Mice in walls in my prefab house: HOW-TO CATCH a MOUSE, Humane way

As I said in the last video, today I’m taking
apart the exterior of the house to see what happened to the frame and insulation for 5
years. As you can see, parsing the wall is very easy
to do on your own. Only a screwdriver is needed from the tool. For five years, the moisture inside the house
did not get, with the insulation is all right. This piece of cotton wool I crumpled when
I removed the Board and there was a broken screw sticking out of it. In this part of the house there is a bathroom
and here, instead of the vapor barrier plastic sheeting, there is the usual plastic sheeting. I don’t know what this is about. This part was built by the company and you
need to ask them. Everything is fine with the boards and the
cotton wool has not sagged. The frame of the house is made of metal pipe
and it is without a hint of rust. Overall, I’m happy. And here are obvious signs of the presence
of a rodent and I will evict it. These are broken screws. I don’t really understand how this happened,
but it caused cracks to appear in the wall between the boards, as they were not held
by anything. I’m putting it back together. Now everything fell into place and the cracks
were gone. I’ll take care of the rodent. To begin with, I found a tunnel under the
house and set up a camera trap to find out for sure who settled in. This is a field mouse. Next, I put a glass jar on the edge of the
coin and attach a little bread inside the jar. The jar often fell from the wind, so I moved
it to the terrace. Toward nightfall, she was caught. I put it in a bigger jar and fed it. She was stressed, after all. The plastic jar was a mistake. It was necessary to leave for 20 minutes and
she managed to chew through the lid quite strongly. In the place where I caught it, it chewed
on the terrace. Rodent in one word. So I put her in a glass jar for the night
and gave her a rug. In the morning, released into the woods. Now let’s look at the foundation of the house. What’s wrong with it? Plastic sheeting was shot under the house
to keep the grass from growing. In general, it worked effectively. As you can see, the metal here is also without
rust and any damage. In general, everything is fine with the Foundation
of the house. In the next issue, I think to disassemble
the floor on the second floor in the part that hangs down and see how things are going
there. I’m going to heat the fireplace and compare
how quickly the house will heat up. Thanks for watching.

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