Let’s Build the Airfix Cromwell – Model Tank

Hey I’m Owen and today I’d like to show
you how you could build the 1/76 scale Airfix Cromwell Before starting I washed all the parts
in warmed soapy water with a splash of vinegar as this removes any residue from
the molding process which may prevent the paint from sticking later. All the
parts for the lower hull fitted together really easily. Make sure you leave time
for the glue to dry fully before continuing with the build. I was a big fan of the finely moulded
detail and recessed panel lines on the upper half of the hull. This part didn’t
quite fit properly but it was an easy fix. I cut off the alignment pins and
glued it in position. There are a lot of parts that need to be added to the hull
to complete it. These all fitted with a small amount of sanding using a nail
file or emery board. They greatly enhanced the detail on the kit. I decided not to attach the wheels at
this point because it would make the model easier to paint. I began the
construction of the turret with the hinge parts for the main gun. I made sure
to be very careful with the glue and only applied very small amounts. I didn’t
want to get the glue on any of the moving parts. The main gun had a seam
line from the moulding process running down its length. I carefully sanded this
down with a nail file. I love that the gun has all of the holes in it drilled
out for you already. This certainly adds a lot of realism to
a model of this scale. The side panels of the turret all slotted into place
perfectly. The kit comes with different options for
the commander’s cupola – you can either build the model with it open or closed.
This is a nice option to have. There were quite a lot of small parts which needed
to be added to the model. These required a pair of tweezers and a lot of patience
to position correctly. The kit provides yet more options for
the build including a hedge row cutter for the front of the tank.
I decided to leave them off as I think the tank looks better without them. I
began painting the tank with humbrol 33 matte black thinned with a drop of
water. I only applied this colour to the areas of the model that I thought would
be very dark on the real tank. With this technique I hope to simulate how light
reacts on a full-sized vehicle. I appreciate that people have different
opinions on the realism of this technique so feel free to leave your
thoughts in the comment section. Personally I think it makes models look
more realistic. After painting the wheels I widened some
of the holes that are not been moulded properly with a pin vice. I thinned some
humbrol 159 acrylic khaki drab to a ratio of roughly seven parts paint to
one part water and began painting the model. If your paint begins to bead on
the surface you may need to apply a coat of primer or carefully wipe the surface
of the model with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.
However, thoroughly soaking the parts in warm soapy water with a splash of
vinegar before starting the kit should allow the paint to stick properly. After
leaving the paint to dry for at least two hours I applied a second coat of
thinned paint. This time I used the paint from a wet palette meaning that the
paint was naturally thinned for me. Check the link in the video description or in
the cards to learn how you can easily build your own wet palette. After the second coat of paint had dried
fully I applied a third and final coat. To add more realism to the model I
decided to add some colour modulation with a fine brush. I took the base colour
of Humbrol 159 khaki drab and mixed it with some brown paint, then I
did the same with some yellow paint, to get a range of different shades.
Thinning it slightly with a drop of water allowed me to get a good consistency for
blending. Occasionally I got too much paint on the brush so I wiped the excess
off on my thumb, however I’d recommend that you use a paper towel to do this. My
technique was to apply the different shades fairly randomly to the model,
however I did create downward streaks along some edges and applied darker
shades to areas where there might be shadows. The result is subtle but I think
effective. I painted the tracks with two coats of
thinned matte black paint. Once the last coat had dried I dry brushed the tracks
with a very dark steel colour. After this had dried I dry-brushed the lightest steel
colour only over the areas of the tracks which would get the most worn. With this painting complete it was time
to add the tracks and wheels. With a bit of pressure they slotted into place. It’s
very important that before the glue dries you make sure that the drive
sprocket is aligned with the tracks otherwise they won’t fit properly! The
plastic track is a great design choice and it is so much better than the awful
rubber band tracks that you usually get on tanks of this scale. This track design
gets a big thumbs up from me. After the glue on the wheels had dried I took a
very fine brush and a dark grey colour and carefully painted the tires. I
supported the model on some blue tack (or plastic tack) so that it didn’t move
around while I painted. The final parts which I had left off until now were then
glued in place. I made sure to scrape the paint off the contact areas between the
parts so that the glue could bond the plastic properly. Decals were soaked in Humbrol Decal
Fix for about a minute, or until they began to slide around on the transfer
paper. I applied a small amount of Decal Fix to the area of the model where the
decal was to be applied then gently slid the decals off the paper and onto the
model. There’s a link in the description and in the cards to a video about how to
apply decals if you’d like to learn more. The turret decal has to be placed over
some raised detail which means that if you don’t have decal solution you are
unfortunately going to struggle with this one, and you may want to consider
leaving it off entirely. Even with decal solution I struggled to
get it to conform to the odd shape of the turret and it took many applications
of decal solution over the course of 24 hours to get it to conform properly. After the decals had dried I painted
some of the detail on the tank with a very fine brush. I decided I didn’t want
to apply a wash or do any extreme weathering on this model, so I just mixed
some black brown and white chalk powder and brushed it over the tracks and
wheels to create a dusty effect. I created the chalk powder by scraping a
knife over some artists chalk pastels. To seal the chalk to the model I sprayed it
with a coat of humbrol acrylic matte varnish.
Note that this made the chalk powder turn a significantly darker colour from
when I had applied it to the model. Once the varnish had fully dried the model
was complete. So there you go overall a really solid kit from Airfix that – with
the exception of a few pieces – the fit of all the parts was really good. I love
the addition of the plastic tracks because that just saves so many problems
and made it so easy to sort the tracks out on a tank of this scale. The kit has
got some really nice finely moulded detailing and there are a lot of options
which allow you to really customise the model. I’d say that the one really
difficult bit for beginners – if you’re attempting this kit – is that decal on top
of the turret. If you are a beginner and you don’t have decal solution I
would definitely just avoid attempting to apply that. Because of the shaping of the plastic that it has to conform to it’s just going to be impossible to get it to
do that without decal solution. I really enjoyed building this kit and I
hope that you enjoyed watching this video. If you did make sure you subscribe
and you can also support me on Patreon links are in the description and at the
end of the video. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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  2. Pleasant to see you again Owen, though I still don't know how to do brush painting(mainly on the model) like you always do๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜† But anyway nicely done kit as always๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

  3. Looking very good! I love the different shades you used – i might have to borrow that technique next time. I left my Cromwell in a "pristine" condition as i've got other plans for mine (which will come to fruition on my channel at some point!). Looking forward to your next build!

  4. Welcome back Owen.
    Great build and a great simple tutorial, you're really the top YouTube Channel that teaches people that everybody can make a model look great with a brush alone.

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    Also, welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. Good vid. Just a tip about getting decals to conform to uneven surfaces: spray gloss varnish over the decal and it effectively 'melts' the decal into whatever is underneath. It can be a fine line between applying enough to perfectly 'melt' onto the shape and too much which makes it bubble, but I've done the latter accidentally before and it just gave a worn decal which looked already weathered, once dried of course.
    Hope that helps

  11. Very nice build! The result looks awesome. Only the decals should be weathered a little bit . A dusty and dirty tank didn't have shiny signs on..

  12. Great build Owen! It is nice to see you building again. I built this kit too and did a review as well and I found it to be a lot of fun to make. I wish Airfix had used the same type of plastic track on the Porsche Tiger model as this would have made it an excellent kit. Thanks for sharing this.

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  15. That kit looks to good to be an air fix kit, I find air fix has the worst plastic and not much detail as that, none of the parts fit together and air fix they generally have the moulds the same colour as the kit which annoyes me cus I recon the colour moulds that u where using look better and feel better quality, my dads trying to band me from building air fix because all the 1/76 kits are so crap. And why they have to build in 1/76 instead of 1/72 ? I would buy way more air fix if it was in 1/72. So that very surprised me on the quality on the kit I you built.

  16. despite painting it by hand, im surprised with how well the model has a uniform, smooth finish.
    If i can suggest some improvements, why not use oil paints to highly panels and hatches, and brown/black oils to darken recesses, such as around bolts. Oils can also be used to simulate color modulation when no airbrush is available.
    An oil pinwash would also add depth and shadow to the model.
    still good thou, your better at using pigments than me, i always manage to get them all over my damn hands lol

  17. I just finished that kit!
    My changes were replacing the barrel with brass rod, and leaving off the allied star, as mine broke!
    Nice kit.
    Great build too!

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  20. Couple of points – the vinegar must be white vinegar, brown vinegar doesn't degrease. It actually adds it.
    Isopropyl alcohol – never use. It is too dangerous and never have any in the house especially in summer. Use traditional, old-fashioned, surgical spirit readily available at your chemist.

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  22. Hello Owen. Nice to see you again. I really missed your videos. I like your simple and friendly techniques for building model kits. I am not a fan of tanks. I only built one in 1/72 Esci brand tank about 30 years ago and I remember model paints were not available in my country at that time so had to use house latex paints custom mixed and thined with water. I remember the tracks in that kit gave a hard time because they were made with vinyl plastic and it was breaking in pieces. I had to use very thin wire and kind of sew it. After seeing your Airfix tank build. I will buy one and try it out. I got a tooned tank from Meng to build first. Do more videos please.

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  24. I like that Airfix went to a single piece cast polystyrene track. It's an option that should be offered in all tank kits, particularly when factoring in their price these days.

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  28. hey guys just letting you know that you can adjust the playback speed to be able to watch in real time!

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    I like this very much!!!!
    Very nice built Model,
    Greatings from Germany,
    Jรถrg Jung

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