On the snow capped mountains of Venus there
is no actual snow as we know it. Because it snows metal. And the Lepsis is a designer kitchen pod to
grow your own insects to eat. Vsauce, Kevin here… this is Mind Blow. A professor at University of Nottingham, has
discovered a new human body part, a sixth layer of the cornea. He is calling it Dua’s
layer, after himself, and the discovery means that ophthalmology textbooks will have to
be re-written and clinicians around the world are already beginning to relate many diseases
to the discovery of this new layer. Chinese construction firm Broad Sustainable
Building has been given the go ahead to create the world’s tallest skyscraper called Sky
City. It is a 220 story, 2,750 foot tall and when finished will be the size of a small
city. It’ll have 104 elevators and a six mile ramp that can lead 30,000 people towards the
school, hospital, and housing.  And they also plan to construct it in only seven months! WiSee is an interaction interface that is
able to recognize human gestures throughout the home. Using WiFi and a few mobile devices
WiSee can identify gestures in line of sight, non line of sight, and through the wall scenarios.
The prototype was able to identify and classify a set of nine gestures with a 94% accuracy.
And they see it being used to control music, TV, lights and heating anywhere in the home. Lego is working with Sony to create toys that
are more like video games to keep younger kids interested. Though it’s still in the
planning phases some of the ideas are to have the Lego pieces mounted to small motors and
cameras. The tiny device is controlled with a video game controller and the enemy devices
are controlled by a computer. They are woking with having the cameras linked to a smart
device so you can see what your piece is seeing and are also developing parts and pieces that
can be ejected or blown up. Worlds oldest primate fossil ever found and
it was the size of a mousee. University of Minnesota’s Biomedical engineering
professor Bin He created a non invasive brain computer interface that allows the user to
control a robot using only their mind. Seen here being guided around a gym, turning, rising,
and even flying through balloon rings. The hope is to use the technology for those with
neurodegenerative diseases to regain function by controlling artificial limbs or other devices. A new reversible male contraceptive proven
effective in mice testicles involves injecting gold nano rods and heating them up. So Yeah. DARPA has created new nerve and muscle interfaces
that can can be controlled directly though amputees existing nerves. The project is called
RE-NET, Reliable Neural-Interface Technology and they are hoping not only to create high
performance interfaces that are reliable, they want to provide sensory feedback that
would also give the user the ability to feel. Basically, allowing users to directly control
prosthetics with their existing nerves. The Emperor 1510 LX is a $21,500 dollar high
tech work station. It has a retractable monitor stand that can hold five monitors, a reclining
italian leather seat with thigh rest, Bose sound system, and a cup holder. Tokyo has underground bike parking structures
made by a company named Giken that take your bike into a cylinder that protects them from
theft, vandalism, and inclement weather. Using a magnetic key for access – the door clamps
onto the front wheel of the bike and takes it underground onto a platform. Each station
is able to hold about 200 bikes and Giken hopes to create many more in the future, but
finding enough underground space in Tokyo could pose a problem. Finally, Mike Olbinski shot this incredible
footage of a supercell near Booker, Texas I’m going to leave you with Kilobots going
on a picnic and as always thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “NEW BODY PART DISCOVERED — Mind Blow #66

  1. me watching this in 2016 "wtf none of this is new" *then i look at the date the video was plublished* "oooooohhh"

  2. WiSee. Just another part in the creation of SAO!

    Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface. The beginning of Angelic layer. Anime is becoming real!

  3. hm
    i mean like china can build it
    they got cash from the us
    which fun fact
    the us is 13 trillion (i something i dont know) in debt

  4. This is super mind blown (not the video). under the age 2000 was there old cars that was bad and then over 2006 – 2008 was the sport cars made. in 5 – 7 years than was the robots made. Already?! YES! ffs the time is almost going too fast with building and making in the future will flying cars be maded and hoverboards maybe there is already hoverboards? who knows!

  5. second video of mine blow I've seen and again, less about the subject line, more about random stuff. dude, you doing these videos, almost all the things you mention in these videos could be a video of is own if of course you'd quit being so lazy and actually look into the subjects and then share your findings and have more things to day about it than 2 sentences. Don't forget situations in the disruption. So much wasted potential!!! Slow down, share these neat things. If you did, you'd get very popular. Just my 2 cents worth.

  6. transhumanism underway. lovely. "they " dont want to cure anything. thats why "they" keep discovering/unveiling new diseases. "they" dont want to find a way to grow new limbs back or anything good like that. thats why "they" make sure that statistically enough people keep will losing limbs or born with less limbs. transhumanism=slow suicide. ofcourse someone with only one arm desires to have the closest thing to a second arm again. i would too. but how far will we take it? will we replace our bodies with mechanical parts? maybe even our brain and hearts? think about it………. its like slowly killing yourself off till there is nothing left of you. its a slower form of suicide. "they" are soon going to sell the idea that they can record your brain waves/self-essence onto a microchip. do you believe it will really be you? how do you know youll have total control of that robotic arm or brain? "they" WILL have a kill switch. "they" WILL rewrite you to be "their" slave. This is the "devil" using SUBTLETY with the patience of an old demon running out of time. if you dont believe that GOD and the devil exists, you are a blind person on a crooked path surrounded with cliffs. you WILL fall. please brothers. be more cautious. ask more questions.

  7. there is a taller building than sky city. its called Jeddah tower and it is currently under construction but the year it will be finished is in 2019

  8. Thank you. Nice videos. Please get rid of that white head spewing the drops of whatnot so often. It isn't good. Prevents from watching the whole feature.

  9. Idk how to feel about home gesture recognition. That's the start of you being captive to your own home like I robot. And what happens if I'm jerkin it huhh?

  10. the SkyCity was built.
    then it was done quickly so it wasnt built thoroughly.
    Then the an airplane hits it again.
    making the second 9/11 event.
    Sad if it did happen

  11. Near Texas?? So where was it actually? Or is the fact that it was near the greatest state known to man good enough for people not to care about what state it was actually in?!

  12. Back in the 70's when I was a teen, I saw a quick TV BLIP or incert. It read these horrible works for 5 seconds. Then some time later that day I again saw it appear for the last time ever. It read in WHITE letters on a BLACK background (this was on one of the Network stations?): "If technology continues to advance in the direction it is goingf, it will enslave humanity." I haven never forgotten this… We can't freely drive down the road today, nor hitch-hike the FREE-ways(?) without a ticket. Next will be the need for PINK SLIPS to walk out your door – if you are lucky to have a "Designated Place of Residence" with a door.

  13. I don’t have a copy of the film, but isn’t the orchestra music played during the super-cell cloud formation clip from the movie Twister?

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