Previously on journey to home so we are now over at the house and we walked in with a huge surprise So this is the master bedroom my tents are officially out of this room bathroom here closet to my left and we are about to Take off this wallpaper. Hopefully we don’t have too much trouble, but we will see Unfortunately, it has texture so we can’t just paint over it. We have to remove it Lots of wallpaper that’s some chandeliers that look very sad. They need to come down We got Double closet no walk-ins in this house. It’s an older home. So walk-ins do not exist. So You got a closet here double doors, and then we’ve got a single door here but there’s lots of on cupboard space throughout the house, which I won’t show you guys because This is the master bedroom series So carpet has to go it’s disgusting That’s what happens when you rent your home some people don’t take care of it like it’s a home they dis track it so It’s all good. They’re out now It’s time to do some work anything happening over there So these just here using my mama steamer to steam off the wallpaper But he’s setting me some tools to help remove it. So this bedroom has a Half bath or you can call it a was it called powder room and Of course tenants left stuff. I asked them to Remove things to take all their things with them. But of course nobody ever listens, right, but that’s not complain I’m just going to throw all of this in the garbage So pretty much what I want to do with this bathroom is remove the toilet Remove the vanity remove the tiles wallpaper, of course May take this out and move it somewhere keep the mayor but I’m gonna get my dad to make a frame because it’s a very plain and then the lighting are the light fixture take that out put something nice or Something a little bit more simple since it’s a little bit hello to fancy and also remove the soap dish They left some clothes Take out the vanity. I saw a really nice one at IKEA. It’s all white vanity And get rid of this and yeah, I’m thinking in here will be white because it’s such a small area and Split small areas. I would like them to look and feel bigger. So it has a nice size window But it’s look small. So I want it to be nice and bright and then the flooring will be tiles probably like a marble tile so that’s that and This is making a lot of noise so I’m gonna try my best about D and start steaming I Started steaming a little bit while D was looking first tools, and he said that the wallpapers coming off pretty easy So you can see he’s scraping away and it’s peeling very easy So that’s good So This side hasn’t been steamed so that’s why he’s pulling off sewed up Just say man screams demon spirit. Yeah everything about And you you’re scraping lately Yeah, very likely you don’t want to dig into the drywall here because you’re gonna have to touch that So you guys can see that it’s coming off really easy in deeds just lightly scraping and it’s just peeling right off So you can tell us what’s here, it’s dry here. Yeah, that’s it a difference. Nice a nice You want to go to rough again because I’m gonna scrape everything behind It’s important to hold the scraper at an angle like so Instead of going like this must be no blog everything. Mm-hmm. Damn not anything This is a transcript value, that’s right. Yeah. Well it’s over cuz once it dries like I said You can hold it that same time Look at you willing to do better When I do stuff like that you leave it One thing to note you guys are probably seeing in fact that there’s lines on the wall Well Shanique economies are back in a day. They used to use smaller pieces of drywall To make up the wall rather than large pieces like you do now So there’s a lot of small pieces along the wall. You can’t see it, but It’s there, I don’t know if you want to touch it. Oh you need to It’s all right, did you see the fuck you mean? Okay, see may want to redo the whole wall or you can touch it But if you pass it to the most you can get rid of it alone seems fine But you still in the huge Look I feel like he’s always had time to punch a girl Personally, I feel like a service attack Because that’s gonna be the whole wall being Yeah I’d have to get the Madonna because here’s the worse Here, there’s not that man you think so, but you can see the world So do you see in the room for the first time He was painting while my mom and I were up there doing all of this so as you can see we got most of it I May just yeah, there’s a few places that need to be patched like here Here, it’s okay My Guys said he’s gonna take up this whole wall put a new insulation put a new insulation or drywall. Oh Yeah, because he wants to see what’s under what’s behind here Yeah, he moved it I don’t know how he did it but he did Don’t play with it just Yeah, he pushed in anyone in yeah, he said that he feels that a nail got loose. So that’s why pop down Because you’re supposed to use nails to hold him down. So he said and nail pray got loose. So he’s gonna rip it out Yeah, and who’s gonna do it on this that side as well Yeah old houses So you have a little bit more of the wallpaper to take down and then that’s it. My mom will probably continue it tomorrow Yeah, so we’ll finish that tomorrow so after wallpaper is down and the walls are nice and clean and This is dealt with and that We can move on to the floors and then on to the bathroom So I’ll come back here tomorrow and I’ll pick up all of this Yeah


  1. Oh such satisfaction of removing wall paper, I have to do the same thing in my house but I use hot water and vinegar.. Lol

  2. It’s always good to remove the wallpaper because if you paint over it, it will be so difficult to remove later. Teamwork makes the dream work!!!!!

    …About the 2 walls being removed. We did not know my dad was going to remove the wall until after we finished removing the wallpaper. If we knew, we wouldn't of removed it from the exterior walls.After the wall paper was taken down, my dad saw the naked wall and said it needed to be removed.


  4. How long do you think it’ll take to remodel and have your home move in ready ? I’m really enjoying this process it’s satisfying lol 😊❤️

  5. There's a roller that pierces the paper (think it's called tiger roller). Once you pierce the paper, you can put fabric softener and warm water in a spray bottle let saturate then scrap. Also, do you have room to remove sink and add a standup shower in master? Is there a closet or room behind to steal space.

  6. I love renovation vlogs. I was wondering if there was room to expand the master bath to include a shower?

    Your family is awesome. I love how everyone is pitching in.

  7. When D was doing it I was like dang it’s about to take but when Shanice(sorry if I spelled it wrong) started doing it I was like now we talking 😂😂😂..You go girl!!!

  8. Lady you and D’ are so blessed with awesome parents that are diving in with you both to complete your home remodel. That will save you and D’ so much money. Awesome and God Bless!

  9. Another great video! Just curious. Why did you choose the color white for almost everything? My hubby and I are thinking about doing some remodeling and I would like to explore the possibility of using the color white to. Do you think it makes the house look more spacious?

  10. Shanique…. May I please borrow your father for home renovations, 😫 I’d pay him so well lmao 🤣 so handy, dads are the best, but my dad is getting too old to do everything he use to do ☹️.. I love going on this journey with you. I cannot wait to see the finished product!

  11. I bought a Reno home and it’s now 3 years later and there are still things to do. You are doing really great…….with your fiancée and your dad helping I’m sure you’ll have a successful renovation.

  12. I never heard it said that way. Where I’m from we say “ A hard head makes a soft behind” I’m from the states. It translates the same no matter where you’re from. Lol 😝

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