My Place: Tchaik Chassay and Melissa North’s Hockney Home

The style is all Melissa’s Yeah, Tchaik doesn’t do… he doesn’t even like
doing doorknobs really He likes structure I’m Tchaik Chassay, and my wife Melissa We’ve lived here for over 40 years It’s pretty much, to this day,
what I designed for David Hockney My taste, you can see,
is very mixed and bright I had this room painted green
for one of Tchaik’s birthdays It’s just kind of a bit like dressing You kind of put all the bits together and then it looks fabulous There’s David Hockney’s palette up there This is a portrait of me by David Hockney and I’m wearing a Fair Isle cardigan that my mother knitted for me,
lovingly knitted and he tried to show that but he ran out of patience He bought the neighbouring flats and asked me to join them up and make a single flat out of the two So we were able to take down the wall
separating the two apartments creating this vista, going through
to the mews at the back His love affair broke up He felt horrified to live here,
and we bought the flat Of course the flat was designed
for a gay bachelor but nevertheless,
it’s been a very efficient kitchen to bring up a family The doors are like a fridge door Above the kitchen cabinets, a garden,
an indoor garden nurtured by Melissa,
and helped by the compost that I make on the little balcony over there Tchaik’s very proud of composting I would probably, had I not met Melissa ended up in a white room
with one avocado plant and a mattress on the floor That is very beautiful, isn’t it? The thing he really hates is the books The books just accumulate This pile is usually “to be read” There’s a nasty pile of books
behind the chair hiding from Tchaik Books on the windowsill,
which I’ve mostly read Here is where I do my work
when I’m at home surrounded by books They just pile up My great aunt made her living
copying paintings So she used to go to people’s houses
who were bankrupt like in the Twenties, particularly,
and paint the ancestors So she copied our ancestor,
but made it much smaller and I must tell you it’s not as good as the van Dyck
in the National Gallery Well, when you’re converting a building you’re really trying to find ways of making the best
of the space that exists and to find ways of moving through
from one space to another in a gracious way That’s by a rather famous American
called Tina Barney Everybody thinks
my son is snorting cocaine but actually he’s got terrible sinuses and he’s sniffling We’ve been here so long,
and somehow it sort of fits our lifestyle at different stages of our life,
perfectly well This table could speak, absolutely!
>From Proust on! So they say, from Proust on… I never imagined I’d be here forever but it looks like it! Okay And off we go! I’m sure you’re bored to death
in here by now

32 thoughts on “My Place: Tchaik Chassay and Melissa North’s Hockney Home

  1. when I came to live in London in 1978, I would sometimes stand for ages opposite this apartment hoping to encounter my art hero David Hockney who I'd seen living and working here in 'A Bigger Splash'….I never did see him as he was obviously long gone by then but I did end up having dinner with him a few years later. Wonderful to 'revisit' this iconic apartment albeit in video.

  2. Love the turquoise color on the walls and love those amazing plants that drape over into the dinning area, it's just fabulous living in such a wonderful home.

  3. These two are relationship goals!!! Perfect yin & yang and so much synergy and calm understanding full of compassion radiates even through this video…. Love!

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