Korea wins US$ 3 bil. bid to build world’s longest suspension bridge in Turkey

Korean firms are chosen to build the world’s
longest suspension bridge. Lee Unshin introduces to us the overseas project
looked to breathe new life into the nation’s costruction industry. It’s a project to build the longest suspension
bridge the world has ever seen. Dubbed the ‘Canakkale 1915 Bridge,’ it will
span the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey, connecting the Lapseki district of Canakkale Province
to the Gelibolu district, also known as Gallipoli. A Korean consortium made up of SK E&C, Daelim
Industrial and Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants Limited… won the project with a bid of 3.5
trillion won, or about 3-billion U.S. dollars. “This project will be longer than the current
longest suspension bridge, Japan’s Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which is 2 kilometers long.” And not by a small margin, either — the new
bridge will stretch 3-point-7 kilometers. Among the 24 global companies that bid on
it, Japan’s Itochu and IHI Corporation have also had their eyes on the project, with strong
support from the Japanese government. However, the Korean companies have been entrusted
to build, operate and transfer it… thanks to their world-renowned construction skills
and local network. “We’re known as one of the world’s top-three
builders of suspension bridges, with distinctive, independent technology and the skills to pull
it off.” Daelim Industrial built the longest suspension
bridge in Korea, the Yi Sun-shin-Daekyo Bridge. And SK E&C, has participated before in numerous
construction projects with Turkey, including the Eurasia Tunnel. According to the International Construction
Information Service,… last year the nation saw a 40-percent drop in earnings from global
construction projects compared to the year before. But having clinched the bid for this multi-billion
dollar project, anticipation is high for local builders this year. Work on the Canakkale Bridge will begin in
March and is expected to be finished by the year 2023. Lee Unshin Arirang News.

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