IoT EcoStruxure: Data Center for Animal Logic | Schneider Electric

Australia is the best country in the world in my eyes, and Sydney the best city in the world. Hi my name is Alex Timbs I’m the head of IT for Animal Logic, a global design, animation and visual effects house. Examples of some of the films that we’ve worked on (are): Matrix 1 and 2, The Lego film, Great Gatsby. There’s no industry that I can think of, other than the one that I’m in, that allows you to mix this level of creativity with technology. Because (our business) we’re cyclic in nature, the demands of the productions that we’re working on dictate how many people we have working for us and how much infrastructure we need. Speed of deployment for our data centre environments is absolutely critical to our business. So we selected a Schneider prefabricated high-density data centre for the purposes of meeting the business requirements We were looking for an extremely high capacity, highly dense solution. And we selected the Schneider Electric solutions based on their engineering capabilities and ability to meet the business needs within the timeframes allotted. Around 90% of the data center houses high-density compute Which is used for the process of rendering images To produce the images that are used to now film. The other 10% is high capacity storage, that is used for production Which houses the images that are generated by that render process. The solution needed to include
all of the mechanical, electrical and civil works, and the on-going provision of customer service and support to maintain the solution Schneider Electric was the only vendor to be able to deliver in that 4 and a half months, and has very rapidly become what we call a partner to create these fantastic images that you see on screen, and a partner in making movies.

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