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Where’s the Dragon Warrior? How do you know you’re not looking at her? Ha ha ha You think I’m a fool. I know you’re not the Dragon Warrior. None of you are! I heard how he fell out of the sky on a ball of fire . . . That he’s a warrior . . . Unlike anything the world has ever seen. Po? So that is his name. Po. Finally . . . A worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary! We got this. Help her. Monkey. Go! What was I thinking?! Mantis. Now! Shifu taught you well. But he didn’t teach you everything.

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  1. I just now realized how dumb of them it was to hold the bridge (and well Tigress from using that move that pushed her so far forward) was that Crane could have swooped in to catch her instead of grabbing the bridge

  2. I got an idea on how to possibly slow Tai down if not kill him while watching this.

    So they have a little chat on the bridge, then the rest of the five let go of the bridge, Tigress bangs his head and Crane gets Tigress

  3. its always crazy how watching movies present time you always think they’re super high quality. then going back, you can totally see the age on it

  4. Remember watching this when this film was released and was so amazed by this scene the most, the animation, movements and action is just incredible. The part where Tai Lung lands behind the gang made me jump the first time. LOL!

  5. “Our battle will be legendary!”

    Your battle with Shifu was pretty badass, but your battle with Po left a lot to be desired.

  6. At first when Mantis took the ropes, I thought he said gibberish.

    Nope, it was "WHAT WAS I THINKING!?" Now I get the joke.

  7. Tai Lung gets under Tigress' skin so easily with that slick dialogue.

    Exactly why him and Lord Shen are a million times better than Kai. His dialogue is so basic and poor whereas Shen and Tai Lung sound legitimately threatening yet engaging and enjoyable as well.

  8. Lowkey I feel for Tai Lung. Cause I was once him. All he wanted was feel notice for his skills. That’s what ate him inside so his mind was filled with hatred and darkness

  9. i love that when they’re talking tai lung i just steady and like hanging from a bridge is nothing and tigress is trying his best to keep his balance

  10. When a mantis can flip a fully grown male snow leopard off an 1000 km bridge but you still struggle to lift a 5 pound dumbbell for more than a minute 👌

  11. Best action & choreography: KFP I
    Best effect & character development: KFP II
    Just kinda hangs out as product of over-commercialization: KFP III

  12. 1:30 WHOA. Tai Lung must’ve nearly snapped Tigress’s neck but didn’t get enough time to do so because Viper got at him. His very fighting style…it’s brutal.

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