Overcome Insecurities and Build Your Billion Dollar Brand: Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes

– When you buy stupid stuff, have some rules about
stupid stuff, you know. – Like create boundaries, guidelines. I’ll spend this much a
year on whatever I want. – You do stupid stuff when, you know, I have my rules. – Yeah, when deal’s closed, then I’ll spend this
much on whatever I want. To celebrate or just to have fun. – My stupid rule is I got to
be able to buy two of them. So, if I can only buy one, I won’t buy it. It has to be in cash, and the cash had to come
from passive income. Then I can do anything that I want. (audience applauding) (upbeat techno music) – Welcome, everyone, to the
School of Greatness podcast. We’ve got my good friend, Grant
Cardone in the house, man! – May, your audience is probably like, “Wow, I’m tired of seeing Grant.” – I know! I was just asking Tiffany, I was like, “When did we have Grant on last? “Is it too soon to have him back on?” It seems like it was seven months ago. I go, “It’s not too soon “Let’s do this!”
– Time flies, man. – Time flies! In the last interview, we
got you to do something you’d probably never done in an interview, we got you to cry, we got you to open up. And people were like, and I think you were a
little upset about it after, ’cause you were like, “Aw, man!” – I wasn’t upset. – People always want to find something when they’re listening, but people really resonated
with you on a different level. I got so many messages where like, “Man, I never really liked him fully, “but after I saw that,” – [Grant] That is a shame though. – “I saw his vulnerable side, “I saw that he wasn’t just like “a money grabbing salesman, “but he had this connection to your mom.” – It really hurts that I
have done such a poor job of, I guess I’ve just been trying to get through life and protect myself. So, I don’t show that. But underneath all the bravado, you know, there’s a guy. And underneath everybody there’s a guy. Every time I’m in a deal I’m worried that I can’t get it, I’m
not good enough to get it. – [Lewis] Really? – Oh, totally. – You still doubt yourself in a big deal? – [Grant] 100%. – What goes through your mind? – We’re getting ready
to do this conference, the big event in Vegas. Every night and every morning I wake up and I go to
sleep with this anxiety about what’s the opening. – What’s your opening? – [Grant] What’s my opening? – What are you gonna say? – What do I do? – How do I make it bigger than last year? How do I make it unique?
– No, not so much bigger, but how do I make sure
the audience sits there. ‘Cause I’m not thinking about bigger. I’m not thinking about
how to do it bigger, I’m thinking about how do I make sure every single person in the audience, in the first three minutes, knows, “I’m in the right place.” And I need to do that
in the first 60 seconds. – I see it, man. Do you have an idea what you’re gonna say? – They’ve already paid,
they’re already there, but I have this insecurity,
this thing about I need the audience to feel good about it. – Not have buyers remorse. – Yeah, in the first three minutes, to say, “I know I’m in the right place.” ‘Cause I’ve seen, particularly in the self improvement
space, so many ripoffs, so many come ons, sleazy events. So, it’s really, really
important to me that people, particularly for those people
who have made a mistake, gone to a deal and like,
“I didn’t like that.” – Yeah, and they leave
after the first session. – Yeah, exactly. “I made a mistake coming
here, “This was dumb.” I need to, in that first five minutes, like, “Oh, man, I made a
good decision coming here.” – What do you think it’s gonna take for you to make that happen? Is it something you say, or is it more who you are being? – No, I don’t think it’s something I say. I think it’s something that you couldn’t get at any other place. Something where, the audience knows, without me saying anything, “Hey, he went they extra mile.” We accomplished that last year. – 35,000 people, and didn’t you fly over, didn’t you drop in, parachute
in, or something crazy? – Yeah. I don’t think that that’s what did it. Sheri, asked me when I was doing it, and Elena asked me too. She’s like, “What’s success on this deal?” I’m like, “People walk in,
they look around and say, “‘Okay, I’m gonna do my life different,'” and nothing’s happened. – It’s just the context that you’ve set, just the energy of the stage– – Totally. – We spare no expense at these deals. – Yeah, you spend a lot. – Everything is done right. I’m very much an entertainer. – [Lewis] You are. – And even more so, a producer. I am behind the scenes,
I like to produce things. For effect, I want to
create an effect, right. Maybe some of the hard shell stuff is me trying to create an effect like, “Don’t run over me.” ‘Cause I was bullied quite a bit. Even in the videos that we shoot, I’m watching the videos for production. – Like, “How do I change
this,” yeah, tweak it. – You got it in the wrong place, man. So, what, take the end,
put it in the front. And so, I have this producer, maybe I’m a frustrated producer. – Really? Where’d you get that from, you think? – I mean, I know where I got it from, but, anyway, too much for this show. (Lewis laughs) – Okay. What do you think, we’re going
into a new year, new decade, what do you think was the biggest lesson from last year for you that
you learned about yourself? And something that you let go of? You said, “I’m no longer doing this thing. “Maybe I did it for the last five, “10 years, my whole life,
and I’m stopping it, “and I’m now gonna be
doing this new thing.” – [Grant] Yeah. – Did you have any of those? – Yeah, sure, so, we’re always trying to go to the next level. So, like in the real
estate, I can’t do deals that I was on the show talking
to you about last time. – Really? They’re too small. – Yeah, we were doing 30,
40, $50 million deals. I’m like– – That seems very small, right? (laughs)
– Not really. – [Lewis] I’m teasing. – My first real estate deal took $3,000. – [Lewis] Wow. Louisiana? – In Texas, in Houston. The last one took 41 million, cash. So, we’re not gonna do
little deals anymore. – A little deal is what, under 30? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re just, yeah. But then I started thinking, “Why am I doing one at a time? “Why don’t I go do 10
deals all in one basket?” So, that’s one thing. – So, do multiple deals
at a time, do them bigger. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Grant] The one event a year, we probably won’t continue to do. – The 10X Growth Conference? – [Grant] Yeah, so,
we’ve added 50 this year. – Oh, my, you’re crazy. (both laugh) You’re crazy!
– Crazy, right? – You’re crazy, man. – 50 cities, we’ve already done seven. We did seven in January. – Seven in January. Month’s not even over. – Keep in mind, I have
a big even in February, that’s a profit event,
that’s a paid for event. And I stack seven free
events in front of it. From a marketing standpoint, you’re trying to sell this one event, you know how hard that is. – [Lewis] It’s really hard. Get people to show up. – It’s so hard. Russell Brunson, I said,
“Russell, what do you fear?” “Events.” – It’s so hard to get people to show up. Even if they buy, half the
time they don’t show up. – It’s crazy. – [Lewis] Spend a grand,
and they don’t show up. – Crazy. The hardest thing I’ve
ever done in my life. So, in addition to having this hard thing to fill a stadium, a convention center, we added seven more in front of it. – [Lewis] You’re crazy. – That are free, bro! – In different cities, so you’ve got to travel–
– I’m trying to sell this one. My staff is stressed out of their minds, they’re freaked out,
they’ve got too much work. And I’m like, “Add seven more.” – You’re nuts.
– So, that’s a new thing. How can you take crazy to another level? (Lewis laughs) – Now, is there ever a
time where it’s too crazy, and it’s actually hurting you as opposed to helping the– – Yeah, yeah, there’s times when I’m like, “Okay, that’s too much,
you stressed out everybody, “it was too much,” and
we just take it off. I can always pull back. – What have these events
helped with, though? What have you learned from
adding these seven events and doing 50 this year? – 80% of the audience, we did
10,000 people in four cities. – Free event, yep. – [Grant] Free event. – So, you’re paying the money,
you’re footing the bill, you’re getting hotels,
you’re doing the venues, you’ve got your staff. – And these are nice hotels. These aren’t these dives
that they typically, you know, spare convention center, and just concrete floors. It’s a nice space. What we learned was, number one, 80% of the audience has never met me. – Really? Well, how are they finding you? Ads? – No, they never met me. They’ve never been in
a live event with me. – Got you, they’ve watched you. – So, I’m like, you know, the master show, “Hey, who’s sever seen Grant before?” Whole room. I was like, “Oh, my God.” So, the second thing was
about 10% or 15% of the room had never heard of me before
they came to this thing. – Someone brought them. – So, that’s 1,500 people that met me. And then there’s all the
people that registered that didn’t come. I think our registration’s
about 22% show ratio. – 22% who register, show up? – Yeah, so 78%… – [Lewis] Don’t show. They register, they’re
interested, but then don’t come. – But they were interested in me. – Is that because it was free, you think? If they would’ve paid even 20, 50 bucks, do you think they would’ve showed? – [Grant] I don’t know, I have no clue. – Wow. – [Grant] But if they had to pay, they would’ve have registered. – Got you. So, you got that lead and
you got that connection. – So, let’s see what we
could do with that, right. – So, what are the–
– And then the other thing that we learned, I’m sorry.
– You’re good. – The other thing was, the
amount of people that are interested in investing
money with me is ridiculous. – [Lewis] Wow. – I’m partially there to educate people how to buy real estate
and what not to buy, I’m trying to help them
not make the first mistake. I mean, the audience is like, “Dude, I just want to do it with you.” – Right. Well, it’s so much work to go and find the properties on your own, to deal with the taxes, the closing, the managements–
– The mortgage broker, the appraisal–
– Everything. Finding the tenants,
it’s just a lot of work. – [Grant] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – That’s what stresses me out about it. I know it’s a good investment. – It’s not a lot of work for you. (Lewis laughs) – It stresses me out about that approach, of like, okay, let me
go find the right deal, let me make sure this, you
got to get someone in there who’s gonna say, “Okay, yeah,
the foundation is strong. “It’s not gonna break in two
years,” or whatever it’s like. I don’t want to deal with those headaches. So, I think you hear more horror– – You want to be in Poland. – I want to be relaxing and
get my check every month. That’s what I do with you. You mentioned you still get insecure. Do you think insecurity
is actually a good thing? – Is it a good thing? No. – You said, “I still doubt myself, “I’m still little insecure “before I do a big
deal, about this event.” What if you had no– – I would rather not have that. – What if you had zero insecurity? Do you think you’d actually be pushing as far as you’re going? – [Grant] No, I think I’d
be doing bigger things. – Really? – Yeah. Ryan was telling me a
story the other day about when he was a kid, his
uncle grabbed him and said, “Hey, if you come live with me “and work with me every weekend, “you can have a car by
the time you’re 16.” And I’m like, I wonder,
why is that the dream? – The car. – A car. I remember, ’cause I had the same thing. I’m like, “I want a car
when I’m 15 years old.” Why wasn’t I thinking
about a car dealership or building a car? Why do we think so small? Why is everybody got these
similar, very similar, I bet you wanted a car. I bet you weren’t thinking
about a car dealership or building, but Elon’s
thinking about building a car. – Or rocket ships. – Rocket ships, going to Mars. I’m like, why does he think so big and I always thought so small? I don’t know what goes on in Elon’s mind. But I would love to not have
insecurities and little think. I don’t know what the upside– – [Lewis] Call it little
think, is that what you said? – Little think.
(laughs) Little think.
– Little think! – [Grant] Little man think. – Do you think your insecurities are just as strong as they were 10,
20 years ago, or is it less? – I think that they’re the same. I think they’re still there fully. – They’re just as strong
now as when you were 20? – Yeah, the difference,
I just have experience. I’m like, I could do something. I know I have these stacked up wins. – You got momentum,
you can get through it. It’s not gonna hold you back. – Yeah, and I know it’s a
liar, the insecurity’s a liar. It’s never been right,
it’s never been true. So, you know, it’s been
the great thief of my life. You can’t do that. Dude, I got out of college, and I had nightmares
after I got out of college that I actually didn’t graduate. (Lewis laughs) – Yeah, but have a diploma–
– I know I graduated. I know I got the piece of
paper, I know I got out. And I still today look back and say, “Did I really get out,” like, weird. Like, am I really successful? Sometimes I’ll tell Elena, “I don’t even know how
I’ve done all this.” How did we pull off the 35,000 people? – It’s crazy, man. What’s your definition of success, then? – I don’t know. It’s not a thing, or it’s
not some kind of race, or– – Resolve?
– Time or number. I think, for me, it’s more,
am I fulfilling my potential? – Will you ever fill your potential? – I don’t know, probably not. I just keep finding a new thing, right. You know, I go to the gym. A year ago I couldn’t do pushup. Now I can do 100. So, will I be able to do 110 one day? Will I even want to? At some point, you’re like,
I don’t want to do any more. So, until then I just keep
playing the game, man. It’s a fun game. You know, the beautiful
thing about present is that you don’t know if
you’re gonna win or not. It’s easy to quit playing. ‘Cause you don’t lose. But if you keep playing the game, if I keep trying things, I keep experiencing the
insecurity and the fear, that personal thing. It’s got nothing to do with a checkbook, or what you bought, or how you live, but that experience of,
can I figure this out. – When were you most insecure last year? – Last year, when was I most insecure? – [Lewis] Was it before the big event, was it before a big deal? – Definitely before the big event. – Jumping out of a plane,
“What if I don’t land?” – Yeah, definitely. That was stupid. Wouldn’t do that again. Definitely, I was
insecure before the event, thinking the night
before, “There’s no way, “all these people aren’t gonna show up, “this place is gonna be half empty.” Biggest fear I have. – Walking on a stage and seeing crickets. – Nobody’s in the room. Or, you start and
everybody starts leaving. – You see them walking out. – People start walking out,
two biggest fears I have. So, that was scary, all the way up to the night of the event, I was terrified, fearful, like they’re not gonna show up. Even once we did that, we have a room a third the size of last year, I have worried every
day since the last event whether this one will work. – Really? Why? – I don’t know, man. I know how hard they are. – [Lewis] Yeah, it’s hard to get people to show up every year. – Even when we’re sold
out, I’ll keep pushing. – Keep selling. – Yeah, ’cause I don’t trust the numbers. I don’t trust that people will show up. That’s the 10X Rule. The 10X Rule says, look, you don’t stop when you get there. You keep pushing. And that way, the place will be full. – What do you think
it’ll take for you to get over insecurity moving forward? – [Grant] I’m not trying to, man. – You’re not trying to?
– I’m not trying to. – I thought you said if
you could get rid of it you’d be able to do bigger things. – It’d be unbelievable. But it’s not a target I have. – [Lewis] Letting go of insecurity. – No, I think it’s just a human condition. I think it’s part of the game. I think it’s part of being a human being. Any more than I want
to get rid of my arms, or my legs, my arms and my legs, my body. My body is a limitation. – How do you manage it better then? For people that are saying, “I want a 10X, but I always
have insecurity and fear “that I’m gonna fail, and
people aren’t gonna show up, “I’m gonna go broke.” How do you personally tell
the conversation to yourself, to the insecurity and fear? – Yeah. It’s not stop, it’s come. For me, fear, the things I’m scared of, I’m like, come on. It’s calling me. Say, “Come play over here.” It’s an indicator, it’s a good indicator, not a bad indicator. – Lean into it. – Lean into it, come play with me. So, I either have fear because it’s really dangerous and stupid. – [Lewis] Or physically dangerous. – Yeah, like I’m gonna get
to the edge of this thing, I’m gonna get on the
other side of that thing, I’m probably gonna be scared. Why am I gonna be scared though? ‘Cause I don’t know what it feels like to fall this many floors and hit. Maybe there’s not big deal, maybe dying’s not even a big deal. I don’t consciously have the experience. So, you know, I used to be like, I can’t buy a $78,000 house. I was terrified the first house I bought. I don’t know what I’m doing. – ‘Cause you didn’t have any experience. – I don’t have the experience, man. This is the problem, and you’re not gonna have the experience if you
don’t move through the fear. A lot of people do it once and
then they don’t do it again. It’s not going away. You’re gonna get used to the ski boots. The first time you put them on, man, they’re freaking banging your shins, like I can’t, man. But you just wear into them. A new pair of shoes, a new friendship. The only thing that’s really, really easy the first time is the girl. (laughs) First three days are great. – Then you got to learn
how to communicate, you got to learn… My lady just moved in a few weeks ago. – [Grant] Yeah, how’s that? – It’s amazing and you got to
learn how to have patience. Two cultures, two different languages, two different backgrounds coming together in the same space. Both love their privacy and space. So, it’s just learning how to say, okay, this is different,
and I got to receive, I got to accept, I got to move through it in a different graceful way. But I feel like I’ve gone
through so much experience in previous relationships
that I’m ready for it. You know, I’ve gone through
those fearful moments, well, now I have experience. It’s like, okay, I can
see when the emotions are coming up, as opposed
to reacting to it, let me just like sit in it, and relax, and make sure everything’s gonna be calm and good to go, and it blows over. It’s interesting, man. When you first moved in with Elena, what was that like? – Well, dude, I was so– – [Lewis] That was in LA, right. – I was so giddy, I wanted
to be with her so bad. – For years, right? Didn’t you?
– Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. – She’s the one before
she knew she was the one. – For sure. And then, I was worried
that she was gonna leave. I was all in, she wasn’t all in. – [Lewis] Really? It’s usually the other way around. – Yeah, she was not all in. So, she was very much half in, half out. I knew at any time, she could blow. And so, I was just like, man, I knew I’d sold the deal,
but not closed the deal. The deal was not closed. I mean, we had slept together
and at that point, you know, so we were starting to
have a relationship. She even moved in with me. I bought this house, she moved in, but I still knew– – [Lewis] She could bounce at any time. – She could bounce at any time. She was fragile, she was wobbly, she was commitment phobic. I knew that because I had been. So, I could see it. – You could sense it. – I was ready, she wasn’t ready yet. And she had her own insecurities, and she had her own doubts about her ability
to be in a relationship. She would say this too, I’m
not talking out of school, she had a lot of her own calculations. Like this means I’m gonna be bored. This means monogamy. Monogamy means sex is not gonna be good. – [Lewis] Trapped or whatever. – Whatever all the
calculations people make, the negative calculations, you know. She wasn’t ready for babies. – She was a lot younger than you too. – She wasn’t even ready for marriage. – So, how do you close
a deal on someone who is insecure, fearful, doubting? – Both parties need to
be working on themselves. So, you can’t have me improving myself, and then she’s not. – [Lewis] Both need to be. – Both need to be, individually,
by the way, not together. Your paths are different. What I was working on was different than what she was working on. – So, she needed to have the willingness to want to grow first? – Totally. ‘Cause I’d been with a bunch
of people that were like, “Oh, I love you, you’re awesome. “Yeah, I love you and you’re awesome,” and the sex is great,
but they’re not growing. And here I am, I’m an
organism that wants to grow. I want to improve, I want to do better. That’s why I take on these challenges. I want to grow. Number one problem with me and women have always been the other
party didn’t want to grow. Every relationship I’ve
been in, prior to Elena. And Elena, she was willing to grow. – She was willing, she
said, “Okay, I know I,”– – [Grant] She was already
confronting her stuff. – That’s good. – [Grant] Yeah. – So, you know there was
potential because she was willing. If she wasn’t willing to grow, there’s nothing that you can do. – She’s gonna blame me for everything. And/or she’s gonna hold me back. Like these events that I go to, I see the husband without the wife and the wife without the husband. I’m like, you can’t talk your spouse to come to one of these, there’s no way you’re gonna be able to talk your spouse into the
journey, into the big… – [Lewis] Bigger picture. – Because the journey’s
gonna be difficult. – [Lewis] It’s gonna be hard. – Unless it’s not. Unless you’re just trying
to flat line the deal, and that’s gonna be, that’s impossible. – If you’re pushing, if
you’re trying to grow, it’s gonna be difficult. – [Grant] That’s difficult. The flat line, impossible. ‘Cause it’s going down. – You can’t keep it the same. – It’s impossible.
– You’re gonna decline. – You think it’s gonna be cool. Til one day you look around,
the furniture’s tired, the marriage is tired, the carpet’s tired. It’s gonna deteriorate. Flat lines always fall. – What’s the thing that
Elena’s given you the most, that she’s inspired you with the most? – She is a massive thinker. – [Lewis] Bigger than you? – Oh, way bigger. – [Lewis] Really? – She’s not confined by mechanics. – She doesn’t have a
big office to pay for, she doesn’t have people–
– She doesn’t have budgets, she doesn’t have… She lives in this ethereal, very light, it’s not a heavy world she lives in. She bounces on a ball. This is what she does all
day long, swear to god. She’s gonna hate me for saying this. I’m like, “Dude, I like
you bouncing on the ball.” Her abs are perfect. She could be pregnant, her abs are like, bang, bang, bang. ‘Cause she bounces all
the time, all day long. – Like a big ball? – And while she’s bouncing, she thinks. She manifests. She is definitely magical. – [Lewis] Like a unicorn. – She is magical. She could talk to animals. (Lewis laughs) I mean, crazy shit. She’s the one that thought
about the jet, not me. – Really?
– Yeah. – It was too big for you. – Yeah, yeah, ’cause I had to pay for it. – Right. You’re like, “How am
I gonna make us money? “I’m gonna pay for this.” – First of all, a jet needs pilots, a jet needs a shelter, a jet needs fuel, a jet needs maintenance,
a jet goes to zero, blah, blah, blah, I’m stuck in this– – [Lewis] Numbers world. – Yep, this puzzle. (Lewis laughs) And she’s not stuck in the puzzle. She already has the picture. – [Lewis] She’s already picked it out. She’s like, “This is
the one we’re getting.” – No, she wasn’t there yet. That’s how not connected to
the physical universe she is. She just knows it flies. – It takes us around the
world, it’s comfortable. – I mean, to her, it would be like, it’s way bigger. (Lewis laughs) – [Lewis] It’s a 747, yeah. – Already.
– Wow. – There is value in having a partner in your relationships that
is not stuck in mechanics. Because the mechanics stop
people from the dream. You know, at the new year,
you’re, “I want to do this, “I want to do that,” the resolution stuff. The bit mistake that I
make in my goal setting is the moment I set a goal, I
want to move to how to do it. And when I move to the
how to, it stops me. – Really? – Yeah, immediately, ’cause I
don’t have the money to do it. I don’t have the time to do it. I don’t live there. I’m too old, I’m too young. I don’t have the connections. I don’t know how to write a movie, make a movie, get in TV, whatever, right. I want a Netflix deal. I don’t know anybody at Netflix. So, you move into the mechanics, and the moment you move
into the mechanics, you shatter the dream. – So, how do you get out of the mechanics but make the dream come true? – How can I do it? I got to just ask
yourself better questions. Who do I need to meet? But first you got to have the dream. Somebody’s got to maintain the dream. Somebody’s got to be like,
the house looks like this, and then I got to go
up there and hammer it. So, maybe Elena’s, Elena’s position, by the
way, is as valuable as mine. I’m the one that… – [Lewis] Does the mechanics. – That’s pounding. I’m the one that gets angry. Because I’m like, I’m doing the work here. But the truth is she’s doing work too. – Without her work, you
wouldn’t be making it happen. – [Grant] Dude, I
wouldn’t have a jet today. – Right. – I would be doing eight
hour events by myself if it wasn’t for Elena. ‘Cause that’s what I was
doing before we got married. I was doing eight hours– – And you just say, “Okay, I got a 10X, “and I got to do more of them.” – Yeah, and I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t do it. I was 50 years old, and I
was freaking coming home exhausted like I was, I
was like, I hated my life, I hated my business, I hated speaking, I hated the travel, I
was angry all the time. She’s like, “Why don’t you
just do a three hour event?” It was brilliant. She’s like, “When do you feel good?” I said, “At three hours, at 12 o’clock “in the morning I feel fine.” She’s like, “Why don’t
you end it right then?” I’m like, “If I end it right then, “I’m gonna have to cut the price, “and they’re not gonna want it.” And she’s like, “Why
don’t you just try it.” I did a three hour event. This was 12 years ago. More people came, I
didn’t lower the price, and they were happier. And I came home and I was happy. – And they probably wanted more from you. – Yeah. Everything improved, everything improved. Nobody wanted the eight hour event. I thought, because of my insecurities, I got to give more to justify the price. – How do you guys talk about your dreams? Do you speak about it every day? Is she saying big picture ideas every day, like, “Keep going for this,
this is what we want.” Do you guys– – Yeah. We go over money once a week. – [Lewis] And what does that look like? – Just sitting down and say, “Hey, this is where we’re at,
this is what we achieved.” – This is how much we brought in. – This is what I’m sitting on. This is the play. The money door opens up all
the other conversations. ‘Cause if you got bunch, then you’re like what are we gonna do? We should celebrate. If you don’t, where’s that money going? It’s going to these three deals. So, she needs to know what I’m doing out in the world every day,
what roof I’m hammering on. I’m using that analogy because that was one of my first jobs. My uncle hired me to work on roofs, and I literally did not
know how to use a hammer. (laughs) I was so, mechanically, I’m an idiot. – [Lewis] Yeah, me too. – And I’m like, “What side
of this hammer do I use?” You know? ‘Cause I was in the middle of the hammer, not at the end of it. The guy taught me how to hammer a nail. He’s like, “No, you go all the way in. “Once it’s in, you hit it again.” That’s kinda how–
– How hard. (laughs) And then, BTW, you get
another nail next to it. – [Lewis] Make it strong. So, when we’re talking about that, the money, I need her to know where the play’s going right now. The biggest problem is
people don’t listen. So that our arguments
come in when I’m like, “I told you we’re going to Oakland. “God damn, how many times I gotta tell ya? “You weren’t listening to me. “You were looking at
your dumb ass Instagram.” And those are when the arguments happen. Because she was somewhere
else for a second. And I thought she heard it. – So, you gotta listen. – Yeah, and I gotta make
sure she’s listening, because if she didn’t hear me, really, it’s my responsibility. – Right. You got make sure, “Did
you hear what I said?” – I was communicating
to someone that wasn’t– – Paying attention. – You can’t communicate
if they can’t get it. – Right. Now, I love this conversation, once a week you guys sit down. Is it just like a quick five minute thing, 10 minute thing, is it an hour scheduled? – [Grant] Most of the time it’s quick. – It’s like two minutes, like you open up your bank account–
– Bing, bing, bing, bing. – You look at this, like,
“Here’s where we’re at. “And here’s what I’m
planning to do this week. “We didn’t do this yet,
we’re still going for it.” – [Grant] Yeah. – And how important do you think that is for every couple, married couple, to go over money once a
week or once a month, or, even a consistent thing. – Yeah, well, if it’s zero, the conversation’s terrible. “Look, we have no money right.” Like, in 2008 that’s what we were doing. This is when we started this practice. – [Lewis] Really? – “Look, we have no money. “You can’t spend anything.” – Can’t go down Rodeo Drive
and get your bags and– – There’s none of that. Okay, I got it. Okay, there’s no cheating,
there’s no scamming, we don’t have any money. We don’t have any money coming in, and I have less money coming in than I have going out. We’re bleeding right now. – [Lewis] How old were you? – [Grant] How old was I? – How old were you at that time? – I was 48, 49. – How did that make you feel to say, “We have no money,” at basically 50? – I was disgusted, so
disappointed with myself. That I had put my family
in this situation. ‘Cause I’m the one that went to her, remember, and said, “Oh, your
life’s gonna be unbelievable.” – I want to take care of this, you don’t have to worry about anything.
– I take care of everything. I’m the man. I’m the baddest dude in the world. – [Lewis] And now you’re not the man. – I’m like, shit, I’ve been cut in half. You know. And I couldn’t turn it around. In 2008, there was nothing, you couldn’t do anything. There was nothing I could, put on a cape and go save something. There was nothing to do. So, it’s just, now you
got to pay the price. – What was the price? – Fear, uncertainty, insecurity, are we gonna go broke,
I can’t spend money, I can’t even look at stuff. I can’t spend money on ads. I have to do everything organic. It’s hard work. I’m 50 years old, I should
not be in this position. – Yeah, you should be
thinking about retirement. – Dude, I should be thinking
about kicking right now. And I got a baby on the way. Yeah, everybody sees what I’m doing now, and they’re like, “Oh,
my god, he’s got it made. “I hate his guts.” Nobody knows what I go through every day. Even when you solve the 2008 problem, you end up today, now you’re having to juggle more responsibility. – It’s still a lot of pressure. Way more pressure now than then. – If you’ve been punched
in the face before or cold cocked, then you’re always a little like, when’s it coming again? Am I in good shape so
this doesn’t happen again? And you never know, you never
know what’s gonna happen next. – I think the first time we connected was in 2010 over a Skype
interview, I think. 2009, 2010, maybe 2011. But it’s been almost a
decade since I’ve known you. And that was right after
you started building up, you were hustling then ’cause you were, a year or two prior,
pretty much broke I guess. And I got to say, I really admire, how in that decade, how much you did. A decade of time when you were kind of down and out, I guess, of how you were able to pick yourself back up when most people would say, “I’m 50, I’m getting
older, I got to slow down.” You doubled down on your health, which I think is the most important. I don’t think people
recognize how powerful your health is because the energy you have to take on the responsibility. If you didn’t workout every
single day the way you do, you probably wouldn’t be
able to do what you’re doing. – [Grant] Yeah. – Maybe, I don’t know. But if you didn’t workout– – I know a year ago, the last time I was doing this interview, I think I had just started
working out every day. And my body was hurting all the time. I was in pain constantly. – [Lewis] You didn’t want to
do it, you were struggling. – Dude, my ankles hurt, my
knees hurt, my back hurt, I had constant pain in my body. – [Lewis] Why’d you keep doing it? – Doing what? – Working out. – [Grant] No, I wasn’t working out. – Before you started working out you were in pain.
– My body was weak. I wasn’t using my body, I didn’t use it and it started to abandon me. I wasn’t paying attention to it. It’s like, “Okay, dude. “You don’t want to pay attention to me,” – [Lewis] I’m gonna
make you pay attention. – “Maybe I don’t pay attention to you.” (laughs) You know? Or, “Maybe I’ll make you
pay attention to me.” I went to a PT three days a week. That really didn’t do anything. And I said, “You know what? “I need to take responsibility for this.” If I want to fix something,
that’s the code of my life. Do you want to fix something? Take responsibility. You take responsibility. Don’t give it over to
the physical therapist, the masseuse, I was trying the masseuse. The masseuse never helped me. I needed to put muscle on my bones. I hired a guy named Anthony. I said, “You come to my place every day. “Same time every day. “Here’s the money, here, take the money. “Here’s the schedule, I’m
never gonna miss a day.” – Wow. He travels with you too, or no. – [Grant] No, no. This was in the first year. – Got it. – It’s been 14 months. I have almost zero pain in my body. – When you’re home,
you’re training every day. – And now, two weeks
ago I went plant only. – [Lewis] Plant-based? – Plant based. – How’s that feeling? – I dropped the meat, dude. – I want to do that. I did that for a week, last week, and I felt amazing. I had a lot more gas just
from all the plants I think, but I was cleaning it out. – That’s really too
much information for me. (Lewis laughs) – [Lewis] But I’ve had way more energy. And less inflammation, and less pain. – I hadn’t noticed, I have a little bit of inflammation still in my
hands, it hadn’t changed. But the plant-based thing, I watched The Game Changers. When he said, “Dude you’re
eating the middle-man.” When I heard that, that was
enough for me right there. – You’re eating the middle man? – You’re eating the middle man. Meaning the cow, the cow eats the grass. – Go right to the source.
– The source, the source is the grass. As soon as I heard that, I’m like, What the fuck am I doing
eating the middle-man? I ain’t a middle man guy. I want to go directly to the source. – Where all the energy’s at. – That was the line in
the show that did me. And I had been thinking about it too. I’ve eaten meat for 60 years. I grew up on bacon, four
pieces of bacon every day. – So good. – Oh, yeah, totally. The eggs. I have not eaten any meat in 12 days, and my energy is freaking
this all day long. 3:30 in the afternoon
for the last 25 years, I crash at 3:30, hard crash. I mean, like, “See you guys. “Call me later, okay.” “What you do at 3:30?” “I got a meeting.” And that meeting was on that nap, dude. And when I hit it, I’m talking coma. (Lewis laughs) Deep sleep. Better than sleep at night. Sometimes it would be 30 minutes, sometimes it’d be an hour
and a half, like comatose. 12 days, I can’t take a nap. I try to go take a nap,
I cannot fall asleep. It’s how good my energy has been. – Do you think you’re
gonna stick with this? Do you think you’ll have meat sometimes. – I mean, I’m not a fanatic guy. – [Lewis] You might have a
little meat here and there. – I’m just gonna eat
what makes me feel best. I don’t care if it was
meat, if it was pork, bacon, but right now, as long
as I can find the greens, and I haven’t missed the meat. My digestion’s better. My energy’s freaking great. So, I don’t know, man. – I’m about to try with you. I might do a 30 day plant-based. – Yeah, just try one day. I just snack days, man, one day at a time. But my energy, I didn’t think
my energy would get better. ‘Cause everybody’s, “Oh, your energy is “gonna be better if you do this.” And I’m like, “Dude, I don’t
have an energy problem.” But when you don’t have an energy problem, and all of the sudden
your energy goes up here and then stays stable all day long, and I’m less irritable. I think I’m less irritable, yeah. – [Lewis] You’re a nicer guy now. – Huh? – [Lewis] You’re nicer now. – A little bit. – Less reactive.
– I don’t know if I’m nicer. I’m less irritable. – [Lewis] Wow. – Ryan, is that true? Ryan’s like, “You ain’t
any less irritable.” (Lewis laughs) – It’s amazing, man.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you see, there’s
another thing right there. People got to keep working on themselves. – [Lewis] Trying new things. – You got to give something up. I’m always giving stuff up. My life changed when I gave stuff up. When I was 25 and I gave drugs up, I’m like, okay, I’m done. And then you give up your friends. – [Lewis] Right, that’s scary. – When you start changing,
they’re gonna go. – People don’t like it. – They’re gonna go, or
you’re gonna come back. I truly believe that if you’re
not changing your friends, you’re not changing. Your friends, they should be like… – Every few years, a cycle. – [Grant] Yeah. – Or they should be growing with you. – [Grant] They’re not gonna grow with you. – Really? Well, I hope I’m friends
with you in 10 years. – Yeah, we will be. We will be. I dated this girl, her friends
were here childhood friends. She never changed. – [Lewis] Yeah, that’s tough. – None of them changed, the
whole group never changed. For me to change, I can’t think, if me and you are best friends, that me and you are gonna have, we’re gonna change at the same time. We have different reasons to
change throughout life, right. And Elena and I, we’ll
have different times when we want to change. My kids are gonna change,
and they’re gonna leave. 100%, they’re gonna leave. They’re like, “I don’t
want to do this anymore.” And they’re gonna go from flying private back to flying commercial. (Lewis laughs) – Until they coach. – Yeah, until they figure
out how to fly private, if they even want to do that. But I’ve always said, I
have changed so many times. I’ve moved, I’ve been five
or six different cities. That’s been great for me. Every move has been better for me. I’ve changed friends, I’ve
had lifelong friends that, I know them, but… – [Lewis] You’re not
hanging out every day. – No, I’ve moved on. – Yeah. What do you say to people that are like, “Well, I love my childhood friends. “We have this loyalty, we have
this experience together.” – You’ll always have that. Add some of that. There’s other people that
want to be your friends. In other parts of the
world, other religions, other races, have other stories. – Meet new people. – [Grant] Meet new people, man. I’m trying to get Ellen
to come to our next 10X. – Really? – [Grant] I’d love to
have her speak there. – Did you make the offer? – Well, I think there’s
an offer being made. – [Lewis] Really, wow, that’d be amazing. That’d be huge. Yeah, who you got coming this week? – We got Usher.
– Usher? He’s great. – Snoop.
– Snoop Dogg. – We got–
– Kevin Hart? – Kevin Hart. – It’s big.
– As big as you get, right? – [Lewis] It’s big. – We have Rick Forever, Rick Ross. We have Scooter Braun. – [Lewis] He’s great, good buddy of mine. – Is he a good speaker? – Great, yeah, it’s inspiring. – Magic Johnson. List is stupid. Marie Forleo.
– Oh, yeah? – Who else? I got somebody. Oh, yeah, one I can’t announce. – [Lewis] Tell me later. – Yeah. You know him. Big, big. (Lewis laughs) So, anyway, that’ll be good. But we’re already making
offers for next year. Ellen’s one of them. – That’s gonna be huge. She probably doesn’t do too many events. – [Grant] She’ll do this one. – If you make them an offer big enough? – Yeah.
– Yeah. That’s amazing.
– Money won’t make you happy, but it’ll get you–
– Get you to show up. – It’ll get you the speaker you want. (Lewis laughs) – That’s amazing. So, what’s the–
– Ellen and Rock. That’d be a good combination.
– The Rock would be huge. It’d be unreal. – His number’s ridiculous. – It’d be unreal. I don’t even know if he’s
ever spoken at an event, besides with the Lakers or something. So, what’s the big goal
then for you this year? Elena’s painting a picture with you. There’s this dream that’s 10X,
100X, where you guys are at. What’s the end of the year picture? – 2020? – End of 2020, what’s it look like? What’s the dream come true? – I don’t really think about. The whole thing about the dates, a goal is not a date, is not a goal if you don’t have a date or something, I’ve never had dates on goals. I have dates on closings. I got to close this deal by January 20th. But the event is February 21st. I got to be there. On the big giant goals, I have no clue when
they’re gonna take place. But the end of the year,
I want to be happy. First the kids doing good, and they’re happy and they’re growing, and they’re more confident. They’re 10 and eight, so you know, they start moving in their teenage years. – Yeah, start looking at boys. – Oh, yeah, dude.
– Oh, man, it’s coming quick. – Oh my god, bro. – [Lewis] Texting boys. – Oh my gosh. She had a boyfriend already. – No way!
– Blew him out. – [Lewis] Oh my god. – Crazy.
– Crazy. (Lewis laughs) – Scarlett, we were in Thailand this year. We did 19 countries last year. Scarlett’s like, “Am I ever gonna “be able to fly commercial?” And I’m like, “What?” “Am I ever gonna be
able to fly commercial?” I’m like, “I hope not.” (laughing) And then, sure enough, the following week, they wouldn’t let us fly
into Thailand with my plane, so we had to fly commercial. – [Lewis] So she gets to go first class. – She’s like, “I never
want to do this again.” (laughing) – You got to wait for three hours, you got to go through these lines. – [Grant] She’s really a funny chick. – What have your kids taught you about being a better person? – Oh, dude, you’re gonna
make me tear up now. I love my kids so much. I’d do anything for them. – Really?
– Anything. Nothing I wouldn’t do. – What have they taught you? – Just fun, fun, and they
remind me of my childhood. I was such a good kid. Eight, nine, 10 years old, I was like, I was happy, I was fun, I was free, I was running, I was barefoot. There was a lot of restrictions
on me in my household. My dad was very, very strict. It was a threat. You know, “Shh, quiet down.” They don’t get any of that. The environment’s strict,
but they’re much freer. It’s a different time. They’re happy, they’re not scared, they’re not scared of Papa. – They’re not scared of you? – [Grant] No. – That’s nice. – No, I’ve never hit them,
never threatened them. But they’re extremely well behaved. We’ve done a good job with my kids. Look at some of these kids, you know, and you’ll see something about them. You can’t fake the kids, it’s a product. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Those kids are, they’re like me, in some ways they’re like Elena, but they’re a little crazy,
they’re a little wild. They have a lot of freedom
to do a lot of stuff. They were doing cartwheels on the wing of the plane the other day. I worry about all that. I’m like, “Oh, shit, are
we gonna mess them up?” You know. So, we’re homeschooling them. I worry, hey, I wonder if… – Are they gonna be as social? – Oh, I’m not worried
about social things yet. – What are you worried about
with homeschooling them then? – Are we gonna miss some subject that the schools would teach? – [Lewis] Do you remember
half those subjects anyways? – No. But I’m just like, we’ve
just been conditioned. – Yeah, it’s true. – [Grant] Trigonometry. – I don’t remember. – [Grant] I did it. – Algebra. – What’s that for? – [Lewis] I have no idea. – No clue. Never used it. I just worry about some of that. I don’t worry about the socialization. They meet people all the time. They’ve met 2,500 people
in LA the other day, talked to them, they’ve been on stage. So, the kids, what have
they taught me, man? Have fun. – What are you most proud
of as a dad that you– – And love, the way they love you. They come home, the kiss
me, they hug me every day. – It’s got to feel amazing.
– Huh? – It’s got to feel amazing.
– Dude, a little. – [Lewis] You just come home, they just run up and–
– “Papa, papa!” – Oh my gosh.
– Oh my god, it kills me, bro. – What does that feel like? – You know, jumps on my back all the time. I ask them to do anything, they do it. I’m in a jacuzzi last
night, 10, they come in. They want to be around me, you know. – That’s pretty cool.
– Yeah. – What are you most proud of,
of the father you’ve become, the man you’ve become that’s
raised two great kids? – That I figured out how to have a life where they get to experience me. My dad didn’t figure that out. My dad was gone every day. I never saw my dad. And when he got home, he was tired. – [Lewis] Just drink a beer
and go to bed, or watch TV. – Yeah, he’d have a martini
or a scotch before, you know. Mom was like, “Leave your dad alone.” He had five kids, a lot
of stress, you know. And then, my kids have never had that. I come home, I play with them. – [Lewis] That’s great. – Or I don’t come home. We’re going to a hotel
and we play together. We wake up in the same hotel. We’re in a house up the street. You know, we wake up,
every day they see me. They’ve never not seen me. And when I go someplace, 90%
of the time they’re with me. So, they’ve gotten to
experience their dad. I think part of it is like, I never thought I’d live very long. – Really?
– ‘Cause my dad died when he was 50 or 52. My older brother died when he was 25. He was five years older than me, so, I’m like, okay, 10 I lose
my dad, 20 I lose my brother. I’m like, okay, nobody lives long. So, I thought, okay, you live
to 25, dude, you’re lucky. I kept thinking 30, I’m done,
40 I’m done, 50 I’m done. – 60, you’re just getting started. – Dude, I got a guy that lives in my building, where I live in
Miami, he’s 88 years old. “Grant, you’re just getting started.” (Lewis laughs) I said, “Man, I got 27 years, bro! “Are you serious?” That’d be crazy. – But it’s going by quicker, isn’t it? – [Grant] ‘Cause I fee like
I just got started, man. – Yeah, you did. 10 years ago, you were
just getting started. – [Grant] I feel like I
was just getting started. – At 50. – [Grant] 51. – That’s inspiring. – How old are you? – [Lewis] 36. – That’s crazy, dude. You already got money
invested in real estate. – [Lewis] But I feel
like I need to get more. – Speaking on stages. – [Lewis] I need to get more, though. – Yeah, I’m with you, you do. – I feel like I’m way behind. – Yeah. Behind who, though? – Behind where I want to be. – Yeah.
– Yeah. I’m not comparing myself. I’m just like, where I want to be. – That’s all you need to know. – I want to finish with some
nonnegotiables for people, for people that want to make more money that feel like they’re, I saw a video posted the other day about millionaires are broke or
something, on Instagram. I can’t remember exactly what it was. Never take advice from a millionaire. – Never take advice from a millionaire, and the reason why is because, millionaires, they’re not
certain about their money yet. They’re scared actually. I mean, if you ask them, just go ask them, “Hey, what got you a million dollars?” “I was out there hustling,
working deals, dah-dah-dah.” “Then when you got a
million, what happened?” You started worrying about losing it. What do I do with this money, and you start saving it and protecting it. You were taking risks
when you had nothing. You took a risk when you had nothing. You took risks when you had 100, you took risks when you had 300, then you quit taking risks at a million. So, that’s why I say never
take advice from a millionaire. Because they’re going
to conservation mode. The billionaire never goes
into conservation mode. All the way up, he’s just like expansion. Look at Elon. Sells PayPal, walks away with $3 billion. – Puts it all into– – Bing, bing, bing! And rents. Rents where he lives,
borrowed money to rent. Shoved it all in. A millionaire would never do that. Takes all his chips off the table. Then looks at his chips and he’s scared he’s gonna lose them again. Never take advice from a millionaire. (laughs) It’s scared money. – What would be a few nonnegotiables that everyone should
take with their money? If you got 100,000, you
want to get to a million, you got a million, want to 10? – [Grant] Pay attention to it. – Pay attention to your money. – [Grant] You should look
at your money every day. – [Lewis] Look at it every day. Look at the bank account. – Look at the bank account. What are your cash accounts
and what are your investments. – Look at it every day. – [Grant] Every single
day, it takes five seconds. – What does that do for you? – Where am I at? Inventory. Personal inventory. So, where am I at? It’s measurable, you can see it. If it’s zero, look at it
until it makes you sick. Okay, and then you see some
money sitting in the bank. Okay, you got 100 grand sitting in a bank account, or 50 grand. Look, what is it earning? People are unconscious, they don’t know where their money is. This is the scam on this planet. You get money, you work your ass off, and then you give it to an institution, and you forget that it’s there. Wells Fargo’s paying you nothing, Bank of America’s paying you nothing. You send it to Chase, they’re
not paying you anything. You send it to the mutual fund, you don’t even know what it’s invested in. It’s invested in stuff
you don’t even believe in. It’s invested in war stocks,
tobacco stocks, drug companies. That’s not things you even believe in. People have their money, that’s not even conducive with the things they believe in in their life. If you don’t drink alcohol, why would you invest your
money in alcohol stocks. So, pay attention to where the money is. What is it paying you? Where is it? Look at it every day. It takes literally two minutes or less. That’s a nonnegotiable. Number two, on money, just one money? – [Lewis] Yeah. – Never do business with somebody
you don’t feel good about. Deal’s never gonna be good. – It’s not worth it. – Can’t get a good deal from a bad guy. It’s impossible. If I don’t feel good, there’s no way, I will not give a person a penny. I don’t care how good the deal is. Deal will never be good if the guy is bad. – Doesn’t matter how bad
you want it, what they have? – Do not do it. I have a list of six things. If one of those boxes checks off, I know I shouldn’t do this deal. More than one, for sure I won’t do it. So, it’s got to cash flow. I won’t invest in anything
that doesn’t pay me cash. Unless I have so much dead money that I’m like, okay, I’m gonna take a risk. But that’s later. – [Lewis] Yeah, later. – You know. Two, I need my money to grow. This is just a money conversation. I need to know that I’m getting paid to wait for something to grow. Three, I need to know
that there is zero chance that this space will be disrupted. Like Uber, I wouldn’t invest in Uber. Because I don’t think Uber will be around. I think Elon brings his fleet back, says, “I don’t need people to drive cars. “I don’t want anybody
driving in the front seat.” – It’s too risky. – It’s a risk, there’s uncertainty there. What else, what else? Tax advantages, I want tax
advantages for my investments. I want to reduce my tax bill. Look, I earn money, I pay taxes. I get the money. They say, “Hey, you should
now go hire people.” I hire people, I pay
taxes on what they earn. With the money I’ve already been taxed on. I take the little bit
of money I got leftover and I go to the store, they tax me again. That’s three taxes. – [Lewis] It’s crazy. – They encourage me to go
buy a house down the street, then they charge me
taxes to buy the house, taxes to borrow money on the house, and taxes to keep the house. Then I make investments, from money that was
already taxed, four times. – And you’re taxed when you take it out. – And I’m taxed on that if it goes up. And then when I die, if
I turn it into something, they want to get half of that too. So, I’m like, I need to pay
attention to the tax man, because he’s ripping people off. Not to mention, if those
are not enough insults, they take the money and give
it to people that waste it. It’s not like the roads are better, the schools aren’t better,
the air’s not better, the water’s not better. So, people should pay attention to where’s your money going. And then, if you’re gonna
do stupid stuff like, this watch that I have
on is a ridiculous watch. When you buy stupid stuff, have some rules about stupid stuff. – Like create boundaries, guidelines. I’ll spend this much a
year on whatever I want. – You do stupid stuff
when, I have my rules. – Yeah, when you deal’s closed, then I’ll spend this
much on whatever I want, to celebrate, or just to have fun. – My stupid rule is I got to
be able to buy two of them. So, if I can only buy one, I won’t buy it. It has to be in cash. And the cash had to come
from passive income. And then I can do anything I want. And then I also need to
know at the end of that that it was a stupid thing. I need to be able to admit I
can do it, but it’s stupid. – This is not a smart investment. – It’s not an investment. – [Lewis] It’s fun, it’s life. – You don’t even have
to say you deserve it. (Lewis laughs) – I just wanted it.
– I did it. – Yeah, guilty pleasure. – [Grant] Yeah, yeah, exactly. – I love it, man. What’s the big thing that
you want to say next year when we get back on this,
that you were proud of that you did this year? – I think we hit three billion by the next time I’m on a podcast with you. – Three billion?
– Three billion. – What was the first, a few years ago– – You were here when I was
here a couple years ago, that’s when you challenged
me on the 10X thing. We were looking at a
deal that was 70 million. And you’re like, “Why
don’t you 10X it, man? “What about the 10X thing, man?” (Lewis laughs) – [Lewis] That was 70
million a few years ago, like three years ago.
– No, no, I think that deal was 90 million I was looking. It was a $90 million
deal, and you’re like, “Why isn’t it 900 million?” We did $860 million
worth of deals last year. (loud clap) – My man. – Okay. I met two real estate, Josh Altman, the millionaire– – I’ve had him on. – I said, “What’d you
seel last year, Josh?” He says, “500 million.” And me and Ryan chuckled, ha ha, ha ha. We bought 860. Brandon Williams, crazy dude, read the 10X rule 10 years ago and never sold a house in LA. Number one real estate
agent in America today, him and his wife. Did 700 and, what he say he did, Ryan? 760? – Seven million.
– In LA. – [Grant] In selling? – The number one real estate
agent in the United States. – You bought more than that? – [Grant] I bought more than he sold. – Wow. – That is a stupid number. I’m a little guy, dude. These are, for the viewer,
these are institutional numbers. These are massive numbers. – So, three years ago, trying
to do a 90 million deal, you were so excited about it. – Lewis Howes, Mr. 10X Channeler, the Channeler of the 10X, took the 10X rule, flipped it on me, and said, “Why aren’t
you doing 10 times that?” We walked out of here, and I’m like, “Let’s go do some big deals, dude.” – Wow. And now you want to do three billion by the end of this year?
– Lewis Howes is not gonna punk me on his podcast. (Lewis laughs) You’re not gonna tell me that shit without me freaking,
I love that about you. I love that, I love
challenges from people. You know? We did 860 last year, closing. So, we’ll close, I think
we get to a billion, another billion, maybe
a billion two this year. So, that’ll put us at about, we could hit two and a
half billion this year. – So, you’re gonna be at three billion the next time we talk. – [Grant] Next time we talk
we’re at three billion. – Three billion, man. From 90 mil to three bil. – I mean, if I was really
thinking different, I’d be like, you know, let’s
just skip this thing, dude. Let’s just take time out of the equation. – [Lewis] 10 bil. – Huh? – [Lewis] Why not just go to– – I mean, I know how we could
add three billion right now. We just have to think different. Why not? Why not?
– Why not? That’s what I’m saying. Why you going so slow? – I know. If you’re gonna fix the floor, why not fix it now? – [Lewis] You might as well. – You know, if you’re gonna do it, do it. – What would it take for
you to get three billion within six months? – I couldn’t do it in six
months, just mechanically. But let’s just say, how could I? – Yeah, how could you? – So, okay, I’d take
100 million that I have, I’m sitting on a hundred, and I’d go to a big institution and
say, “10X my hundred.” That’d be a bil. They’ll do that, 100%. I take the bil and go buy three billion, ’cause a billion dollars will buy three or $4 billion worth of real estate. With could do four billion this year. – [Lewis] I don’t understand
why you’re thinking so small. (laughing) – Let’s do it! – [Lewis] Why you thinking so small? – We do that, I’m gonna
do a cold plunge with you. – Let’s do it! So, okay, three bill in six months. Is it possible?
– Dude, we could do that this year. We need to go have the
conversations with the guys– – Why do you play so small? I’m curious why you play so small when you have the opportunity, you got the 100–
– I’m ashamed of myself. – I’m serious though. You have the money. You just came up with
the answer in 10 seconds. Why wait two years? “Oh, I’m gonna wait
two years to get this.” That seems like a small man’s thinking. – School of Greatness! (Lewis laughs) School of Greatness. That’s why I come here. I came here for my therapy session today. Thank you, Dr. Phil. (laughs) – I mean, what else are
you gonna do with 100 mil? I mean, you just gonna
play small this whole year? – Yeah, I’m playing slow. I’m not playing small, I’m playing slow. ‘Cause I mean, nobody’s
gonna say I’m playing small. ‘Cause we’re not. But we’re playing slow. – Why you playing slow?
– There you go. Because if you’re gonna go someplace, just without being reckless. – When have you not done
things that weren’t reckless? – No, no, I’m not reckless. No, no, dude, I am extremely, like, I appear to be reckless, but I am–
– You’re risk adverse. – I am risk adverse, I
am extremely thoughtful. Even though I would appear
to be reckless to people. – All right, well, I see a clear plan of 100 million to three bil. – If I come up, I love it. Let’s do it. – Start making calls, Ryan. Grant, love you, man. I appreciate you.
– Appreciate you, man. I appreciate you. – You’re the man.
– Thanks. (upbeat music)

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