My modular prefab house: COST, CONSTRUCTION & REVIEW after 5 years

Country house, where I live for the fifth
year. When I built it, the builders said: after
the winter, you will demolish the remains of the chicken house and build a normal house,
like everyone else. First, I will review the cottage from the
outside. This is a shed for garden equipment and everything
that you don’t really want to keep in the house. Inside there is lighting, which is very convenient
in the evening. Width 40 centimeters. Later I plan to make shelves. The wall – OSB-plate is painted, and the
floor is made of laminate. Next, let’s go through the disadvantages. See, this part is different in color. Water was pouring down it all the time, since
I didn’t do ebbs, and the first year the Board took on water and swelled up. Fixed it in a couple of hours. We screwed a few boards, but the traces were
unpleasant. The correct way will need to be replaced in
the future. I think to make a separate video where I will
disassemble this part of the house to see what condition the insulation is in. We move smoothly to the part that everyone
was worried about, including me. Hanging from the second floor. As the builders said: in winter, because of
the weight of the snow, the house will break. Here is winter. Very snowy. As you can see, everything is in order. There is almost no snow on the roof. Inside the house, everything is also fine,
although there is a lot of snow. Here on the first floor, a Board that is on
the ceiling has accumulated moisture and it has arched. In the spring, I cut the Board a little, and
in the following years everything was fine. It is also important to understand the structure
of the house. The base here is a metal frame. Thanks to this, it has a good rigidity. Another point that worried me was the boards
that are directly in contact with the ground. They are in good condition. Apparently the impregnation gives its results. How was the house built? There was only a sketch with which I went
to construction firms. I was refused almost everywhere because of
the impossibility of building such a facility. But one firm still agreed for $ 8,000. They built a house on their base. I purchased a plot of land. We offered an option: put the house not on
the Foundation, but on such a metall trusses, which just lies on the ground with a lot of
reference points. Then, in one day, they brought the house in
a trailer and installed it. In this form, I received it a month after
the order. Naturally without finishing. Then for three months with a friend did the
finishing of the house, conducted water, electricity with a lightning rod, dug a well for the sewer,
put a fence. It took about $ 10,000 more. After living in the house for a couple of
months, it became obvious that there was not enough space in it. I decided to build the second floor on my
own. I turned back to my friends. By analogy with the first floor, the frame
was made of metal. Only the metal profile was taken a third thicker
than on the first floor, and according to the information read on the forums how to
build a house, we made the second floor. The inner walls are made of cement-bonded
particleboard, painted outer boards and fixed. On the roof of the first floor, a frame was
made, which was connected to the metal of the first floor. Then a crane was called and the second floor
was put up during the day. A couple of days later they brought the Windows. Inside the house, they cut an opening for
the stairs and welded it. Well, finishing the second floor. It cost six thousand dollars. These are materials with finishing. By the time it took three months. Now I invite you to the house. The house is heated by this fireplace. As time has shown, it is too powerful for
this house. If you overdo it with firewood, it gets very
hot. Even the glass broke. I keep forgetting to order new glass. I will wait for cool days and record a video
with the readings of the device before and after the fireplace. This is the kitchen. A small refrigerator is built into the lower
Cabinet. Now about lighting the house. There are no usual lamps here. Here is an led strip with a power control. Very practical. One of the disadvantages is that you can hear
the transformer whistling, so I hid them in this locker. It’s less audible. Over the countertop in the kitchen, too, diode
tape and all the electricity is distributed on 5 machines. A very important thing in the house is security. This is a standalone alarm system that runs
on batteries for 6 months and sends an alarm to your phone along with photos. A few years ago, there were guests here for
whom I called the police. There is also a second security system. It’s better, but it only works when there’s
electricity. And here it is often turned off in the winter. This is a bathroom. It’s small, but when I designed it on a computer,
it seemed bigger to me. I had to put the narrowest washbasin, which
is not very convenient to wash. The walls are made of cement-bonded particleboard,
which I like very much in texture. It looks like concrete. I’m very happy with the shower. But I got tired of the partition. Ready-made solutions were too expensive, so
I ordered here a hot glass of 10 millimeters and at the same time for the fireplace. The cost is $ 150. And fixed on special clips for glass. Ready-made solutions cost 5 times more. We move smoothly to the second floor. Finishing materials are the same as on the
first floor: the floor is laminate, the ceiling is wooden rail, and the walls are Wallpaper. This is a favorite place to relax with a beautiful
view. The workplace where the video is being edited
and the bed. It is compact and there is enough space for
everything. Here I made a locker for an outdoor mattress,
and next to it another one for small items. Now the terrace. The door to the terrace is sliding, not swinging
open, which is very convenient, but it was very expensive. It seems 900 dollars because of the mechanism. There is a lot of space and a good view of
the area. The Board on the terrace is in excellent condition
after four winters. And the builders said: you will redo it every
year. The railing is wooden, the construction is
metal, which is connected to the frame of the house. If you have any questions, write in the comments. I will be happy to answer. Thank you for viewing.

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