100 thoughts on “NO GYM? How To Workout Legs At Home Boo Johnson Routine

  1. Note to self

    10 X lunges squats
    5 X side squat (each leg)
    10 X bulgarian split squat (each leg)
    10 X broad jump
    10 X reverse lunges (each leg)
    10 X box step up (each leg)
    45 sec high knee tap
    45 sec wall sit on toes
    Do the whole thing 4 times

  2. I did workout from the THENX app and it is hella awesome!i've never felt so tired yet nice doing workouts,you are awesome Chris

  3. Boo’s stamina is on point y’all lol, this dude never heard of a break between sets 😂. Much love for y’all 👍🏼

  4. Anyone else's legs shaking involuntarily during the wall sit?? All the leg workouts I have done never done that before I wanted to drop to the floor. Definitely added to my workout routine for leg day.

  5. 1:48 when you are doing this exercice on your left leg you are helping with the other leg by bending + extending it a little, careful on muscle imbalances

  6. can you do a skateboard workout (stability, holding slides, high jumps) so mainly legs and core (lots of upper/lower body coordination lots of static holds)

  7. Just run more or less 10km at least 2 times a week and ride a bike for about 40km 5 times a week and there you go.

  8. Нормально выжимает. Нагрузку можно варьировать скоростью и утяжелениями 😉


  9. La verdad es que no se si voy aumentar peso necesito comer demasiado quizás me lleve mas tiempo que el gym pero no importa igual no puedo pagarlo y no tengo el tiempo para ir así que los días que puedo en mi departamento como ahora que son las 11 de la noche

  10. 3 more frickin rounds…. Well you see my skrawny tall ass barely got through the first😂😂. Ill drop of after the 2nd. Oml, this is gonna take me some time

  11. His body is beyond perfect 😭 I never knew how much I needed a man that trains legs 😍 If you don’t train legs you can’t get the time of day from me 🗣

    Like who is this guy?! Is he single?! Does he like women?! Does he have similarly built friends?! I need answers!

  12. how can i slim down my calve thigh and glute muscles ? i play football so i have huge muscular legs that i wanna reduce muscle mass from, whats the best way for doing so ? what kind of exercises, cardio, and diet should i use ? im also not that tall, im 173cm and having big legs doesn’t look that good so any help would be appreciated

  13. Doing this for myself and whoever needs it
    Shout out to Boo Johnson ya dig

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