11 thoughts on “Job Interview Communication Workshop | Session 1 of 4 | Building Rapport!

  1. Would it make any sense to send an email to the manager of that job that I last interviewed with where I put my foot in my mouth regarding the salary negotiations, asking him to still keep me in mind for a future position when their budget does open up (despite having put my foot in my mouth)?

  2. Folks! Jammin' session today and thanks to all of you who stopped by! Loved it and I'll see you Thursday. In the meantime, lemme know if you need anything!

  3. Hi Andy, great tips. I think building rapport is crucial. I employed this technique easily enough and a few others you suggest and landed two offers this past Thursday. As a 59 year old man who took an early retirement in May but found myself totally bored out of my mind, I was a little worried that my age would be a show stopper. Not so grasshopper! I obviously took one the offers and it came in at way more moolah than I anticipated. I am ecstatic. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for offering these workshops in addition to all of the helpful videos you already have out there! You are amazing! And just to confirm, your workshop is 10am Pacific Time, correct?

  5. Hello Andy, today i did not make my question to you in a clear way. I wanted to know if having long interviews is a sign that the employer wants to get all the information about you or is the other way around?. Because once i had a 15 minute interview and it went great.

  6. Thanks for all your tips and vids. Watched a lot during my interview process and landed the job. 4 days in. The advise about NOT SAYING A NUMBER WHEN THEY ASK helped me get a great salary. THANK YOU ANDREW

  7. Hi!
    was about to be given an offer to a different place or location I did not apply to, but I could not respond immediately they advised to go and think about it and they will call me to get the final answer. But three days passed no call. Did i make a mistake ? Should i call and tell them my decision after three days despite them not calling.

  8. Hi Andrew, just wanted to let you know that I used ALL of your tips from start to finish: from the resume to self development work, using linkedin and networking and finally nailing 2 interviews! I am absolutely grateful for the lessons you share they truly change lives. My next step is to resign, do you have any tips or templates that differ from all of those available online? You know how to make people feel valued in one sentence as opposed to regular templates that are vague, so I thought I would ask!

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