Landing in Copenhagen Airport, Øresund Bridge, SAS Airbus A321, 2015

Landing in Copenhagen Airport, SAS Airbus A321, view to the north Malmö, Sweden The tall white house under the wing is the “Turning Torso” in Malmö – Scandinavias tallest building Øresund and the Øresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö The Øresund Bridge is a combined road and rail bridge The Øresund Connection opened in July 2000 It consist of an 8 km long bridge and a 5 km long tunnel Peberholm, an artificial island connecting tunnel and bridge In the background the island Saltholm Peberholm and Saltholm – like pepper and salt The most common inflight is from north-east flying north of the bridge and landing on one of the two main runways But this time landing is from south-east on the supplementary runway flying south of the bridge – giving a much better photo oportunity of the bridge. The supplementary runway is only used for about 2% of the landings I do not like landings – trying to keep calm. Wow – this is great Welcome to Copenhagen

31 thoughts on “Landing in Copenhagen Airport, Øresund Bridge, SAS Airbus A321, 2015

  1. such amazing clip,but wondering how could malmo's citizens cross the bridge to copenhagen land?coz i saw in this video there's no connection between the 2 countries!!!! i think there's an under water tunnel lol

  2. Great video. I flew into Copenhagen on an Embraer in 2009 . It was the nearest Airport for me as I was travelling to Lund in Sweden. The turn into the Airport was fantastic and it was if you were only feet above the water. We probably were at one time. The views are great.

  3. Kastrup is one of my favourite airports. Nice people tehre and it is easy to find everything you realy need.
    The best way to travel is to come by plane and to cross the Sund with the train.

  4. No – it is not the most common inflight to CPH – the most used inflight runway 22L was blocked due to maintenance – 5.00 minutes in the movie the access to runway 22L-Northeast / 04R-Southwest) is blocked! Instead the inflight was redirected to runway 30-Southeast / 12-Northwest. This runway is only used when CPH is exposed to strong southeast winds from Øresund & The Baltic Sea! It is most common to see The Øresund Bridge from north and from much longer distance when runway 22L is used. Wind from west and southwest is most common in Denmark!

  5. Saltholm, "salt" gave admission to the joke of naming the small new artificial island: Peberholm, salt and pepper! Saltholm was at one time planned to be the site of a new airport.

  6. But remember, the pilot are in front and if anything happens, they will be the first to suffer!!!

  7. I've only ever flown two or three times, short haul. Now disability means that my flying days are most probably over. I fly with YouTube instead! I feel like 'teddy bear' in that tear-jerker hit from the 70s, ha ha. Oh well, at least I'm not traipsing carbon all over the floor I suppose, lol!

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