London Bridge Was Sold to the US!?

This has nothing to do with physics, but we’re
all familiar with the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling
down, London bridge is falling down, and was rebuilt in Arizona.” Wait, Arizona? THIS Arizona?
Yup! Here it is in Lake Havasu City, near artificial Lake Havasu in the middle of the
Arizona desert. London, I think this merits some explanation.
I mean, in the early 1800s, when the already 600-year-old London bridge – that’s the one
that had all of the houses and shops on it – was on its last legs, it made sense to replace
it with the less-awesome but brand spanking new “New London Bridge.” But by the 1960s,
this new bridge was barely even 130 years old and already needed to be replaced because
it was sinking into the river Thames. Was the City of London really so short on cash
that it a) couldn’t afford to fix it and b) needed to sell the old bridge to fund a new,
even more boring one? Apparently so. Also apparently, when American chainsaw tycoon
Robert McCulloch actually offered to buy the bridge, he though he was bidding on Tower
Bridge (which, while it’s often confused with London Bridge by ignorant Americans like me,
you’d think you’d do your research if you were spending two and a half million dollars
and buying a bridge). And maybe McCulloch did do his research after
all, because the Council member from the City of London who was responsible for the sale
of the bridge claimed that McCulloch knew all along which bridge he was buying. But,
really, who would admit otherwise? Anonymous sources from within the City of London still
hint that “the silly American really thought he was buying Tower Bridge.” But whether McCulloch got a bridge he wanted
or a bridge he didn’t but was too ashamed to take back for a refund, he brought London
Bridge to the town he had founded in Arizona so he could have workers for his chainsaw
factories, put it back together as a facade built on land over a concrete frame… and
then dug a channel under it and filled it with water. And now the New Old New London
Bridge lives out the rest of its days as an artificial bridge in an artificial town on
an artificial lake. Oh yeah, and it’s the third-biggest tourist
attraction in the State of Arizona.

100 thoughts on “London Bridge Was Sold to the US!?

  1. And we have foresty mountains and stuff. Places that get snow every winter. Please stop judging us, everyone else. I'm going to cry.

  2. He knew exactly what Bridge he was buying; the guy was in London discussing the best way to dismantle it he over see the project.

  3. xD I live in Arizona, but have not heard one pronunciation of Lake Havasu that way. Personally I pronounce it (H-aa-vuh-soo) I have no idea what that is pronounced like, but I pronounce the A as in apple

  4. where I am from (Ontario Canada) the lyrics were not "and rebuilt in Arizona) they were "my fair lady". Its weird how small things like this change across the Canadian-American border.

  5. There was many London bridges. This is a very recent one. The one before this was 3 football fields long. And had buildings and hundreds of shops on it. It was seen as one of the wonders of the world. This is a very new bridge in Arizona. The older london bridge that kept falling down and being damaged was built in 12th century and stood til the 19th century. It had almost skyscrapers on the bridge. It was marvelous. It had 19 arches.

  6. He actually never thought he was buying Tower Bridge since he visited London to see the bridge multiple times before handing over the money.

  7. Fun Fact: Robert McCulloch hired C.V. Wood to design all of Lake Havasu.  Wood was famous for being the guy who Walt Disney hired to design and build Disneyland.  One of the first things you'll notice when you visit Havasu (if you've ever visited a Disney theme park before), is that the general layout and feel of everything will seem eerily familiar… though most people have a hard time putting their finger on why it feels that way.

  8. I'm disturbed at the number of people in the comments that think the American version of the song is "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down and was rebuilt in Arizona".
    No. In America, it's still "My fair lady". It was for the video that he changed the lyrics. Just wanted to put that out there.

  9. My grandma was watching tv and when you said,"You mean this Arizona?" I heard the tv go "wat wat wat wawawaaaah"

  10. Considering the commenters are on a physics channel there's very little evidence of scientific mindset. There are/were at least three entities properly named "London Bridge". There are now at least two. As the vid says, the one now in London is even less interesting than the one in Arizona. At least the one in Arizona has an urban myth attached. Oh, and since this is a physics channel, how many electrons are there? Didn't Feynman suggest there may be only one??

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  12. As a citizen I can tell you EVERYONE that's ever been here pronounces it Lake Have-uh-sue City. 🙂 There's also I little English village tourist thing under it! They even have the "CITY of London" dragons like in CGPGrey's video.

  13. Hey Henry, although it's easy to assume that Tower Bridge is so named because of its towers, it's actually named after the Tower of London, which is right next to it.

    Also, I think London should definitely build another bridge with houses on it. That would be awesome.

  14. The Tower Bridge is not so named because it has towers (as suggested by this video) but for the fact it is adjacent the Tower of London….the clue is in the name. Plus the fact, the opening line of the nursery rhyme is 'London Bridge is broken down', not 'London Bridge is falling down'. Incidentally, London Bridge has been rebuilt more than twice since Roman times.

  15. Shouldn't admit this: thought; Tower Bridge was London Bridge too when I was young at primary school singing that song! Swear that's the picture they had on the class wall!

  16. YOU GOT IT WRONG! the song originated in an event in 1014 where the Scandinavian vikings where about to conquer briten, and the people of London chose to take down the original London bridge to prevent the vikings from furter conquests… and it did work, the way they planned. so the song is actually a kind of celebration song 🙂 and that's also why briten has lots of Scandinavian words like "folk" and "hound" and the est side of briten have Scandinavian names for their towns.

  17. At 0:45 you said the City of London but the London Bridge was in London not the City of London. The city of London is in London but it's not London it's really complicated but they must be used properly.

  18. lawl i always thought tower bridge was the london bridge xD

    and when i went to london my dad took me and my family to tower bridge and we all thought it was london bridge….LOL
    hahahhaha i cant stop laughing at my self for this…xD xD xD *dies of laughter

  19. The Tower Bridge story is a myth. Also the London short of cash idea is also off the mark. In the 1960s Britain was booming economically and plans were drawn up to replace the bridge not primarily because it was sinking but more because it simply wasn't considered wide enough to cope with the ever growing traffic of the latter twentieth century. Rather than demolish the bridge the London council hit on the plan to offer to sell to anyone willing to pay for it's deconstruction and removal. Over forty bids were received and all the bidders were acutely aware that they were not bidding for Tower Bridge [even though it is correct that many tourists do mistake Tower Bridge for London bridge] The bridge was deconstructed, shipped off and the new bridge built to replace it. And yes, London did feel that it had scooped a bargain and landed a sucker.

  20. London Bridge has NOT been rebuilt twice. It was built once and then rebuilt in Lake Havasu City. And if you had done YOUR research, YOU would know how to pronounce Havasu – its HAVE- UH-SU. Its not an artificial bridge, its real we drive on it and walk under it. Its not an artificial town – 50,000+ people live there and millions visit every year. Its not an artificial lake – its a dammed lake on the Colorado River. This video is a worthless POS.

  21. The picture in the Thumbnail.. is actually 'Tower Bridge' … And the story of the mix up is completely untrue. The American press made the story up..  lol

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