensure you and your test takers
are set up for success using PSI Bridge. To learn more, please contact us today.

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