Old lathe rebuilding and conversion to CNC – Part 4 Leveling and scraping bedways

Here you see how was worn my lathe bedways. Deviations are in um. The worst part of front V way had 60um below surface – it is 0,6mm…..too much for scraping The first operation was to level the lathe bed in longitudinal direction. The accuracy of precision level is 0.02mm/m And level the lathe bed in transverse direction in the front and the end of bedway. Here you see the first attempt of marking ink. and the rest of bed ways The first was scraped rear flat way, because was not so much worn. and final result Next I made a fixture for grinding top part of front internal V way. After ginding I have created next fixture for scraping front V way by using lathe cutting tool with carbide insert because there was too much for hand scraping as you see I have used two compound slide rest for doing this. I have moved this back and forth and move slightly cutting tool and here you have the final result… After using my fixture for scraping both V way and rear outside flat way now is time for hand scraping all bedways was scraped after scraping bedways now is a time for tailstock base and final result… all bedways scraped wthin 0,02mm/m – not so bad 🙂 Thanks for wathing. To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Old lathe rebuilding and conversion to CNC – Part 4 Leveling and scraping bedways

  1. Super robota.łoze skrobane recznie czy wyrzynarka? Ja obecnie tsa 16 doskrobałem lecz boję się czy nie zgubiłe geometrii a nie mam tego czym sprawdzić.

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