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what are the things you need to know about Baxia in this mobile legends guide we are going to discuss everything about Baxia but before we start, every weekend I have a giveaway if you want to join, what you need to do is like this video, subscribe then share this video on any social media platform then screenshot it and send it to master the basics facebook page also include your ID number and In game name it must be complete just like the example coz it’s required and also include #justmasterthebasics I will announce the winner every weekend so you need to finish this video and if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell ok, let’s go! let’s start with Baxia’s passive this is what you call Baxia Mark it has 2 effects, 1st is it reduces that damage received by Baxia it means he becomes tankier as he levels up 2nd whenever he hits a skill to an enemy it reduces the regen effect of the enemy the effect is the same as neckace of Durance and Sea halberd the only difference is that it only reduce 30% unlike Necklace of Durance and Sea Halberd that reduces 50% of regeneration when it comes to 1st skill, this is what you call Baxia-shield unity when you use this, Baxia will roll and he will slowly increase his speed when you hit a minions, jungle creeps or hero that unit will be stunned for 0.5 seconds then nearby enemies will also get knock back you can click the 1st skill again while rolling to make him jump if you hit an enemy while jumping instead of 0.5 second stun, it will become 1 second stun his 2nd skill is what you call Shield of Spirit when you click this skill he will throw his shield on 1 direction when it hits one enemy the cooldown of this skill will be reduced as long as it hits the same hero the cooldown is reduced but if it hits a different hero, the cooldown of the 2nd skill will be longer it means that you only need to hit 1 hero to make the cooldown faster you also can’t make this skill go through a hero because it can only hit 1 hero but you can make it go through minions it means that it’s ok to hit minions as long as you hit the target hero it also has slow everytime it hits same thing with jungle creeps, you can only target 1 jungle creep when it hits another jungle creep it will cooldown his ultimate is what you call Tortoise’s Puissance when you use this, Baxia’s movement speed will increase he will have additional 30% movement speed for 10 seconds aside from that he will leave a lava on his path then every 0.5 seconds it will deal damage so if he stays on one place the damage will stack another good thing about his ultimate, it improves Baxia’s passive it means Baxia’s will received less damage when he uses his ultimate now let’s go to Baxia’s tips and tricks 1st, you can use Baxia’s 1st skill to jump on obstacles next you will get to the target location faster if you use the jump another thing, you can hit minions when you are using the 1st skill but there’s a way to avoid that you can jump on minions as long as you jump at the right time not only on minions, you can also do it on jungle creeps you only can’t jump on heroes because once you jump on a hero it will automatically get down another trick on his 1st skill, you can use it to intercept jumping enemies you can use this to protect your ally that might get jumped by the enemies but you can only do it once and your timing should be perfect you can also roll behind your teammate so that enemies wont be able to jump on them there are also things you can and can’t do while using Baxia’s 1st skill you can’t use your 2nd skill while rolling but you can use your ultimate shadow mask also doesn’t work while using 1st skill even if you use the shadow mask first before using your 1st skill, the conceal will still be removed but you can use courage mask in courage mask your movement speed will increase when you use 1st skill then courage mask, your movement speed will increase but when you use courage mask then 1st skill your movement speed will be reduced because 1st skill need to charge first that’s why the movement speed given by courage mask will be wasted courage mask increase damage will also get wasted if you don’t deal damage to the enemies so it’s better that before you hit the enemy click on courage mask then ultimate or ultimate then courage mask so that you can bully the enemy easily because of the increase movement speed and damage from the item when it comes to 2nd skill, you can use it again and again to make it not hit a different enemy, you can just get close to the enemy as long as you stick with the enemy you 2nd skill won’t hit a different target a good item for his 2nd skill are items that’s build with Azure blade this item, every 1.5 seconds after using a skill you next basic attack will deal additional damage and because 2nd skill’s cooldown is faster when it hits an enemy you can just 2nd skill then basic attack, then do it again to make the item’s passive work again and again when it comes to spell, I think execute is the best spell for Baxia Baxia is a strong gank hero and can bully enemies when he have execute he can easily kill heroes but Revitalize and Arrival is also possible revitalize because he doesn’t have anything to protect his teammates, so he can atleast protect them and arrival depending on the situation when it comes to Emblem, because Baxia is tank I think tank emblem is better on him and I chose Tenacity to make it harder to kill him when his HP is less than 40% when it comes to item build, this is the item build that I think is good for Baxia even though his skills are magic damage, I think tank items are still better on him because if he build magic items it will take time for him to build it so it will be useless it better to get damage from tank items so that he is tank and can also deal damage but because Baxia is still a new hero, there is still a lot of things we need to study about his item build there are still magic items that can be built for him but we still need a lot of games and experience using him to know if those items will be good for him or not when it comes to playstyle, because Baxia can rotate fast so as much as possible you must roam just don’t forget that Baxia is still a tank don’t go in if you don’t have a teammate who can kill the enemies to make you understand what a tank should be doing I made a tank guide that you can watch it’s also not that hard to counter Baxia just avoid getting hit by his 2nd skill again and again if you saw your teammate getting hit by Baxia’s 2nd skill it better to block it to make his 2nd skill stop and because he is a tank, it’s easy to counter him just build penetration items that can make him softer to kill him easily and stay away from his ultimate because Baxia’s skills are based on max HP even if he doesn’t have much magic damage the basis is the max hp of his enemies that’s why it will still deal damage I hope you learn a lot from this guide and also please finish this video and if you are not yet subscribe, Hit subscribe and the notification bell if there are heroes you want me to make a guide just comment below, and if that hero has more request, I will make it first and because you finish the video, I want the winner of the giveaway is the one who watch until the end for me to know if you finish the video you need to answer my question message your answer to master the basics facebook page along with the screen shot on where you share the video my question is, if you are going to watch the tank guide that I made what are the things a tank should be doing the best answer will win the giveaway always remeber if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out

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