100 thoughts on “Peter Weber Sends Victoria P. Home – The Bachelor

  1. SHE'S THE LIAR, NOT ALAYAH. I was so irritated when she lied to Peter to his face and kept contradicting herself, when Alayah just spit straight facts and was telling the truth. But who did he send home, not once, but TWICE? Alayah

  2. Actually i think she's beautiful, and i think she was smiling thru her hurt and disappointment and that being said she lost it as soon as the car drove off. I was so hopeful for her but she did make a mistake by lying. I don't think smilingly thru the break up is creepy but holding back her hurt. I feel she was a bit embarrassed as well. We don't know her so i can't say for sure. I also think Alayha was fake as well by the way she talked. Her voice would literally change tones depending who she was talking too. I dont think too much of the women this season.

  3. Victoria P didn’t deserve to go home . She was perfect for Peter and now it’s all over with. Now what’s gonna happen near the end?

  4. Once she fixed aliyahs makeup i was like wtffff . She just talked so much shit about alyiah than try’s to fix her makeup in front of peter talking to her.. very scary. Somethings off. She couldn’t even talk in front of them cause she literally was caught in a lie. She was cutting corners Go bite your lip some more


  6. What's a change! He was so sure about her. I hope none of these girls that he sent home and that scene where his mom was crying and asking him to take her back omg

  7. Maybe he saw her pictures from before the work she got done to her face? She looks completely different from 5 or so years ago.

  8. Most of these girls drive me insane. They are like politicians, controlling the narrative. He send you home in the nicest way and you still want to act like you're initiating this leave. Cab is coming, it's been send. And this girl needs to apologize to alayah at the reunion for lying about knowing alayah for 3h. Atleast alayah wanted to keep you knowing eachother a secret because she was desperate and insecure to get on the show and it came off as scheming. Kind of innocent compared to this blatant lie.

  9. After she got rejected.. you immediately saw the hatred in her eyes! Psycho. She wants to rip his face off! I've seen it before.. she wants to be the one to reject him . She want him to chase after the cab , yelling it's a mistake, you're the love of my life , and I was so confused!! So she can fill her ego, and call the cops on him for stocking her. Run Peter!!!!

  10. This chick is narcissistic or sociopathic, or both… She doesn't understand emotions. 'Ole cluster B head ass. I can smell them from a mile away.

  11. I think Peter just needs more life experience. Girls manipulating him left right and centre! 🙄 Let them cry, they won’t break.

  12. How easily she forgets she was deceptive . . . . “Like I’ve been so vulnerable and real with you ( lip bite )” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Too bad she can’t claim ‘honest’ 🙄

  13. Anyone who finds this as ANYTHING else but ratings doesn't watch quality t.v. I was in New York & my friend asked me to watch a few shows for said writer. This was one of them, I fell asleep just as he handed out the first rose. I woke up & called him & said…IS THIS WHAT THE WORLD HAS BECOME, A BUNCH OF MINDLESS , DUMBASS WOMAN? & now that production companies are searching for great writers and making quality shows that are played out as movies..examples…The leftovers, Mr. Robot, True Detective ..WATCHING ANYMORE WOULD DRIVE ME MAD! Then he asked me just watch 60days in & shout him an email of said shows for his article. I told him I will try not to go mad but if I do you are paying my attorney's bills! Well done for putting such crap on t.v. …These are the days I am thankful I choose a career & dogs & not kids to watch these MINDLESS drones.
    Edit…I am positive this will be taken Down

  14. Peter sent her home. Her super white fake teeth reminds me of FRIENDS episode with “The One with Ross’ Teeth” hahahaha

  15. Doesn't Peter know when he hems and haws like that , it makes it worse for the one he sends home? He needs to learn to spit out what He has to say – he's flipping and flopping all over the place!

  16. Peter just let a nice lady go home because he is an idiot. He rather have a drama cry baby come after him. He's making his bed, he better be ready to lay in it.

  17. I used to like her but after a while I became suspicious of her. She tries to act innocent and super concern and compassionate. It comes off fake. She also has a temper when he questions her as if she's guilty.

  18. Nothing about this girl was sincere or genuine and I knew she was emotionally unstable from her one on one date with Peter. I liked her in the beginning but she isn’t a honest person and she didn’t make the Alayah drama any better. I’m glad Peter broke things off with her finally. She only cared about herself and tv time.. not truly about him. I agree she needs some type of counseling.

  19. Now you don't have peter or your friend was it worth it Now go back home and face everyone when they find out you back stabbed Alayah you snake

  20. I have no sympathy for her. That's what you get for stirring the pot, trying to take Alayah down with lies and gossip rather than focusing on yourself.

  21. We'd love to have her on our Podcast!


  22. Her incessant creepy touching and kissing his hand was controlling and WEIRD! I'm glad he sent her home. She was super manipulative!

  23. Wow! No woman deserves to be treated like Victoria P. Peter is so disgusting, pathetic, disgrace for a human bean. He is the worst bachelor ever. He should be ashamed of himself. If I was him or a family member of his, I would hide my head and never take it out again. He’s just wants sex and that’s all. 😡

  24. I wish he would get rid of Natasha. He knows damn well he doesn’t like her stop stringing that girl along it’s not fair.

  25. Wow, this woman got hardcore BUSTED in her lies. And she never saw it coming. And — NO PETER !! — her heart was NOT in the right place.

  26. She is the reason Aaliyah went home. terrible because Aaliyah did not deserve that wish Victoria went home instead of her

  27. Ya’ll are just a bunch of haters. Surgery or not victoria p is still way better looking than half of u commenting, and prettier than most of the girls on the show 😂

  28. Look guys, here is the thing. I don't think Victoria lied. She and Aliyah did go and do things together, but their personalities are so different and they were never 'friends-friends'. which should be obvious. He put her in a position which she hated, confrontation because why tell that to anyone, and she has been closed off ever since. Victoria ceased being vulnerable with him. On Aliyah comment, Aliyah imo isn't fake either. She has different versions to herself and real her is pretty amazing. Victoria Paul and Aliyah make okay acquitances etc, but aren't bff, real friend material tbh.

  29. “This is the last Conversation we will have…”. damn… dodge that bullet too! Bitch, you barely know the guy how did you drop your panties that fast?

  30. Imagine being this dramatic on this show and then having to go back to your normal life and seeing people who saw u act this way

  31. Victoria P is a prime example: it doesn’t matter how physically beautiful you are.!if you have an ugly personality, that’s how you’ll physically be perceived as well

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