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You’ve heard conflicting stories about water softeners but don’t
know what to believe. We’re going to shatter eight
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Need to furnish your new living spaces, but have a limited
budget? There is a way to buy quality
furnishings at very reasonable prices and today we’ll show you
how. Single family rental homes are
becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons.
Part of home living is a touch of style.
Today we look at quality and style found in new rental homes.
This is the show all about you and your space, your home and
surroundings. We are Designing Spaces.
(Music). (Music).
Need to furnish your new living spaces, but have a limited
budget? There is a way to buy quality
furnishings at very reasonable prices.
Designing Spaces goes to Chantilly, Virginia to see how
one couple’s furnishing there home on a newly weds’ budget.
Take a look. Well we just got married and
we’re moving into our first new place together and we’re looking
to create our home. And ah yea we want
something really nice. Something that looks really
nice, but we have a budget too. You know, the wedding
and everything else. So, uh we’re trying to find
really nice furniture at a good price.
Yea, we need alot. There’s alot to do and we’ll not
alot of time to do it so ah… We’re hoping to get this
done I think yesterday really. Designing Spaces hears you.
Finishing a new living space is a necessity, but often the
budget can be limiting. The answer is to go for the most
bang for the buck, but how can you be sure that is what your
getting when buying furniture? Where do you go?
Now more then ever consumers are looking for more value without
sacrificing quality or style. At Cort Furniture Clearance
Centers we offer previously leased furniture.
The furniture we sell is built to Cort’s higher manufacturing
specs which ensures that we can provide our customers with
quality product that’s built to last.
You can expect to find furniture that’s priced generally up to
about 75% off of retail prices. It is a great way to
furnish a home on a budget. Kate and Anthony are looking go
furnish their living room, dining room and bedroom in their
new town house. Designing Spaces introduced Kate
and Anthony to Adam Howard for a personalized tour of Cort
Furniture Clearance Center in Chantilly, Virginia.
Here, they can make their selections for their new home.
So I’m glad you’re here today because this is where you can
find affordable furniture as well as artwork, rugs, lamps and
other accessories for your new home.
I mean we just got married so we’re looking to fill the new
home up. Absolutely.
With some nice furniture. I guess my question is, how are
you guys able to have such good furniture at such low prices?
Cort leases furniture to corporate executives and model
homes and apartment communities. And when it comes back off of
those leases, we move it to our Cort Clearance Centers.
That insures you get the highest quality product at really great
prices. How can we be sure the furniture
hasn’t been abused or damaged. We have a five point
certification program that ensures you’re getting the best
quality product. So for starters when the
furniture comes back we make sure that it’s structurally
sound and cleaned. We allow you to select the
furniture from the floor and the furniture that you select from
the floor is exactly the product we deliver unless otherwise
agreed to. So after we’ve purchased the
furniture, what happens if we find something wrong with it?
If you find anything defective with the furniture within the
first 90 days, we’ll happily come out and repair or replace
the furniture at no coast to you.
Also, within the first 14 days if you’re just not happy with it
you can bring it back for a full refund.
Well that makes me feel alot better about what we’re buying.
Yea. Thanks Adam.
Uhhh I guess let’s go look at some furniture.
Yea. Let’s do it.
(Music). Well I”m really excited about
picking out the living room furniture and finding accent
pieces and artwork to go together.
I like the style, but I’m not really keen on the color.
Yea, the red and black maybe. I don’t know.
Think that’s a little… I think we can add that chair.
I think that the couch is really comfortable and I like the
textures of everything, but the color scheme just
doesn’t feel right for us. Yea, it’s just a
little to dark I think. We’re looking for
something a little lighter. Brighter.
Oh yea, I kind of like the green here.
I actually kind of like the whole thing.
Yea, seems pretty good. I like it.
I like it. And what about that
for the dining room? I love this.
I love love love this. I love that dining room set.
The moment we walked in I knew that it the chair especially.
We’re going to put together our bedroom suite too.
Ohh yea. That’ll be nice.
Big bed. Looking for a nice big bed.
I like the metal frame. yea.
Yea. I mean we can still, we
don’t need the mattress. I love this.
And that dresser, yea. Yea, I think it’s
all going to work. We actually found some stuff in
the bedroom that’s going to go well in the living room like the
chair and the pictures. Just one more thing.
Awww I like this. Look at the colors, yea, but I
mean it’s got alot of other colors.
I’m I’m hoping that we can fit it in if everything else comes
under budget. She likes the chest.
I wonder if they sell nursery furniture.
(Laughter). Alright, are you guys done?
Yea, we found alot of stuff. Good, did you have a fun time?
Yes. We did, yea.
Oh we have one little challenge though.
We’re not exactly sure how we’re going to get it home.
No problem, we’ve got you covered.
We can handle delivery as well. Oh great.
Because we were able to get so much furniture we weren’t really
sure how to get it home, but Adam talked over some delivery
options with us which was really really helpful.
It took alot of stress away. (Music).
Ahhhhh. (Laughter).
Look it. Oh my God it looks so good.
They said it up like this. This is crazy.
THey did, but we picked it out. Wow, I gotta like
sit in my chair here. Well I think it’s one thing to
see it in the show room and then when you see it in your home.
It changes it from like a house to a home.
And we came under budget which allowed us to be able to get the
extra paintings and vases. It feels like new.
This feels like new. I guess for us it is new.
So.. Well it’s new for us.
It looks new and it feels new and it’s you know guaranteed and
we’ve got 14 days to figure out if we like it.
I like it (Whispered). I felt really proud of us.
We’re so glad that Katie and Anthony came by today.
They seemed to have a really good time and found alot of
furniture that they can use and that’s what we’re all
about here at Cort. We’ve got locations nation
wide and a convenient website. so
come online and check us out. See what we’re all about.
To see this portion of the show again, go to
and click on the Cort video.(Music). Families around the country are
experiencing their home life from different points of view.
From having the flexibility of leasing a home or upgrading your
lifestyle quality to those who are just getting started.
We want to make a difference for all.
We are Designing Spaces. (Music).
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