Most Popular IKEA Products for the Home Office Computer Setup

A lot of the stuff I have in my home office
is from IKEA. With their modern designs and cost effective
pricing; IKEA desks, chairs, decoration, and trinkets have pretty much become staples for
any computer setup but which ones are the most popular? Hi I’m David and these are what I think
are the most popular IKEA products for the home office. So starting off with the biggest piece of
furniture for the office, the desk. And IKEA has a lot of popular options and
colors to choose from. Looking for a super budget option? Most people will look at the Linnmon and Adils
desk combo. Starting from just $25 and stays well under
a $100 even for larger combinations, pretty much everyone starts here. Or if you’re looking for something more
durable and adjustable the professional Bekant series is available as a motorized sit stand
desk or I also really like their adjustable sitting desk for improved ergonomics. And there are definitely a lot of other options
that are just as popular but the most popular Ikea desk in my opinion isn’t even a desk
but an innovative hack of putting together a kitchen counter top and some drawer units. (1 part kitchen + 1 part drawer) Specifically
the combo of the Karlby Countertop and the Alex Drawers is my front runner. The Karlby countertop is available in 74 or
98 inches long, and available in different stains over the walnut veneer. And throw that on top of a couple Alex drawers
and Adils legs and you’ve got yourself a great looking, super large, and very solidly
constructed desk for a decent price. Next up the chair, which is probably the most
important piece of furniture in your office since most of us are sitting all day long. The most desirable office chairs are easily
the likes of models from high end companies like Herman Miller or Steelcase but not everyone
can afford to spend over a grand on a chair. And while I think the IKEA Volmar is a good
consideration as a highly adjustable budget pick, the Markus is clearly the most popular
choice. With a super solid build construction, comfortable
mesh back and headrest, and a price tag under $200. It’s the universal budget pick for office
chairs. So after taking care of the major pieces of
furniture for the office next let’s look at the accessories to dress up the desk setup. And I think the key to a great looking computer
setup is great cable management or at least finding ways to hide them. Some simple ways to hide them are to throw
them inside something like a Kvissle Cable Management Box or for a more high tech option
the Romma box with the wireless charging pad on top. But the most popular accessory is the one
you often don’t even see, The Signum Rack quietly hides underneath many peoples desks
and neatly stores all those cables and power adapters away from sight. Cheap, Simple and highly effective. It’s a go to cable management solution for
pretty much any desk setup. One of the reasons I really enjoy shopping
at IKEA isn’t just for the big products but also all the little accessories and options
they offer, which opens up so many Ikea Hacking possibilities. But the most popular IKEA Hack for the office
is a simple Monitor Stand, combining a shelf and some Capita legs and voila better monitor
ergonomics. And thanks to IKEA’s extensive product line
up you can customize this build to variety of colors, sizes and leg designs to match
pretty much any desk design. And finally some decoration. The simplest way to dress up the office is
by adding some artwork or photos in some Ribba picture frame on the wall. Or if you aren’t artistically talented just
grab a ready made piece of art. Looking to add some extra flare to your setup,
the Dioders work in a pinch to add colorful ambient lighting, but the most popular piece
of Ikea Decoration is the Ikea Fejka, an artificial plant. While this may seem like an odd choice, this
Zen like plant, adds a little color and warmth to any modern setup, and there’s no watering
necessary, which is perfect for me. So those are what I think are the most popular
IKEA products for the home office. But do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments below. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do and I’ll see you in
the next video.

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  1. Creative… that's what I prefer more… and also cheap (that's why we need the creative part). IKEA over here is not equivalent to cheap/budget type… they are either average or even more expensive compared to what sold in local furniture store ones…
    Anyway, I can't really drill holes in my desk… it's an old desk (that I inherited from my grandma) made from a very high quality wood that is very rare and expensive now… I guess I need to find another creative solutions…

  2. I've got the Karlby countertop, the Markus chair, and the Signum rack, and all of them is nice. Especially the Walnut finish on the countertop is nice

  3. I bought a skarsta desk and built a monitor stand after watching your video. They work great. Thank you. But for chairs I would prefer to spend more for a Herman Miller, even the Sayl chair, considering just the 12 year warranty(in Australia).

  4. You can definitely get more comfortable and better quality office chairs than ikea ones for under 200 dollars. case in point … no chair expert but visually a nicer chair and looks a ton more comfy.

  5. I just came across this channel and I have two serious complaints. 1. Why don't you have more subscribers? 2. I wish you had more videos, I've already watched them all. But in all seriousness though, the production quality of your videos is superb, keep up the great work!

  6. 8 or 9 years ago a community center I volunteered with gave me one of those steelcase leap chairs after 15 were donated to them, I still have it. back then I was 350 Lbs the chair had no trouble with it. great chair.

  7. Just found your channel while browsing around YouTube. I like you alot, and your style of reviewing is quick, straightforward, and extremely clean. These are all qualities I highly respect in content Creators. Keep up the good work, and you have earned a well deserved Subscribe from me. Congratulations on the creation of a great channel.

  8. My favorite monitor stand is the glass one from Monoprice. A 25" glass stand for under $20 and once you buy all the cables and accessories for your desk you can generally get free shipping as well.

  9. The most surprising for me was the Fejka Artificial Plant! I have 3 of them in my kitchen. I'm too messy to keep unessential stuff on a desk.

  10. I just found out about this channel. Probably my favorite new channel right now. Also, I use the drawer/kitchen top hack. However since I'm a taller fella, I use the computer raisers to give a height boost.

  11. what table is that that's coming @2:12 3-Accesssories .
    Looks good. That's the type of table I'm searching for a long time.
    Thanks for the video.

  12. Can't wait for the IKEA going in near my home to open. Also the monitor stand looks like the perfect solution to raise my computer up off the carpet for the apartment I'll be in next year.

  13. Awesome video! I'm building my home office near future and I'm planning to get an adjustable desk. Gonna use these tips! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  14. Really liked this video! Btw, the word "Fejka" is Swedish slang which means " to fake it" so pretty fitting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. 00:15 "Hi, I'm David and these are *what I think* are the most popular IKEA products for the home office."
    00:28 "… and IKEA has a lot of popular options and colours to choose from."
    Stopped video.
    To 00:15 : So in fact not the IKEA products which are the most popular for a fact. Just the ones that *you think* are the most popular.
    To 00:28 : Wake me up when you have any sort of real news.

  16. Great video–I love some of the creative combinations you pointed out, and the visuals for the video really show how good they can look in a thoughtful set-up.

  17. I've got 2 chairs….1 I got for 10 bucks in a thriftshop, the other one I got for free because the office got new ones…. lel

  18. That embarrassing moment when a guest finds out the painting is from ikea. u know, theyre beautiful but kinda poor in variety.

  19. About the Fejka. I used to have a spider plant in my bedroom which sat adjacent to my desktop pc. I enjoyed it and it lived a long time with some care, but its not so much watering the plant was what concerned me, it was remembering to clean up the dead leaves every now and again… -_-

  20. Wow i love that ekby/capita combo. And it cost the same as my sigfinn but with metal and a thick plate in massive wood.

  21. I used KALLAX units for my desk base, with an ALEX add-on shelf unit with drawers on the back, with a MICKE add-on on top of that. Looks great and has so much storage.

  22. Hi my first visit and I really liked it. Your voice is smooth and you don't drone on and on. Thank you.

  23. Great video. I love watching all your videos as they are short and informative. Especially this one that gives me a lot of idea how to set up my own. Thanks, David.

  24. Caution : Do not get the Markus chairs from Ikea. No lumbar support. I had two and threw both away. Spend the extra money on high end chairs if you work at a computer 40 hrs a week and don't want to mess up your back.

  25. you forgotten : FIXA 114-piece cable management set
    I prefer it over the rack, as it gets cables more close to the desk.

  26. There is a problem.withtheir furniture…not suitable to certain climates..,their household collection of glass jars is simply great

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