7 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich: We have to rebuild our defenses

  1. Just agree to stop funding the dept of ag if there is no bipartisan togetherness under trump! Then wait for the lobbyists to start dancing! FTFW! also stop trying to save the trees that dont care about the fires!

  2. So I pay most of my federal taxes towards the defense budget for my entire life and these guys are telling me our military is falling apart? So the trillions dollar new Jets……why did we spend that then?

  3. Any Shut Down is Totally On The Democrats for their Ignorance on this DACA BS…Illegals, from Where-Ever they Come From, Do Not Demand Citizenship in a Sovereign Nation, Period…

  4. The democrats are the biggest enemies of this country. they care more about the illegal vermin than the hardworking Americans citizens. the corrupt anti-American democrats drop their citizenships and move to Mexico, and they can take as many illegals as they want with them.

  5. Sorry to tell you this Newt, but we have the largest military budget on the planet, bigger than the next 5 countries put together. We hardly need to waste more money on this. Maybe the military needs to learn how to do more with less. And stay out of other peoples business like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and even Vietnam

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