It’s Time To Rebuild The Fitment Industries BMW E30 | Part 1

– What do you guys want? Actually yeah, we did drag
race, can you guess who won? – [Man] Wait, did you race against– – [Man] Alex won by
like a 10th of a second. – It doesn’t matter if it’s
a second or a mile bro. Winning is winning. – It’s gonna be even
more preppy off the line. – Apparently it has a
different differential in it for some reason. – Yes its called (beep)
and it’s pretty bad. (upbeat music) Are you recording? – Yeah Dakota and John do you
guys want to stand over there? – Hello there neighbor. You guys might be
wondering what we’re doing here with the E30. So here is really what’s going on in all honesty the E30 is
still alive, it’s here. In case you guys didn’t
remember last time you saw it I whooped Dakotas (beep) at the drag strip and I’m never gonna let it go. However we have not
touched it in a hot minute and unfortunately we have what’s called, what is it called? A job, right? – [Group] Yeah. – Yeah we have a job. We can’t actually work on
this as much as we want to. So we decided what better way
to hand it over to a group of professionals that have
never finished an actual car in there entire life. – Branded Title, and here they are! – Hey guys. – We are going to be working
with Branded Title over the next four episodes to help us out on getting some things fixed. Is that right? – Yes, get it drivable again. – What are we fixing Joe? – Change out the suspension a little bit. We got a nice little air system
we’re gonna be installing. We got some custom wheels that we’re going to be throwing on. – One on. – Custom.
– One off. – One of one baby! – One of one wheels. We got some interior bits so the interior has door handles and things. So you don’t have to pull the little– – Oh yeah that’s right! – Gotta get the (clicks door), and that’s how you open the door. – [Bearded Man] So we’re
going to get that fixed. A new differential because this one sounds like it’s about to blow up. – It’s a little clunky, isn’t it? – Yeah. – And like I’m assuming that
we’re going for a little bit of weight reduction, right? – Oh, of course yeah. – Yeah so do we need any of this? What is this? We don’t need that and
I don’t want it anymore. We’re done with it, okay. Stop putting it back in there. – We probably need that. – We’re probably going to need that. Do they not pay you to have heat in this building, or what? (mumbles) – We haven’t fixed anything yet. (relaxing electronic music) – John, why don’t you tell
me a little about yourself and Branded Title, Mr. Mechanic. What are you doing with your hands? (laughs) What is that? – I’m awkward I don’t know how to do this. – Just put them down. Okay so what are you doing? What are you going to do? – The stuff that you just said. – You’re gonna work on it? – I’m gonna work on it. – I have high confidence. – We’re gonna make it drivable. – Okay, and? – That’s the main goal. – Are you gonna make it fast? – I don’t believe so. (laughs) We’re doing the diff’s on my stuff. – There is so much wrong with this car that you don’t even know
what’s wrong with the car. So as you dive in– – There’s more? – Maybe. Did you, I mean you noticed
that it looks really good standing still but– – You drove the car right? – Have you driven it? – No, never. – Oh! – Before you do anything you should go whip it around the block real quick. – Yeah go give her a quick two, three turns there bud
and see what happens. – So this is why I’m not
on the same page right now. – But it looks really good. – It looks super good. (door thuds) (mumbles) [Cameraman] We got these,
this is (rubs door). – [Joe] Now your hand is
full of gargle, got you. – [Camera Man] Thank you. – We were at the drag
strip and we were driving and I was man-spreading the whole time and I go get out of the car. I’m like, what the (beep) is all over my pants and it’s just the inside of the car is all over me. – [Man] Ope you gotta turn the key. Oh the windshield wipers work! – [Camera Man] At least
the battery is still good. – Battery is still good! – Are you good? – [John] No. (electronic music) – Can you pop the hood, so that I can just do the most exciting part
of owning a car like this? If we still have the button. (mumbles) – [Man] Down to the left. – Nope too far, there you go. – [Man In Car] I don’t feel it. – Up there, there you go. Wham! Boom! – Best part of the whole car. – 92 horse power or there
abouts give or take. – It is a full swap kit
just sitting right there. – I know, I mean I’m not
telling you what to do. – I am, do it. (laughs) – It needs something,
that’s 97 crank horsepower? – Yeah, but it looks good. Look at how good it looks. – [Joe] We got this. – And technically it is running better than one, two, three, 75% of the vehicles that you have in the shop right now. – Those three run. – And drive? – So 25%, well, does this drive? – Yeah. – Barely! – It won’t make it down that
street I will tell you that. (bumps car) – [Camera Man] That exhaust sounds great. – Like it just, the whole thing is a unit. Yeah I would say that this
is going to be an area of opportunity for improvement. (kicks exhaust) – Well I thought it was going to be easy but now I’m a little worried. – The budget is $42. And you have six days. – That’s actually not
too far from the truth. (laughs) – If I’m allowed a small budget I can whip something up for you. – I am telling you that
in terms of officially, you must stay on budget and you must only buy the parts associated with the build, however, if
something comes along and you find it for a relatively
good price just let us know. – I will, I’ll do that. – Just letting everybody know. Just saying if there is an
opportunity I’m just you know. (mumbles) – I got some tricks up these sleeves bud. (relaxing electronic music) (screeches) – [Camera Man] You excited? – Sort of (laughs). Wow. – I do that all the time. – [Camera Man] Was that
a beard for the gram? – Oh absolutely. – [Camera Man] Sweet. – They’re cheap enough to
just get a rebuilt unit versus repairing it yourself, that’s
the way to go with that. – Would you say a rebuild kit was more expensive than the freakin’ new one? – Pretty much. – Wow it’s brown to me. Oh yeah Corey painted it. – The sub-frame yeah. – Yeah spray painted it, you can tell. – I don’t think this is
going sideways on not snow. – I think it can go sideways if you had more of a winning attitude. – Oh! – [Cameraman] Wow, called out. – I need that winning budget. Sweet so get the stock wheels on here. Make it a little easier to move around. A little easier to drive, a little easier to diagnose everything else
that’s wrong with this. And then we’ll move right
into the suspension. A little magic dust in there,
see what we can come up with. Get her driving real good
and then we’re going to hit that diff and it should be good to drive. Full stage zero, get her going. Then we’ll move around from there. Doing this awkward hand thing. – So with that being said we’re asking E30 along with Branded Title,
we will be involved. And when everything goes
well we’re gonna take joint credit and when everything
goes poorly it’s your fault. So is there anything else you
want to add to that Dakota? – No that’s about it. Just try to savor, try to do your best. – And if you guys haven’t
subscribed to Branded Title, be sure to do so and if
you’re on Branded Title you probably are subscribed
to Fitment but if you’re not do that too and of course
be sure to have fun. Drop some comments, get some
engagement going I don’t know. If you guys want us to
change something on the car let us know. After all this is your car,
this isn’t even our car. We just ask for a bunch of money
from Shawn and then he says yes so then we ask you guys
what you want and here we are. He doesn’t say yes but we do it anyway so. All right good luck, god speed. I wish you the best. – [Camera Man] What time. (relaxing electronic music)

55 thoughts on “It’s Time To Rebuild The Fitment Industries BMW E30 | Part 1

  1. I'm the first?!?! Love your stuff FI!! Definitely going to buy stuff for my car from you guys! Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. What would YOU like to see us do to the E30 next? Don't forget we are doing a giveaway this month with Fortune Auto! Details on how to enter can be found here!

  3. This is perfect. Why haven't I thought of this before. A perfect way to bring together the two channels. This could be interesting.

  4. You know what would make that BMW even more sexy? If it had WHEELS, TIRES, AND SUSPE- Oh wait. It already does. 😅 whoops.

  5. Love the build, definitely need help with my fitment, my car is running stock set up17x8 with running 245/45 hot garbage rubbers offset on the old sn95. I'm confused on offset as I just wanna run The same size tire and wheels. Most results say to run 35 offset does that seem correct? #Gels da best #FI

  6. when they blur out the wheels but you allready know what they look like cause your a worior subscriber and watch all the video so you know all their secrets they didnt want you to know.

  7. IDK if u guys read these, but I recently purchased a couple of tshirts from you guys and clicked on the 5star rating and it took me to a generic Google search page with FI as the first entry. The same thing happens when I click on the link sent via text. Just thought you should know

  8. Does anyone have an idea about how i can lower my 2000 toyota tacoma because i have looked everywhere on forums and noone really talks about lowering them they always talk about lifts?

  9. FI, I love you guys. I always loved you guys. Im pretty sure I was one of your first 5k subs. But please PLEASE! Tell Alex to Leave the FU(k!nG 10 mil alone🤬

  10. Hi Guys.

    I'd like to know what would be normal car mods to not go too overboard with an e30.

    I'm from Argentina so It's a long way and sadly I can't buy stuff you guys have but I'd like what would be normal things to do it.

    Like something that would resemble an stage 1 or 2 and what suspension/brake things to do.

    as per the aesthetics what do you guys have there?

    Thanks a lot, and I'd really apprecciate and answer.

  11. So, complete random thought.
    Is it possible that when you go up in tire width, say past 245, your steering can have a tendency to "wander" because with the extra contact patch, your tires end up following grooves in the road?

  12. @Fitment Industries, Turbo the four cylinder for this season and run it down the track! next season engine swap and down the track, 3 season turbo the swap and and down the track again. Each person has bragging rights if they win for the whole season till the next 1

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