Legendary T10 Upgrades [WiP] – First Impressions

hello hello everyone today I will be giving some first impressions and the first peek really at the upcoming tier 10 special upgrades now for those that aren't aware wargaming are adding these special upgrades that can will significantly change the way many of the tier 10 ships play and I will be previewing and showing off all of them as well as giving some of my initial thoughts now some important things to note before I start first of all these are still works in progress so subject to change very much so some are in fact still so heavily work in progress that even the tooltips are quite garbled they are not finished yet so keep that in mind second of all these are my initial impressions I haven't had time to test this this that much but these people really wanted me to make this I figured I'd still make it but I haven't had time to test them as much so an upgrade that I don't consider that valuable right now might in fact have some special purpose special niche type of gameplay situation where it actually is very powerful so keep that in mind as well third of all these upgrades are not meant like the radar upgrades for example or the speed boost upgrades that you can only get from special containers and so forth these are intended as upgrades that you can consciously unlock in fact quoting sub octavian from wargaming I asked him directly before making this commentary because this is something that a lot of people ask me I can't give the details but I can tell you that this is not going to be like with special upgrades and we plan to allow players to consciously unlock them by playing on the corresponding ship so if you want to unlock this you mikasa upgrade you just play a shim Icaza so that is obviously a good solution since having to rely on RNG crates and stuff to get them would be very very frustrating right let's start off I'm gonna go through the IGN ships then I'm gonna go through the Americans the Russians and so forth basically as you can see them at the bottom of my screen that's the order I'm gonna go through the ships so in case you just want to find your own tier 10 it should be pretty easy to navigate this and in fact if one of you guys want to make time stamps below in the comments I will probably pin that comment since those comments are also always very very useful anyway starting off the first special upgrade for the Shema chasm is accelerated torpedo tubes reloading reduces reload time of torpedo tubes at the expense of decreasing their Traverse speed and increasing the risk of being incapacitated I like this upgrade I like this upgrade a lot now you gotta consider it's not a raw 25 percent buff since this torpedo tubes mode 3 already gives you 15 percent so it's actually more like a 10 percent buff but the risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitate that is exactly the same it's 50 percent for both of them so what you're essentially getting is 10 percent faster torpedo reload at the cost of torpedo tube Traverse speed now this does actually have an impact because even when swatting aiming systems mode which gives you tripura tube Traverse speed your Traverse speed on these tubes is still 30 seconds and that is actually very slow usually you don't notice torpedo to Traverse speed because it's so fast for every single ship but this upgrade makes it quite slow for this guy for the she Mikasa which means of course in brawling or enclosed knife fights situations this can be quite frustrating also if you're trying to turn away and toe up at the same time you're not really able to because your torque tips can't keep up with your turns so this is obviously an upgrade but it's still one that comes with a cost I did like it though I did like that increase the reload because going full reload build I tested this on pts with full with a full build that gives you faster torpedo reload and this actually allowed me to get the torpedo reload down to one hundred and three point three seconds without the upgrade it's hundred and seventeen seconds or using the old upgrade it's hundred and seventeen seconds so it's 14 seconds faster torpedo reload on its own a pure torpedo boat so obviously this is a very powerful module and this is a module that I do intend on using on the shimakaze once it comes out and once I of course managed to unlock it moving on we have the Zhao the Czar one is also very very interesting the Sun one is enhanced main battery and steel gears improves the accuracy of the main battery guns and extends their firing range reduces rudder shift time once again this isn't entirely free you're giving up additional range because those default build runs with additional range in pretty much all it's configure configurations random battles competitive everyone runs the range so you lose some ranges in fact we can check it just how much 17.5 if you run this one we have from this one we have eighteen point eight so you're giving up one point three kilometers of range the trade-off is though you gain that rudder shift rudder shift alone makes this ship so much more comfortable to play at these closer ranges because you have a four point nine second rudder shift and that's with stealth module I tried running it with the steering gauge mode three with triple rudder shifts you get you get to ride a ship down to 2.9 seconds the problem is having that kind of extreme rudder shift is completely pointless when the turning circle on the ship is 840 meters so ultimately it was not worth it at all and itself is far more valuable still though you get really good rudder shift and you get better dispersion and you don't really give up all your range so this is what this is one of those that I'm absolutely going to be mounting as well I don't know if it's going to be as fantastic in competitive since range is usually a lot more valuable in competitive gameplay but for solo ranked and just playing random battles I will absolutely use this it makes this out more comfortable to play thanks to the faster rudder shift and it gives you better dispersion so it's kind of a win-win in that sense so that's a straight up a strong upgrade as well the young mother one is amazing the emotive one is amazing I've had two time to play at a couple of games and this one is just straight-up amazing enhanced main battery guns reduce this dispersion of shells and reduces reload time of the main battery guns at the expense of decreasing turret Traverse speed now we've got to consider normally you run faster reload to begin with which is already 12% reload and minus 30% turret Traverse by running this one you still have that same reload but you lose another 6% of turret reverse so what this is the upgrade this actually is is you trade 6% turret reverse for – 7% dispersion and that is a fantastic trade that is an absolutely fantastic trade that I mean your bread and butter on the Yamato is your gun accuracy you want to land these shells you want to land these accurate volleys and this just makes it all the stronger I can post a commenter you guys I play the game with this upgrade and I got like eight kills and almost 300k damage now obviously you can do that with the Yamato as well but some of the volleys some of the dispersion on this volleys was absolutely disgusting and this is also an upgrade that I will absolutely be mounting in fact the IGN upgrades across the board are really really good the idea and special upgrades are pretty much all worth equipping worth mentioning though is even when running expert marksman you kind of want your mimoto you want your mimoto for that faster turret reverse because even with running expert marksman if you do slot this upgrade your turret Traverse is sixty six point one seconds so it takes you more than a minute to turn your turrets around very very slow turret reverse but luckily the Yamato play style involves a lot of sitting nose in and not really moving too much and not really needing to traverse your turrets too much so it fits the playstyle very very well and it just makes the ship stronger so absolutely a strong upgrade finally huh finally we have the hakuryuu the IGN carrier and this special upgrade is going to be a must-have for any sort of competitive like absolute must-have for any sort of competitive play and that is of course enhanced flight control 15% fighter HP 5% aircraft cruise speed now normally at this point you would probably run air grips mode 3 for increased attack fighter HP this one is usually considered if so across the board well it depends for competitive this sees some use of course but this one is just gonna be amazing any sort of king of the every single king of the sea carrier player any sort of competitive player even for random battles people who run air superiority are going to be this one this is amazing 15% fighter health health and 5% aircraft cruise speed across the board so that includes of course your dad bombers and torpedo bombers and all of them so this is just gonna be for competitive players they're gonna grind this as soon as possible because if you end up fighting a career that has this module slot that well you don't have that slot that you're probably gonna lose every single air battle so a very important upgrade and that's the IgM line now we're gonna be moving on to the USN line all right starting off we have the gearing special upgrade now I will warn you I was a lot less impressed with the American upgrades but of course that's always gonna be my opinion but it started off the American gearing modified haul legendary upgrade reduces the ship's detectability range at the expense of increasing reload time of the main battery guns and torpedo tubes so you're not actually getting the raw of 15% detectability here because this is in the still of slot so with this will already gives you 10% concealment and that 5% dispersion increase against anyone shooting your ship so what this actually gives you is an additional 5% concealment but that 5% concealment comes at the massive cost of 15% reload and 5% torpedo tube reload time considering you're a hybrid DB and considering it well mainly gunboat but the gearing is absolutely a hybrid still giving up 15% reload and 5% torpedo tube for that 5% concealment a very very questionable trade in fact this is one of those upgrades I wouldn't even use because most of the time you're not really being spotted by enemy deities it will forget from competitive you're never really spotted by an immediate ease I'm talking about king of the sea kind of stuff competitive you're spotted by enemy radars or planes but even in random battles this with the rendering delay and everything this seems like such a mediocre trade-off you get you can get your concealment down to five point six running stealth captain and everything without that of course if you run the normal concealment module your concealment is 5.9 so we're talking 300 meters of concealment when you already have a competitive concealment at this heavy heavy cost and ultimately I don't think it's worth it this is one one of those that I think comes at a to heavier cost to be worth using and I would probably not even bother running this this upgrade booster this upgrade is actually pretty interesting and this is an upgrade that I can see used for in both randoms and in competitive and the idea is once again you can see that of course as I mentioned at the start of this commentary these upgrades are works in progress what this means though is that it increases the duration of your radar your defensive AAA and your hydro so this basically boosts all your upgrades significantly and if you combine this with the radar duration module that you probably already would be running in any sort of competitive environment you can get some really absurd things like sixty one point six second radar duration now do remember that this goes in this concealment slot but if you're deficient in with a teammate like you got smokes available or you're just playing behind islands as you usually would in the booster like hiding behind rocks and just lobbing shells over the island then having access to 48 second a a sixty one point six second defensive a radar and an additional what is it hundred and twenty seconds of hide room that's pretty damn strong normal Hydra is of course hundred seconds so you get you just gain a flat-out 20 seconds on top so this upgrade while a bit more situational since you are giving up concealment you can still get very good concealment on the ship I mean if we go let me quickly expect this guy just to show you guys it's not because the booster doesn't necessarily require the concealment it it helps it absolutely helps but it's absolutely not something that it has to have to live we can get 10 point 6 km concealment but from the concealment module 10.6 is more than enough to be able to get them to good aggressive positions and also plenty enough to be able to disengage so this is a very this enhanced countermeasures this upgrade is very interesting it is a trade off but it's a powerful trade off and this is one I can absolutely see myself using because it makes you a powerhouse more than you already are when it comes to these consumables and in competitive this one is absolutely going to prove popular because that radar time that's sixty one point six seconds the enemy cannot cap the objective while you're sitting there ray during it so very strong one the Des Moines one on the other hand not so strong now the idea with the Des Moines one is enhanced propulsion it reduces the ridership time and time to full power when accelerating at the expense of reducing the surveillance radar cost time so what this essentially what they're trying to make you do is to be able to play the Des Moines better in the open now for some if you plan for competitive like clan battles I wouldn't really I would never see this this being used in a king of the co type but in clan battles for example when you're pushing aggressively with the Des Moines if you're pushing a flank with with the huge Cruiser full force having this on the Des Moines might be okay for the rudder shift because you could get it down to five point five seconds but you are trading you're either trading range or reload and you're getting rudder shift which is pretty useful and acceleration which is debatably useful because people need to remember that the acceleration module only works when you from from a full stop to about six knots that's when it's most effective other than that it's pretty much pretty useless across the board so if very normally the Des Moines is played by hiding behind islands much like the booster you play it in very stationary positions you hide behind islands and you lob shells over the islands that is the standard Des Moines play style that is how the ship works it doesn't really have the armor to sail around it and not the small size or general in general you don't really play it in the open it also doesn't have the shill or it's the shell velocity to be able to sit that long range and spam like Zell and Henry and ships like these so that's why you tend to get into cover and this kind of counters the I understand the idea of the upgrade is to encourage this kind of open water gameplay the problem is I don't think even with this upgrade I would ever want to play the Des Moines into open because that's playing against its strengths and trading this radar I mean if you don't run the radar module you're down to 36 second if you do run it that's not the radar module here we do have a 50 second radar which is already really impressive I mean 50 second radar is nothing to scoff at very strong but it's still a trade-off ultimately though it's not the reduction in radar duration that bothers me with this upgrade it's the fact that you're either trading off range which is a lot of utility especially on bad maps or you're just trading off pure DPM and I don't think this upgrade is worth either trade that's really what it comes down to other people might disagree we'll see I will have time to test that later on I haven't had time to test this ship at all so I will have to return to that one finally the last year send ship up sort note we still at Midway my bad the Montana upgrade at the Montana upgrade is honestly just this lackluster first of all your trading of concealment and one of the strengths of the Montana is that you can actually get pretty damn good concealment on the ship so you're giving up the concealment in return to get well for extinguishing time ten percent that's pretty nice flooding recovery time that's pretty okay ultimately though if you have to eat the flood the difference between eating a full flood and that minus 10 percent is pretty irrelevant because more than likely or damage cone will come up or you will die before that that minus 10% actually has any sort of impact rudder shift I have 30 seconds okay so we can get a 15.5 if you run bought both rudder shift modules I think we can get it something like 12 seconds but if you run this one then you're kind of trading off all the bonuses you just got from this which is flooding and fire extinguishing time so probably not really worth using that one but in this case still the 30% reduction it's nice sure but when you have a 950 meter turning circle and you only do 30 knots this rudder shift difference isn't really that valuable you still handle like a brick the only reason I could see for this is like if twerps are spotted it gives you a bit more reaction time to turn into the twerps but ultimately rudder shift I'm on a battleship is pretty useless unless you get it to very extreme values and most of the time you're playing this angle fairly and wouldn't say stationary when it's Montana but you shouldn't really be caught in positions where you need the rudder shift is what I'm trying to say steering gives repair time is of course completely useless you know the only time you use your steer lose your steering gears in the Montana is if you eat a torpedo in the stern that's the only time you will lose your steering gear in that in this thing and if you're running this module with faster steering a rudder shift and and hopefully you would never even need it so it's kind of countering itself when it comes to that to begin with I am really not a fan of this upgrade because the only thing that I really like about this upgrade is the reduced 4x or the fire extinguishing time bonus the problem is though you're giving up concealment to get it so if you do our default let's do a footnote on a bit here or let me just get my stealth build the whole idea the reason why people run concealment expert on the Montana is because well it is a fairly stealthy battleship you can get it down to thirteen point four kilometers of stealth the problem is if you don't run a stealth module you've got a fourteen point nine kilometres south and that's what 1.5 kilometers of additional HD spam you will be eating additional APIs ma'am additional everything additional torps additional everything so the 10% reduction in forex time is not worth the raw amount of damage you will eat by not having access to this additional concealment also one of the Montana strengths is you sneak around with that great concealment and then you pop out a stealth and you blab some Cruiser is giving you a broadside so you're also trading of that so ultimately my initial impressions of this enhance the damage control system is that I think it's pretty underwhelming and it's probably a module I wouldn't use that's really simple as it is that's kind of been the theme of many of these American upgrades it's a module I would not use it's not a bad module but it's not as good as the other module in comparison of course you got to remember concealment system also offers you +5 dispersion on any shells shooting you but still the trade-off is bad in my opinion of course and finally we have Midway the last American ship and this one gives you reinforced armor protection for attack air groups now it's a 50% upgrade over air groups mod 3 but it costs you 5% aircraft cruise speed for random battles I would say this is monstrously strong for I would say potato Midway's I think this is also monstrously strong I mean for good players it's also gonna be good but for the average left-click or to drop AP Bombur this is gonna be huge because well 15% health is like gaining another tier and a half of health of tankiness for the planes so this one is always going to be very popular I did first Ellis did say something I did hear him say something about this 5% aircraft cruise speed is actually a pretty big deal though especially against enemy huh curious apparently if you do run this some of your planes that could otherwise outrun the hawk you do end up getting caught so even this upgrade that I've at first glance thought was quite good more experienced carrier players are saying that it's probably not even worth using that remains to be seen but it's possible it's more of a random battle kind of thing and against any sort of good player you're going to be struggling if you run it which is of course a bit of a shame so for the American line the only one I'm only module I'm really interested in is the booster one there is start kinda a moving on of course we have the Russian ships or the Russian modules the combi module is one that I have been experimenting with and it's one that I don't really consider that good the copper one is called weighted artillery let me slot this one in wait that artillery gives you eight percent range six percent main battery loading time – 13 percent Traverse speed – 13 percent Traverse speed is of course not that big of a deal because your turret Traverse is so amazingly good on a destroyer ultimately it looks like a really good upgrade you're like wow range and reload on a copper on a gunboat it boosts your 13.5 cam range – fourteen point six the problem is it makes you a lot less flexible because what you're replacing is steering gears mode three steering gears mode three became practically a necessity on the kaabah ever since they know if the rudder shift because if you don't run steering gears mod three you have the eight point nine second photo shift this is worse than some some like this is worse than a lot of cruisers this rudder shift and considering you want to kind of be darting in you don't want to be sitting at that 14 kilometer range the entire time you want to also be scouting harassing chasing down enemy ships and so forth and this this clumsiness is very very rough to deal with I played with it my initial impressions is that if you lose so much flexibility running weighted artillery over steering is mode that is really the biggest downside giving up all this rudder shift is a huge trade-off and initial impressions was that it wasn't really that good what what this could be useful for is if you run smoke-filled Kaba if instead of running the hill build cover you opt to choose for a smoke build cover then this upgrade might actually be quite good because I mean it's raw DPM its raw gun range which means if you don't have to actively dodge shells you're sitting in a smoke then it can't be quite valuable ultimately though I do consider heel cobot to be significantly stronger than smoke kaabah and because well one of the great strengths of heel cup is that you draw a lot of fire you draw a lot of potential damage away from your teammates towards yourself when they struggle to hit you because they ultimately they do have to shoot you because you're so annoying so this upgrade has been a question mark I'm initially leaning towards not really wanting to use it because I don't think the 1.1 came range is enough to basically make you insanely clumsy and if you're forced into any situation where you actually have to close the distance like you have to go help your deity's in a cap or you have to go support somewhere you have such a hard time dodging shells and with battleship AP being what it is against destroyers not being able to dodge shells isn't really that fun so initial impressions of this one is very a very a it might be ok for certain play styles but ultimately so far I've been preferring steering gears I will be testing it some more and maybe you can make it work but the difference between not running this one and running this one is 88.9 second rudder shift versus 5.3 second rather shift and that's a pretty damn big difference grouse avoid the grocery boy upgrade is recoilless main battery guns which gives you 80% faster reload at the cost of 7% turret Traverse speed and 10 percent longer torpedo reload now compared to the normal one you run in this slot which is of course the main battery one it's 12 and 13 so you're actually gaining 6% reload and slightly faster territories but of course on these Dedes the turret reverse is pretty much pointless it doesn't really matter it's already so fast so what you're essentially gaining is 6% gun reload at the cost of 10% for Peter Willard and I actually quite liked this upgrade it's it's not straightforward well that's huge upgrade because girls overheat towards the 10k drops there they are not awful then came Range 65 knots they're not amazing they have a really long reload time but they're pretty okay so losing 10% reload on those means that of course it takes absolutely ages to use them but this build is very good for gunboat cross 1 and gunboat grocery bills are of course the strongest bills I would say and this is pretty much directly buffs those pure gunboat approaches so this is one I would absolutely see myself using because well corrosive our guns are kind it's bread and butter and smoking up and just crying this is a perfect upgrade for that kind of build so corrosive I okay it seems pretty pretty good pretty good not something amazing but not a bad upgrade at all either it's a bit of a trade-off but I would say it's a good trade-off Musco upgrade this one is a once again yeah weighted main battery guns – 11 percent maximum dispersion 8% firing range and it costs your turret Traverse first impression holy that's really really good and it is a pretty nice upgrade I'll be using it I've been having some really good games but then one guy asked me is it really worth giving up the concealment to use it considering in order to be effective with this upgrade you have to sit much further back than you do with the stealth upgrade and I thought that was a very good point because our concealment with this let's put a camera on us otherwise this is misleading don't worry about I music I'm gonna press account so don't worry about the doubloon so I have two hundred thousand so I don't care so right now we're sitting at let's get rid of this 15 point for cam can see lament and if you do slot this one we can get down to thirteen point eight now thirteen point eight isn't good concealed settlement by any means but fifteen point four is awful and when you're playing a cruiser every battleship loves shooting at you whenever you're anywhere in the open and trying to push into any sort of advantageous positions becomes so much harder when you're spotted one point six kilometers out further than you would normally so I initially I do like I like this upgrade I initially like that but the cost is questionable I won't go straight out the way and say this is straight up better the volleys I got with this – eleven percent dispersion I made sure to slot the second dispersion module as well instead of a a which in normal attempted slot just to see what kind of dispersion I got and some of those most volleys were absolutely disgusting if you watch my stream yesterday you saw just how stupidly accurate those bullies were I'm of course gonna be testing all of this more today but it was amazing and being able to get a 21 km firing range while running the reload module is also pretty amazing but it still it comes at a cost this is absolutely this is an upgrade it comes at a significant cost and question is is this cost worth it or not is very hard at this point to decide and in a way I like to subcribe because of that because it's one of those that depends on playstyle depends on situation depends on map one might be better than the other and so forth so it's worth looking into note though that main battery Traverse speed is really garbage when you run both of this because both of these nor your turret Traverse speed so you actually end up even with it I think I'm I think I respect expert marksman just to help alleviate the problem and you still have a 30 second turret Traverse so your turn to versus obviously pays heavily for this build but it is pretty fun the hoos railgun shells like I landed triples if that alone a Des Moines from 20 kilometers it is very satisfying to run this module but is it actually straight up better than the concealment not that easy of a call to make not that easy of a call to make because you stroke struggle to disengage and when you if you want to turn the mask around this is a big ship with a big Citadel if you want to turn this ship around you want to be undetected while doing it and the problem because otherwise this is how much Citadel you have to be shot at and the problem is getting undetected while trying to turn with a 15 point 4 km concealment not an easy task very challenging in fact so more testing required before I can give you guys any sort of final opinion on this one but I mean you of course you can form your own for some some will love it some will think it's trash and that's usually the sign of a pretty well-balanced upgrade to me and then next we have the German upgrades the German upgrade is interesting I've had time to test it a bit and I thought it was pretty ok the German upgrade is called low profile torpedo tubes which gives you minus 5 percent concealment and 10 percent faster reload now note that this is replacing the concealment module so what you're essentially giving up is 5 percent dispersion of shells incoming shells and five percent concealment in return though you get 10% faster torpedo reload with full stealth build and running this one your concealment is 6.4 if you run the default concealment module it's six point one and this is a pretty critical range because when you have six point one concealment you can kind just push in and if you get spotted you can use Hydra which is 5.9 km range you can use Hydra to spot the enemy player so you they only have a 200 meter buffer so more than likely if you get spotted your Hydra will counter spot them which is of course strength of that that because it was a recent they buffed it used this ship Houston six point for camp concealment but they buffed at the six point one to make it more competitive because it was considered too weak with six point four which makes this module very interesting because it nerves it right back to six point four concealment and makes it very questionable in fact not having this forced me to spec into RPF because now there's a 500 meter buffer before my Hydra picks up the enemy but I've still kinda liked it but I'm not sure how good it is I liked it because then when you go full torpedo reload build including the captain perk for a torpedo reload and AR you can get some absolutely absurd torpedo reload time on the trigger reload is 62 seconds and when AR kicks in it easily goes below a minute so we are we are launching full sets of torps on a tier 10 destroyer every minute every single minute and these are of course very fast torpedoes at 69 knots and it's quite fun to play but this torpedo power does come at a trade contesting caps fighting enemy duties we I'm significantly more difficult because well this is a very clumsy destroyer it's big it's clumsy it's got a massive turning circle the speed is okay I mean this is with a speed flag you got to remember that this is with a speed fact flag 39.4 so you tree this is a trade this is straight up a trade you give up a lot of contesting and fighting power on the set 52 to gain a bit more torpedo power questionable for competitive I would probably never run this for competitive I would absolutely always go concealment simply because you can't give up that knife fighting power that contesting power and the ability to bully a bird it is I don't think you can give that up for random battles it's pretty fun it's pretty fun being a torpedo spamming monster is pretty fun to play just like with the shimmer Gaza just being able to spend more to orbs is a lot more fun to play so a questionable upgrade I'll have to play it a bit more to form my opinion but as of right now this is more of a random battle one and less of a try-hard one hindenburg upgrade is pretty insane hindenburg upgrade well people tend to joke about battleship Hindenburg and this new upgrade well it really plays the dead stereotype enhanced repair party reduces the main battery repair time by 50% reduces for extinguishing time by 50% reduces flooding recovery time by 70% and gives you brother shift now worth noting is that this replaces concealment kind of like this similar one on the on the Montana dead I mean it's kind of silly that when you compare the Montana one to this one this is for the battleship 10% 10% and then you look at this one and it's like 50% 50% I'm sorry because this one Trading's concealment for this upgrade is actually a pretty worthwhile upgrade because you become stupidly tanker running this I'm running rudder shift module and just by running just by running the flag and running the reduced fire flag and basics of survivability fires last less than 10 seconds if you get set on fire with this module fires burn for less than 10 seconds people thought I was damaged cunning fires so they like they saw the fire burn and then it disappeared and they thought I damage console I really tried to like spam me even more but I'm you don't even need the damage condo fires they just extinguish I mean you can obviously make this more extreme by turning this but I don't think you really want to do that it is an option though you gotta can see that this is running this one is an option because the 20% rudder shift you lose you have actually regained by running this module so if you run this on top as well this is now you have default rudder ship that this is the rudder shift you have on live except you're practically immune to both flooding and fire so I'm gonna be protesting there's a lot more today on stream but my initial impressions of this build has been holy ship like you are immune to fire and flooding you can eat the torpedo and you don't need the damage counter flooding because the flooding runs out so stupidly quickly and same thing with fires with this build I mean what are you guys seven eight second fires something like that you you can ignore them you're immune to all damage so battleship in number just became even more of a battleship and I could absolutely see this module being used on in in any sort of competitive yes you give up concealment so you got thirteen point seven because yes thirteen point seven came concealment but if you're putting Hindenburg's to push a flank for example you want to push some side or you have aggressive hindenburg players running this module on an aggressive Hindenburg player is huge I mean one of the main counters to Hindenburg's in competitive is Zeus gazelles are so good at burning and damaging them well this one just completely made you immune to a huge part of that cell damage so this one is fantastic and this one will absolutely see use it is a trade off once again but unlike the Montana trade off which I thought was pretty pretty shabby this trade off is huge especially since it gives that rudder shift which allows you to swap double damage controls while double type of reductions will need to do more testing today I be testing today on stream but initial impressions holy this is a powerful upgrade across the court first yeah the upgrade is a enhanced main armaments main battery loading time fifteen percent secondary battery loading time ten percent main battery firing range minus eight Traverse speed minus seven now normally you would run the reload modern in this slot so twelve and thirteen so what you're actually gaining here is a bit more torturous a bit more reload but you're giving up a good chunk of range now for most certain battleships giving up range isn't that big of an issue but across the course already struggles by having very very short range compared to the others so when you slot this one you're actually down to 19 kilometers of range and this is pretty damn low at tier 10 especially for The Grocer quarter force because you struggle really getting close so a lot of the time you end up having to lob shells from quite a distance away so this makes it questionable the it's a question old is the 10 percent secondary load battery loading time is kind of pointless because well generally you don't want to be running secondary build at tier tens because it has so many weaknesses it's more of a fun mean build than actually a competitive build so the trade-off is pretty rough the trade-off is pretty rough I'm not entirely sure it's worth it for pure like people who run secondary embroiling builds I think they're gonna love this one if you run secondary code forced or then you're gonna love this upgrade because it just makes you build stronger in every single way so this was fantastic but for competitive bills that you should add one more tank focused cross the court first this one is questionable 3% reload 4 – 8 % range on an already range challenge battleship it's a rough trade-off and ruins to be seen I have to test it a bit more but initial impressions have been debatable it's more of a side grade than an upgrade and that's perfectly fine not everything needs to be as insane as the hindenburg module but it's worth keeping in mind that initial impressions a for secondary gross code first and then of course we have the Royal Navy only two ships in the Royal Navy first we have the miniature one now this is pretty interesting okay this one might be this one might be a bit confusing this is enhanced smoke generator decreases the accuracy of the enemy firing at your ship reduces the ship's detectability range and increases the action time of it increases the action time of the smoke generator at the expense of reducing the smoke screen dispersion time so what exactly does this mean well first of all this goes in the concealment slot so you're losing 5% concealment but you gain you gain five percent additional dispersion of ships firing upon you but that's a trade-off you need to remember that's a pretty important trade-off now what exactly does this do well let's actually go to conceal Matt first so I can show you the default smoke the default smoke on the Minotaur it blooms for 15 seconds blooms action time means when you pop when you use the consumable and it starts puffing out smoke that lasts for 15 seconds that's the time you have to stop your ship and park inside your smoke because then it's not going to be generating any more smoke clouds and smokescreen dispersion time is how long how long that smoke will last after being generated so now that we understand how this works this upgrade becomes more clear what this action upgrade actually does is that 15-second action time becomes a thirty seven point five second action time so this means that you can actually make this huge massive smoke clouds obviously for any sort of team if you play in a division this is pretty huge well even in random battles like the amount of smoke you can put out this is thirty seven seconds of smoke time that you can just bloom across the map you can make a huge goddamn smoke cloud but once again we're paying for it that hundred and what was it hundred and thirteen second smoke duration gets nerfed in 96 seconds that's of course that minus 15% smoke dispersion time so this one is needs to be tested it's interesting it's also once again I would say it aside it's a side grade I'm going to call it that upgrade for the current one you got to remember we're also giving up some concealment to use it so debatable debatable interesting though I haven't tested this one so I'm not gonna comment that much warrant I'll leave you guys to theorize on what exactly you could do with it but it must be kept in mind at 37 point five seconds is a very long smoke time it's even longer than the Geering smoke time the gearing action time is thirty seconds and that's already huge so this is a very very long action time on any sort of smoke so absolutely needs to be tested needs to be experimented with and I think you can possibly even sneak up pretty close like you can you can park behind an island you can start smoking and then you can slowly crawl at the quarter speed into a capture point without ever being detected because the smoke can see conceals your movement so there are some interesting interesting options available with this module whether it's worth slotting we'll have to get back to that the conquerer upgrade is pretty interesting as well the conquerer upgrade replaces concealment but the conker already has very good concealment so even with giving this up if you run the normal stealth build you still have a 13.1 km/h more you have better concealment than any other tier 10 battleship and some cruisers still though the enhanced engineering systems increases main battery turrets were speed reduces relative time and decreases steering gears repair time once again steering gears repair time is kind of debatable only really valuable if you get torqued in the stern in a battleship but what's interesting here is that rudder shift time minus 40% now IB I played a bit of a mean build here where instead of slaughtering the normal damage control I actually slot the double rudder shift and you can see that I have an 8 point 3 second rudder shift and that's actually better rudder shift then you have on many cruisers however as I mentioned earlier having an amazing runner shift on a battleship isn't really that amazing simply because you're turning circle is so massive if you expect with a like this incredibly fast rudder ship to be able to turn on a hairpin that's not gonna happen in general having a smaller turning circle is more valuable than having a fast rudder shift on a battleship so this rudder shift is nice it allows you to dodge incoming torps very very quickly since your ship responds quite fast but even when it responds fast it still turns so very slow that it takes at a time to actually go into position you wanted to regardless of how fast your rudder is behaving so interesting absolutely worth trying you give up concealment which is pretty great but you are able to do can dodge incoming stuff much better the problem is of course in a battleship when you're trade-off concealment is that one of the great strengths of having good concealment on a battleship is that you sneak up close you catch some guy giving you full broadside and you absolutely punish the living hell out of him by popping out a stealth and the strength off let me actually get some credit some other credits straight off 10k doubloons don't do this on your live accounts boys the thing is you trade off 11.8 concealment and 11.8 concealment is so good because you're out spotting a lot of cruisers and it makes it so terrifying when you come around the corner or suddenly a conqueror pops up at 12 kilometers and just laps you that's terrifying to deal with and giving up that terrifying strength for the rudder ship just like with the Minotaur upgrade I need to be tough I need to test this some more I haven't made up my mind on this upgrade it's interesting but I don't see it that's that kind of raw amazing upgrade as some others it needs more testing then we have the you yang the you yang upgrade is also pretty interesting what the union upgrade does is enhanced armaments reduces reload time of the main battery guns and torpedo tubes at the expense of decreasing the smoke screen dispersion time and surveillance radar action time now we just covered smokescreen dispersion it's of course how long the smoke screen lasts after being deployed and of course it gives this one gives minus 30% to both radar and smoke screen so if you try to run this one even if you run surveillance radar mod let's see how long will our well first of all our smokescreen dispersion time is 49 seconds so you have a 50 second smoke that's it might it's enough to get a cap as long as you don't get reset but if you get reset then it's gonna be nasty the radar down nineteen point six second radar youch that is a very short radar duration on the other hand though you do gain 10% reload and 10% repeater power this is a questionable trade a questionable trade I might see myself running this in random battles I might see myself running this in random battles because just having tempers and gun power and tempers and torps would be quite nice but for competitive play where especially clan battles or even tier 10 ranked where radar is so stupidly strong that's a pretty nasty trade 30% is pretty nasty especially considering we are giving up concealment to use it that's the other yeah actually sorry I didn't even consider you're giving up concealment yeah I probably wouldn't produce it I'm sorry I didn't even consider that we're giving up concealment T is it Wow yeah I wouldn't run that module I'm sorry but already already giving up 10% concealment and that dispersion increase on any incoming shells giving up that for the 10% reload and 10% Tour preload that would already be a pretty hard sell for me giving that up and also losing 30% radar duration or 30% smoke yeah that's a bit of a that's a bit of a to steep price for me that's a bit of a Tuesday price I do not think I'd be running this one this is one of those upgrades I think I I'd straight up just not gonna bother 10% it's not that big this is it's like speaking BFT or speaking torpedo reload except now you lose one of your greatest strengths which is your great concealment yeah this that's that's gonna be a no for me on that one maybe I'll change my mind but as as I said I haven't finally I won't say it but any of my opinions are finalized but initial impressions of this one how about no the Henry one is amazing the honorary upgrade is absolutely amazing it replaces concealment slash rudder ship depending on how you decide to play the honor key but it's so good increased firing elevation of artillery 8% reload ass or 8% range 12% reload but it costs you 10% concealment so this is this is for the pure gun about Henry so with this you can go double reload modules and this of course means that well I can show you guys if you do the default range let's go a spec range and let's say let's pick concealment here the default reload on an array is twelve point three but when you sort both of these you can actually get it down to a pretty impressive 9.5 second reload and of course since this module already gives you range you're still sitting at 20.6 camera which is excellent but now you have a nine point five second reload on your guns and this has been fun holy crap this has been fun to play obviously you need to go steering gears as well here but everyone goes that on on a cruiser regardless your concealment is absolute garbage this is 15.5 concealment and this is with concealment the experts picked your concealment is complete garbage but for flanking and random battles and just general like Kanaka gameplay considering with the Henry you want to be shooting the entire time kind of like with the kaabah you want to be shooting all the time this if you're a gunboat build has been so much fun to play is it going to be that good in competitive I don't know not being able to get undetected it's obviously a huge issue in competitive play but man this pure firepower that you have with this build it's so much fun because one of the big downsides of the Henry has been a very very long reload on the guns and now when you're suddenly playing sub 10 second reload and of course add in the French captain with the fact with the better AR and once AR kicks in we're talking about approaching the more in reload times well not quite I mean eight second reload still we're on on the Henry guns it's fun I love that upgrade I love it might not be the optimal one for competitive or it actually might I don't know it but it's very strong and most importantly all its insanely fun to play so this one kind of reinvigorated my interest in the Henry which I considered quite a boring ship but when you get when you get the experience they increase the power it's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun absolutely another ship well both the friendships have really good upgrades in my opinion the other interesting one is the Republic one additional loader for the main battery guns note that this is replacing the main battery mod 3 the faster reload so what you're actually getting is six percent faster reload at the cost of six percent slower turret reverse and minus 16 percent firing range now the republic firing range is already so good that losing that huge chunk isn't really that big of a deal you still have 21.9 kilometers which is been proven to be more than an officer I've been testing it in return though you have 19.7 second reload once again adding the French captain with AR and you're running around with Scharnhorst reload on the Republic except you're firing this 431 millimeter shells with 2.0 Sigma I like it it's been a lot of fun it's been a lot of fun that just more ducka ducka power I don't really need the firing range that's perfectly fine the Traverse speed with expert marksman you still have 37.9 so it's nothing like the Yamato or something similar both these upgrades a speargun power upgrades on a henry and republic they have been just a ton of fun and this one I could easily be seeing you see a using competitive gameplay as well because well it's just raw firepower and 19.7 second reload is disgusting a DPM for a battleship even if you only have eight guns so those were all the upgrades all the special tier 10 upgrades Stalingrad that's what doesn't have one as of yet so I skipped it this vid ended up being absolutely massive holy jesus if one of you makes a as I mentioned at the beginning in funny who makes a comment with where the timestamps for all the ships are I will pin that comment since for the average player to navigate to find their ships might otherwise be a bit cumbersome anyway this was the first look first impressions keep in mind these are subject to change my opinions are subject to change everything is subject to change but I hope you guys enjoyed this preview this sneak peek anyways and I will talk to you guys later

50 thoughts on “Legendary T10 Upgrades [WiP] – First Impressions

  1. This thing turned out absolutely massive, so if someone wants to provide a comment with timestamps, that will be appreciated!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Flamu
    Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu

  2. G Kurfurst – 8% range for 10% reload on secondary is worth the trade
    MF struggles to hit the side of a barn from the inside you don't need the range

  3. Just got the Montana mod its nothing like the one you show here. They must of heard you the final number was fire -15% flood -30% shift -30% and steering repair -70%

  4. The Republic's legendary upgrade now reduces firing range 24%, which means that a trade-off for a 6% increase in reload time is less desirable.

  5. I keep coming back to this video as I check the legendary upgrades off my list. The Des Moines one was kind of worth it IMO since I play solo a lot. The Wooster is definitely next on my list.

  6. i accidentally sold my legendary upgrade! so now what should i do? i cant find it anywhere and i cant take it again.. why wargaming?

  7. this is out of date please make a new one, you the best and they changed them so we need to know your opinion king potato.

  8. when i get the Hindenburg i will try to get that module, then when equipped i will listen to Prussia Gloria.

  9. I'm really pissed off, I spent a long grind on the Republique agreeing with Flamu that the buff on the reload of the main guns was worth it in relation to the nerfs on the range to 22km and the slight turret traverse nerf. I saw it as one of the stronger legendary modules so invested my time in prioritizing it.

    Last night I finally got the legendary module and suddenly realized the range is fucking 19.8km!!!! This folks, makes ALL the difference, that 2.2km now means you are out-ranged by all other tier 10 BB's and many of the tier 9 and 8's too, hell, even many of the CA's can out-range you too!! My average damage went south after fitting the module which makes a farce of the concept because when all is said and done, the effective range of the Republique is greatly reduced by this module, sure it improves its performance in close quarter engagements, but you'll take far more punishment without being able to return it getting there!

    Conclusion? Now not worth mounting it, module removed and hours wasted – not impressed!!!!!

  10. Just got the Legendary Module for the Minotaur. So what are the changes?
    Smoke action time of 37 sec with a dispersion time of 96 sec.

    The Good:
    +150% action time of Smoke
    +5% dispersion of enemy shells

    The Bad:
    -15% dispersion time of Smoke
    -5% detectability (.4km)

    Lets be honest here, you are only concerned with the last couple puffs of smoke as you shudder to a stop and finally(!) become concealed. Longer action time does not help with that.
    Yes, you can cruse at ¼ speed and extend your smoke cloud for a few more puffs but ¼ speed is not very fast so that extended range is pretty small. I use that time to see if I have a chance at using torps on something while watching the smoke timer count down.

    Your Torps have a 10 km range. Losing .4 km of concealment (8.9 to 9.3) might not seem like a big deal but when you are sweating each 1/10th of a km… yeah, it is a big deal.

    I recommend using Smoke Gen Mod 1 until you get Enhanced Smoke Generator as you get five puffs of smoke instead of two but once you do get the Legendry Module go back to AA Gun Mod 2 for that 20% more AA range.

  11. I am surprised that you run main battery modification 3 on GK. I usually run secondary modification 3 for my secondaries build. This legendary module is pretty good if you consider playing GK with a secondaries build. Decreased range is never a thing, in my opinion GK really starts to deal damage at 15 km or within. But I don't know if most GKs in competitive are running tank build, I personally just play random battle.

  12. So in CW's, gearing gives up 5% torp reload for 5% concealment? Cause seriously, how often do you fire your guns? 5.6km concealment seems god tier for slightly slower reloading torps. Also, get fletcher torps and you'll still have a faster torp reload than originally.

  13. Flamu, don't forget plus 3% turret traverse w/ Znamensky, also plus do a unique commander preview skill and best ships.

  14. Not much more than gimmicks, to get people to play more t-10 battles or encourage lower tiers to spend hard earned cash to get to tier10.[By using free exp]
    Otherwise, why punish t8-9 who do not get it.
    How about finish the fucking lines WG and piss off your stupid gimmicks.
    Very good article Flamu. Can not believe I said that.

  15. The Yamato upgrade strikes me as giving a minor incentive to split the direction of your main batteries (front turrets facing one way, rear turret facing another) in case you have to go to Brown Alert and can't afford to wait 60 seconds to turn your guns. I guess, though, a good player would be positioning themselves to minimise the risk of this anyway.

  16. The gk mod is so painful to take. The 10% secondaries is nice that would be an additional 20-30 hits per game for me which means an additional 6-10k damage a game off the secondaries. That's the real numbers I average about 350 damage per secondary hit. 200 is a good game but iv seen extreme games with over 300 secondary hits. But for that it means 19km range in a game where a lot of them are 25-30km ranges yea screw that if a cruiser can out range you hes gona just torment you with impunity. Id consider the mod if another perk was +1 km hydro range.

  17. 45:30 Conqueror – You STILL have the best concealment of any Tier X battleship, with 13.1 KM concealment, even when giving up concealment module, so that's interesting. Montana you mentioned was very strong because of it's good 13.4 KM concealment with a full concealment build. So really, with the Conq's reduced concealment and increased rudder shift, are you REALLY losing that much? You're still the most stealthy BB out there at Tier X, but with increased torpedo beats. That would be a good thing to mention.

  18. Superbe video! please do another after the official launch With final spec's overview when the time come… durtion justified btw big time!

  19. 21:38 "This 5% aircraft cruise speed is actually a pretty big dildo uuhm" Oh Flamu, never change 😀

  20. Monty mod with math – well it gives fire reduce what is nice and with it and stearing mod you will turn almost like tier 7/8 BB's what makes you able to dodge long fire more easly. To much fire reduction isnt worth it… As when doing math even on base for every nation flag+module for anti fire you get most benefit. Adding to these 2 in case of Yamato BOS will just make you take 1,4k dmg from 1 whole fire less (and ofc in prolonged fire you wont benefit anything as the shorter your fire is there will appear instantly a new one), for Montana it will be even less.
    On Montana you will have the same thing – your taking new module and if you pick flag you already have most benefit (you dont need BOS but can take it and will take 5% less dmg then on standard mod+flag only) and then you take stearing module as anti fire mod will give you absolutly nothing. So kinda worth testing.
    On tier 10 with just antifire module a Yamato full flood is 38k dmg (with flag 34k – yes flags are worth it now) so this mod also counters it as it makes you more agile while retaining the cheaper anti fire/flood module stats.

    Gearigns legendary module is useless bullshit… not only its the best anti AA dd, but 2nd best gun boat and what we see currently the best torpedo boat from 2 years now (shima is a shit torp boat compared to it because of shit torp stealth). Giving him concealment buff to shima lvl is just absurd as it will be a shimakaze 5.0 with all other stats. Lets not forget the way stronger and easier to benefit Halsey (when compared to Yamamoto) and we get into an obscene concealment values (what is already the main problem of balance in this game in higher tiers). This mod turns Gearing into a shima variant but version 5.0 but i dont think ppl need or will use this, or want this… Useless mod.

    IJN upgrades look rly nice – but then considering how every line got buffed in last 1,5years while IJN still sits in place it was nerfed to counter pre buff US lines they rly need strong modules (as its one of the worst nations, if not the worst nation currently by stats).
    Shima looks nice but it has the massive draw back with traverse.
    Zao is quite ok'ish but you will feel the lack of 1,3km range.
    Yamato… we see in competetive its accuracy + caliber make it fully viable (even in clan wars it was one of the best picks but you had to play more stationary). Giving it more accuracy!? Do we rly need Yamato to be a rail gun like Katori's? (that little thing in tier 3 is so accurate its easy to have 70-80k avg dmg in it)… I dont think it rly fixes the problem that Yamato cant realy get near if enemy isnt stacked in 1 place (as even when you have probably best armor, you need to be perfectly angled so enemy wont do lots of citadels on you just because of its artifical hight nerf).
    Actually maybe it should just have citadel lowered to be more of a anti BB/more agressive and not made into rail guns fucking anti everything BB (cruisers dont rly need to be deleted from even longer ranges, just like DD's.
    Good thing on this module is that with Yamamoto you will still have better traverse then with normal commander + normal reload module.

    Russians, French and Germans (except hinden what makes him almost immune to cruiser fire) are kinda fine – you pay off something and get something (like zao also).
    Brits – maybe conq mod to strong as you wont ever be able to trade with him on longer range in a BB vs BB.

  21. Is WG Kind of stupid or am i stupid? Hakuryo now has a moduel for 5% Speed and one with 5% Speed + 15% HP , why would i choose the first one ?

  22. So with all these upgrades tiers 8 * 9 will just get shitted on, makes buying any Tier 8 premiums a complete ripe off.
    The average player is at a massive disadvantage which must be 70% of the player base.

  23. note " WG assured me that you will be able to unlock these by playing said ship," its allmost like WOT & WOW community contributors dont trust a word wargaming says

  24. Coming from a Midway player with 159k average (21st on EU) and very good stats for CVs, I would not pick the 'Legendary' upgrade for Midway, I agree with Flamu. For a 'Potato', yes, but for anybody who would otherwise have a chance to do something with their fighters, I wouldn't pick it.

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