Our friend Jessica at the Manhattan Home Design NYC showroom

I’m actually here in our headquarters here
in New York City, just wanted to reach out because I saw you have a few items left in
your cart. Just wanted to see if you had any questions
or concerns. Feel free to reach out, we’re always here
to help at ManhattanHomeDesign.com

8 thoughts on “Our friend Jessica at the Manhattan Home Design NYC showroom

  1. Jessica is looking good! But not as good as that Womb chair from Eero Saarinen (great replica) and ELC hiding on the background. Let us get a glimpse!

  2. Wish I didn't live so far away from New York City, really want to pay that showroom a visit. Their Eames Lounge Chair inspired by the design of Charles Eames looks fantastic!

  3. Thank you for your amazing customer service, Manhattan Home Design! It was really helpful when I was purchasing my Eames Lounge Chair replica! It's amazing and it's really hard to find any difference with the original Eames Lounge Chair! really amazing job, guys! keep it up!

  4. Hey girl! How can I get discounts at Manhattan Home Design? Do you use discount codes? Your furniture is great and I already own an Arch Lamp but I want more!!!!

  5. Is that the Manhattan Home Design showroom in NYC? Oh, I love how that
    Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman looks! I really want to get one!!

  6. Where is exactly located those headquarters? I'm in the market for a Noguchi table replica and many other midcentury modern furniture pieces and I was told Manhattan Home Design is the place to go. Based on this short video, I think they were right! I think I'll pay them a visit soon!

  7. Where is actually the NYC Manhattan Home Design headquarters located? I'm planning to go there to see the Eames Lounge Chair replicas to see if they're as good as they seem to be and as everyone tells me they do!

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