[OSHACRA] Part71 How to build Traditional Japanese Inn /おしゃクラ!旅館の作り方(Minecraft)

Hello everyone, how are you? It’s a very nice time of year in Japan right now. This time I’m making a traditional hot spring inn (Onsenryokan). You’ll be able to relax in this comfy little hidden inn. I’m looking forward to it! Well then, let’s goooo! These are the dimensions of our build. Dig out a one-block-deep hole. Create the base of the pillars. Here’s a plan showing the distance between the pillars. Now we’ll build the pillars.

100 thoughts on “[OSHACRA] Part71 How to build Traditional Japanese Inn /おしゃクラ!旅館の作り方(Minecraft)

  1. こんにちは、私のMinecraftの世界であなたの家を作りました。これは本当にクールです。あなたの世界をリリースして、それをコピーしてMediafireリンクに入れることができるかどうかを知りたかったです:)

  2. hahahaha! I find that skeleton head as a stool is kinda funny. you could say it really "tickle my bones"

    did I just heard aircond… wow huhuhu

  3. I started adding your buildings to a playlist so i’ll know which ones i want to recreate but it turns out i want to make all of them 😂

  4. Thank you for your video, It's really relaxing and instructive. Japan has a beautiful language and you a nice soft voice. I learned a bit last year with a japanese teacher. Very cool.
    If you want, I can translate the subtitles from english to french

  5. I loved the tutorial. Does anybody has a list of all the materials that you need? Because I want to gather them all before I start building

  6. WOOOOW… Simplemente hermoso, esos shaders combinan de maravilla. Al fin puede hacer una casa decente.
    Tutorial perfecto, ojala que haya mas construcciones :3

  7. It was kinda hard to gather all materials in survival but it was worth it 10/10 Japanese INN Thank you/ありがとうございました

  8. Constantly surprised by the precision in placing all those blocks and other stuff.
    Especially with those long takes and that consistent speed too. I'm trying it right now and at least once every 2 walls I accidentally put some concrete on the side of a wall or something-

    The interior is so nice

  9. i've never seen and build tutorial so complete, well explained, entertaining, useful and extremely good in general, you earned yourself a new sub

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDghcutF9yA&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0FjeDmV27xaL2pPBqLe6hOKpgWCIUanfK0s-kbzOdQp97bd-q8PbRjwTo

  11. I love these Japanese builds you do they're my favorite! Really enjoy the step by step way you show what you do and the lines with the number of blocks help me build. Been building all the Japanese builds you do to make a town or small city and your videos are a huge help! Thank you for making your build video's! (^w^)/

  12. can you please add how many Blocks you used, because i wanted to make this in survival mode. THANKS 😅😅 <3

  13. so i like the build but the villager fortnite dancing is making me think 2 nukes wasnt enough

  14. 12:12
    PT-BR: Quando vou colocar a trap door a porta sempre abre, não consigo coloca-lá em cima. Alguém pode me dizer como consigo?
    EN-US: When I put the trap door the door always opens, I can't put it up there. Can someone tell me how I can?

    JA-JP: トラップドアを置くと、ドアは常に開きますが、そこに置くことはできません。 誰かが私にできることを教えてもらえますか?

  15. PT-BR: Eu instalei os mesmos shaders e resource pack que ele usou no vídeo, mas por algum motivo meus blocos não ficam tão realistas como o dele, alguém sabe me dizer como resolvo isso?

    EN-US: I installed the same shaders and resource pack that he used in the video, but for some reason my blocks are not as realistic as his, can anyone tell me how I solve this?

    JA-JP: 彼がビデオで使用したのと同じシェーダーとリソースパックをインストールしましたが、何らかの理由で私のブロックが彼ほどリアルではありません。これを解決する方法を教えてください。

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