Lavender Collective | Episode 303 | “Rebuilding Trust”

JO: What do you think this is about? NATALIE: You never know with Lisa. She’s really unpredictable. JO: Ssh, she’s coming. LISA: Here. have something to drink. JO: Want some? NATALIE: No, thanks. LISA: It’s been really hot today, hasn’t it? NATALIE: Why are we here, Lisa? – I had literally just gotten home from work when I got a text from you about some type of emergency. What’s going on? LISA: Okay, you caught me. There’s not really an emergency. – I just said that you two would come here as fast as possible. – But I do have something I want to talk to you about. – I think things have been a little weird between us these past two weeks, since that little incident, you know? JO: The one where you pretended to be a lesbian for 3 minutes? And forced your way into “Lavender Collective”? – Oh and then promptly left when your boyfriend wanted you back? Yeah, I heard about that. LISA: Well, when you say it like that it sounds bad, but that’s why I invited you here. – I want us to start rebuilding the trust that we once had. I think it will help us flow better at work. – Let’s start with some team-building exercises. NATALIE: No offense, but I can think of about a hundred different things I’d rather be doing right now, so I’m gonna go. LISA: Well of course you’d both be getting paid overtime for this. NATALIE: Okay, where do we start? LISA: So I read about this exercise on the internet. You’re supposed to maintain eye contact and physical contact at the same time …as a way of establishing trust – Okay, Natalie. Stand up, let’s get started. JO: Is it working? LISA: You have to be patient. It takes time. NATALIE: How much time? I’m supposed to be meeting Chloe and some friends tonight at 8. LISA: I don’t know. I didn’t read that far into the article. NATALIE: Of course you didn’t. JO: You two need to focus. LISA: So, where are you meeting the others? NATALIE: Blu Elefant Cafe. They have an open mic on Mondays and Chloe dared me to sing. LISA: Oh, that sounds like fun. JO: I bet you twenty bucks that you’re gonna chicken out of singing in front of people. NATALIE: Thanks for the support. JO: Any time. LISA: Sounds like a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had plans with more than one person. NATALIE: I mean you can come if you’d like. LISA: Really? I don’t want to impose. NATALIE: You wouldn’t be imposing. I just invited you. JO: So is it my turn yet or what? ANNOUNCER: Our next person is Natalie! [Applause] NATALIE: Hello everyone… I’m Natalie and this song that I’m gonna sing is dedicated to my girlfriend, Chloe. [Awwing] -It’s called “Beautiful Soul.” ♫ Amazing grace, that’s what your love feels like ♫ ♫ Day to day… I never have to think twice ♫ ♫ You give me strength that lasts me all through the night. In other words, it just feels right ♫ ♫ See I’ve met a lot of girls and they’ve been beautiful too, but my favorite thing was falling for you ♫ ♫ See you don’t really care ’bout the fame and the riches anyhow…♫ ♫ All I know is your beautiful soul, and I don’t need anything more. I don’t need anything more… ♫ [ More applause]

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