Paintball Macroline Fitting Rebuild

So here’s a macroline fitting with a bad oring in it. And it doesn’t seal. Here’s a new oring. Here’s a flathead screw driver and a needle
tool. I’m going to remove my macroline from this
macroline fitting. And next, I’m going to take my flat head screw
driver and pry the top off this macroline fitting.
Next I’m going to take my needle tool and take my bad oring out. We can see the inside
and there are some small tears and stuff. So now I’m going to take my needle tool and
push my new oring in, it’s a 10-70 oring, I believe. Push the top back in. Put my macroline back in and now it should seal. So that’s basically
the Macroline rebuild. So, I’m going to take my piece of macroline out, and going to pop my top off the macroline
fitting, going to use my needle tool to take the old oring out. We can see that there are some rips and tears in the old oring and I’m going to take my
new oring and put it into the Macroline fitting. Press it down into the groove inside. Push my top of my macroline fitting back in
and my push my macroline back in. And now it should be good to go.

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