100 thoughts on “KTM 525 Power Wheels Land Rover Build – Hessick Moto

  1. Bro! Idk if you get this all the time but they need "GUNS!" I want to say NERF but you might be going to fast for that so maybe did mounted paintball gatlin guns

  2. Hey guys I hope you guys are safe ,cause I love watching your builds..don't want anything to happen to you..you give me lots of ideas. You guys are on to something

  3. I got a honda rebel 250cc motor twin cylinder on my ATV. It runs pretty good. Any ideas on how to pull some more HP from this motor.

  4. I bet that Rover is more reliable than a full size. Cinderella looks and sounds bad ass. Can we see a Grave Digger in the future.

  5. Cinderella is powered just right for good lap times, plus a driver that will go all out doesnt hurt lol.
    The land rover is sick, but overpowered for a tight course like that. Looks like it wanted to wheelie out of every corner.

  6. I've charged my phone 3xs today just watching these little plastic gasoline powered kiddie cars. Man, what an imagination. I didn't even come close to any of these things. Bravo!!!

  7. Yeah! My new favorite channel dig the cotent. I can't get over how sick Cinderella and the rover look making jumps! Yes please I'll take one!

  8. Pleae someone entrepreneur? Make these available to the public. Pocket bikes were huge at one time. Now lets make pocket trucks. Please 😞

  9. Hey how much would you charge to build a two seater like the rover I’m about 6’4 in y’all and this this would be epic where I’m from I’m willing to pay just let me know

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