Phase One Design’s Secret Weapon To Success | Luxury Home Design

[Gary] Thanks. so tell me how your company is you know, different
from others? [Kathy] We are very very process-oriented
. Although design is a creative process, and don’t get me wrong, you certainly don’t want
to stent the creative process whatsoever. It’s a custom home, it has to be beautiful,
people have to drive by and say wow what are not mazing how it was, and they have to have
that same feeling when they’re walking to the home. However that being said, if you think about
it, a custom home is a lot of emotional and financial investment. So, we want to make sure that from day one,
when you decide you want to build a custom home, entire in-between piece for that way
all the way to the day that you start construction, there’s so crucial to set up the construction
for Success. Love you. She come up with over the last 10 years is,
we’ve designed a 5-step really simple process that takes homeowners throughout that process
just to make sure that they don’t become one of those construction horror stories that
you know unfortunately you here so much out there. So, I would think you know to kind of sum
it up, it’s very very proven processes and procedures that set us apart. [Gary] So, that’s wonderful like—

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