51 thoughts on “Peninsula Developer Talks About Challenges Of Building In Bay Area

  1. Affordable housing in California is own by private companies. One bedroom start$2k and up. How about Oakland California. Almost every corner they build luxury condos and apartments.

  2. so the developer wants to make money, the old guy doesn't want his property value to drop cause that is his retirement plan….

  3. Why dont these city hall shitheads build some bowling alleys, archery ranges, go karts tracks, Basketball courts, ping pong classes, a swimming pool, build something for kids to go do instead of some damm 3,000 dolla Condos with coffee joints.

  4. Southbay is full of democrats. 2012 when I lived in Cupertino my apartment rent was $3,000.00/month. I wouldnt be surprised if rentals are going for 5k now days in the southbay.

  5. California is really gonna go to sh*t if we lose %50 of our real estate developers and tech companies keep building more office space. I honestly just hope tech companies get fed up with CA and leave it. So sad what's happening to my home state 🙁

  6. seniors housing OK i can get down with that. OLD people are mostly no problem what so ever. and they don't have much in terms of income and some cases family that can help them. so housing for them i can understand. low income affordable housing. now that i can understand why people are having a feeling of NMBYISM. low income affordable housing don't bring mostly great people. these type of housing mostly bring mostly the type of people you don't want to live next too. they don't respect the area. don't respect the people around them. drug uses a lot of times are out of control. people also drink like crazy. so again for the most part i can understand why people don't want low income affordable housing in their area.

  7. The old man pissed me off he don’t want more housing built for his property to be worth millions greedy old fart your going to die soon

  8. Peninsula Developer Talks About Challenges Of Building In Bay Area……So much Po0p…..Sombrero people… needles….crime….despair…..Stench…..

  9. Peninsula Developer Talks About Challenges Of Building In Bay Area….Everything is falling apart… and low IQ Sombrero people are everywhere… .. How far to Texas?

  10. quit building in the Bay Area build somewhere else we're tired of all the f**** traffic and people you bring here in The Last 5 Years you quadruple the time of traffic to go simple places in short distances

  11. This is what happens when the mob runs your state..
    The Getty's, the Pelosi's, the Newsom's & the brown's have run this state for generations, wake up morons!

  12. "The middle class, a lot of our net worth is in homes".

    So he basically admits that he's fine having his house value go up in exchange for others being priced out of their existing homes, which is killing the middle class. How ignorant can you be? I'm so glad I left CA. I can't imagine being able to buy a home anywhere but wayyyyyy up North in CA and it's because people like this guy in the interview who can't can't think of the slightest way to build your net worth other than buying a #%*$ing house. FFS that's like saying "I only invested in cars, so we should sell less cars, I don't want MY INVESTMENT going down in value so others should feel the same". GFTO here…

  13. Traffic is going to suck!🤭 Keep building please!!🤣😂 Non profit my ass💩 love it when they used the taxs exempt laws for the rich with loopholes!!

  14. OK. This one is a good report. You're getting better at this KPIX. I know this is difficult for you but you could do our area a really good service if you continued to focus on real estate developers who are building homes that PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD. In this case, you actually looked at folks who are trying to build affordable housing but you must know that this is not the case for 100% of real estate development. Focus on the ones who are building dwellings specifically for who they perceive as highly paid tech workers in the area (not true either where the median for a new college graduate tech worker is less than $100K a year [far less than that] which is BELOW poverty level guidelines for the Bay Area). I would like to see hit pieces on the shadier real estate developers and the brokers who jack prices up on homes in the Bay Area with impunity. I grew up here in San Francisco and have become cynical about the prices really shitty, fucked up cracker-box style homes are fetching just because developers think hi-tech workers will be the ones to buy it. THIS bullshit is what is causing the problems with housing and homelessness and has been a problem for generations as California government refuses to deal with regulating home prices (although, the recent law on statewide rent control IS [ONLY] a start). BTW, these youTube vids get a ton of shitty conservative commentary that blame the problems on 'liberal' legislation and non-Conservative politicians. I hope you understand that those are kooks that have discontent for anything that is not racist, conservative or greedy. Don't fall into the trap of responding to THOSE posts. Respond to people like me who care about the city, care about people and care about solving large societal problems that have lasting effect. DON'T BE FUCKING FAKE NEWS.

  15. This is such a good example of why housing is so expensive. Nimbyism and expensive and onerous regulation make so many projects untenable.

  16. Counties permit fees are selective, there’s impact fees, the whole cost amounts to 200,000 in fees. That’s almost a house in Vegas

  17. We keep voting for it🤷🏽‍♂️
    15/hour… is it really worth it when you weigh the pro and hundreds of cons?

  18. Why not build communities in a cheaper way? instead of digging holes and building complex housing systems that'll take years why not use a portable housing system model that'll take a couple months to set up with clean recyclable Porty pod system and showers? At this point people just want an affordable place to stay.

  19. Developers always complain about the risks and costs because:
    A. Their credit is so poor they can't afford the reinsurance.
    B. Developers are addicted to local and state tax subsidies because they won't refinance or can't refinance due to chronic credit problems.
    C. Developers are being used by international banking syndicates to build expensive luxury condos so the 1 percent can move in.
    D. There's chronic financial recidivism in the housing industry when it comes to business practices.
    E. No big company like Google or Apple has asked them to build any housing so there's no demand coming from the business sector.
    F. Developers like this woman featured in the video aren't going and advertising her own portfolio. What portfolio does she even have to begin with?

  20. Does the Bay Area realize that more housings and high rise buildings is the only way anything will get any better out there.

  21. These Nimbys aren't just determined to keep their houses they are determined to keep everything the same they force jobs out of the area force housing out of the area and force young folks out of the area and now their mad because the tech industry has had enough of their stupidity.

  22. Santa Clara native. Had to move because I can’t afford a $1,000,000 house.

    FU Tech. You’ve ruined everything that made the South Bay a great place to live.

  23. I’m surprised anyone can build anything in the Bay Area, there might be a rare moth in the ground there, or some “special” breed of salamander living there. The environmentalists will go crazy stopping ALL buildings.

  24. Gotta love old people. "I want more housing, but I'm going to fight against new housing" and "I want my property to go up in value so I'm going to prevent new housing"

  25. The solution is to not build more housing in that immediate area. Instead put commercial buildings and then expand the freeways so people can drive further so they can commute from places in the central valley.

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