14 thoughts on “Mother Accuses Funeral Home Of Disfiguring Daughter’s Body

  1. Leber funeral home in union city nj is the best funeral home and the only one who i truly trust my friend James leber and his brother Jack leber are my family friends and they would never treat a dead person like the way that funeral home in Florida did

  2. Wow! The funeral home should have known the body would have started decomposing & dehydrating without proper care. The body needed to be embalmed to offset decomposition.

  3. Glad about the autopsy. Sounds like there's a lot going on in that case. The only problem is, can you even get an autopsy that's just? Seems to me Justice and the Constitution has left the building a long time ago. Seems unreal but it's real.

  4. Lhm! Why would you hurt the family again. People don't care as long as they get paid sad… Rest in heaven, sweetheart. My condolences to the family.

  5. The state of GA should be in this lawsuit as well as FL. If a person expires in a certain state, an embalmer must chemically prepare that body in that state. I thought it was against the law to transport a body to another state without that body being embalmed. The embalmed remains and final preparations for viewing is then taken care of by the family’s choice of funeral home.

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