Macaulay Culkin Netflix and Chills with Home Alone for Girlfriend

-Thank you for coming back!
-Thank you for having me. -You’re one of my favorites. And this time of year
is perfect. I mean, You have the big
tree lighting outside, the Christmas tree lighting. Have you ever seen
the Christmas tree lighting? -Are you familiar
with my work? You’ve never been? -You’ve never been?
-You’ve never bean? -Oh, wait, yes! “Home Alone 2.”
-Yeah, that’s the one. Yeah, there you go.
Nailed it. -I forgot about it. In 1, there was no tree. 2, you were in Boston, New York. -Yes, I had to work at 4:00 a.m.
as a 10-Year-old. -[ Laughs ]
-It was great. It was my favorite day
as a child. Let’s go to Rockefeller Center. -Wait, that’s right.
You did that. Was that the end of the movie? -It’s near the end of the movie.
I don’t know. I don’t really watch
that movie anymore. I mean, I was there. -Yeah, you were.
[ Laughter ] -When that movie comes on
this time of year, this is the hottest time
to be Macaulay Culkin! Yeah, yeah.
-Hello. -Yes.
-This is the season! [ Cheers and applause ]
Tis the season! -I agree. I do get recognized more
this time of year, I think. Yeah, it’s…
-You do? -Yeah, I got a little diagram. Just like, yeah, you know,
leading up to it. -Because it’s on television
every two seconds. -Yes, it is something
that’s there. It’s like a thing. It’s like,
you got a new girlfriend, you’re flipping
through the channels, and then there’s “Home Alone.” And she’s like, “Huh? Huh, you want to watch it?” -“You want to watch ‘Home Alone’ with Macaulay Culkin,
don’t you?” She’s like, “yes.”
-[ Laughs ] But do you do it? -Yeah, I mean,
I have indulged that. And most of the time,
I’m just muttering my lines under my breath. Like, “Keep the change,
you filthy animal.” Like, you know…
[ Laughter ] -Come on! Listen, w-w-whatever gets
her motor running, I guess. -Ah, yeah.
-[ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] -You know what I mean
over there. -[ Muttering ] Let’s talk about Bunny Ears.
-Ooh, yes. — It’s a lifestyle website.
-Yes. -And podcast.
-Uh-huh. -How do you describe
this website? -Well, hold on.
-We gotta… -Oh.
-Gotta put on our ears. -Of course.
-Yep. [ Laughter ]
Oh, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Are mine on right? -Ah, there we go.
-Perfect. -My girlfriend’s made mine —
she’s very crafty. They have my name on them.
-Yeah, yeah. -Just in case.
So we don’t get confused. -[ Laughs ] Of course.
-Like looking in a mirror. -[ Chuckles ] What is —
What is the website? -It is a lifestyle website. It’s kind of like the Goop
meets The Onion a little bit. And it’s like, yeah.
-It’s like Goop? -Yes, it’s like Goop.
So, it’s like, yes. It’s… Like, one of our headlines
for, like, tomorrow is, “Why can’t I have my kid as –”
What is it? “Why can’t I have my kid
as an emotional support animal? He’s on a leash, after all.” You know?
-[ Chuckles ] And things like that.
-And stuff of that nature. -And the like. -You sell merch, as well,
on the side. -Heck yeah. And I picked up…
this shirt. -Yes, it’s a very
popular seller. -Yeah, that’s a good one. -[ Chuckles ] -I’ve seen a photo of you
wearing the shirt. -Yeah, you know, it’s funny
when other people wear it — I mean, it’s funny
in it’s own right — but it’s weird when I wear it. ‘Cause I spend a lot of time trying not to call
attention to myself. People are like,
“Are you Macaulay Culkin?” I’m like, “No, no.
That’s not me,” you know? And just like,
“I’m pretty sure, though. I’m pretty sure you are.” -But you’re doing this thing
also on the website now. This is an actual thing
you guys can participate in. You are actually gonna legally
change your middle name. -Yes. Okay. So, I was staring my passport
recently and stuff, and I was looking over
my middle name. My current middle name
is Carson. [ Irish accent ] But you have to
say it Macaulay Carson Culkin. [ Normal voice ] Very Irish.
-Oh, yes. [ Irish accent ]
Macaulay Carson Culkin. -[ Irish accent ]
Macaulay Carson Culkin. [ Normal voice ]
And I thought, like, you know, I should probably spruce up
my name a little bit. So, yes, you can onto
the website. You can vote on
my new middle name. We’ve narrowed it down
to five options. I’ve been polling friends,
family, everything. And so… -All right.
Here are the five. The first one — middle name
would be “Macaulay Culkin.” -Yeah.
-So, you’d be — -Macaulay Macaulay
Culkin Culkin. -So, if somebody comes up
to me at the airport, and says, “Excuse me,
are you Macaulay Culkin?” I would say, “Well,
Macaulay Culkin is my middle name. [ Laughter ] I think that’s great.
-Uh-huh. -Um, second option
you have is, uh… “Shark Week.”
-Yeah. Shark Week, yeah. -Macaulay Shark Week Culkin.
-I could live with that. It’s very seasonal,
but, you know, yeah. -Now, do you enjoy Shark Week?
-I’ve never seen it, so… -That’s a good way
to be named after. This one might be my favorite. Macaulay Kieran Culkin.
-Yes. -That’s your brother —
-My brother Kieran suggested Kieran, so… I was like, “Yeah. Okay.”
He’s obviously got good taste. -Yeah, Kieran Culkin.
I like Kieran. This one is interesting– Macaulay The McRib
Is Back Culkin. -[ Chuckles ] Yep!
[ Laughter ] Yep.
-I might have to — Well, Questlove likes that one.
I don’t know. -Yeah, I mean.
Look. It is back. It is back.
-Yeah. Talking about seasonal,
but yes. Yeah, yeah. -So, it would say,
like, “The Mac is Back.” The McRib is back.
-Yes. The McRib is back. And you just tried recently
a McRib, and it’s… -Yeah, I just tried one finally.
-What’d you think? -Yeah, it’s a McRib.
I mean… -Yes, it’s tasty.
-It’s certainly back. You know?
-Okay. That’s good. I’ll take that as
an endorsement. -All right, the last one is
Macaulay Publicity Stunt Culkin. -Yes.
-[ Laughs ] So, that’s just kind of
calling out what the bit is. But no, I think it’s — -My girlfriend
suggested that one. -Are you legally
going to do this? -Yes, I’m legally going
to change my name. So, seriously,
go to and vote on what
my middle name is, ’cause I will legally change it.
-What do you guys think? I’m gonna send my vote
right now. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s either “McRib”
or “Macaulay Culkin.” [ Audience shouting
indistinctly ] I — Here, I’m gonna take
my vote right here. Can you see?
Can we zoom in? Do you see it there? I’m gonna go Macaulay
Macaulay Culkin Culkin. -You have good taste in names. [ Cheers and applause ] -There you go.
-[ Laughs ] -I just voted. You vote has been saved!
-Nice. [ Chuckles ]
-Next time I see you, you’ll have a different name,
my friend. -I will. I will come back,
and I’ll show you my ID with my new passport.
-I love it, buddy. -When is the final —
When are you going to unveil it? Christmas?
-Christmas Eve. So if you guys want to get me
a new Christmas present, it’ll be a middle name. -There you go, guys!
Macaulay Culkin, everybody! -Check out his website,

100 thoughts on “Macaulay Culkin Netflix and Chills with Home Alone for Girlfriend

  1. I thought to myself "Macaulay Culkin looks like his doin alright……good for him…….wait is this nigga putting bunny ears on his head?"

  2. Nobody realizes they are mocking us with the bunny ears.. they know what goes on in Hollywood and that is part of the joke

  3. Macaulay Culkin like Aiden Burger the kid who bullied lots of people in my school but he had glasses last year 2019

  4. Damn it, now I wanna watch Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin. I never knew that was my dream until just now. How will I get by now? 🙁

  5. It would be amazing if Macaulay, Joe and the other cast members were to star in a adult version of Home Alone

  6. It 's great seeing he 's doing much better !! Personally I 'd like to see him in a '' Horror movie. In a villain role of course.

  7. Cant believe just how ugly he has become as he ages. Almost to the point he is unrecognisable. He was more of a cute kid then, as a posed to who he is now. He looks so much older than his age reveals. Life has not been good to him, or is that a result of his life's choices.????

  8. I love home alone movie, he was so cute as a kid and a great actor at that age
    In Europe we watch this movie in class every winter LOL😊

  9. No disrespect to Culkin but his personality in this interview is too egocentric for my liking he needs to dial that down a bit, We love ya but what have you have done besides the two Home Alone films and Uncle Buck in your career ? Not much to be honest bud you been out of the Hollywood spotlight for far too long you really need to get back to work and revitalize your name to a new generation audience.

  10. Jimmy and MC are both devil worshippers… crazy how people go along with this crap.. getting excited for a person who doesn't give a single fuck about them so sad..

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