Practical Self-Converted Camper Van Built with No Previous Building Experience

Welcome everybody. This is Toni and this
is Franzi and we are living in our self converted Mr. Wombat. We traveled to Japan, Philippines, US. She
was always the driver behind all of this travel. I used to work for Amazon for
almost six years. I got to a point where you’re really rethinking what you’re
gonna do in life. I worked in the Japanese company and it was a nice job
but still at the end of the day I was not 100% passionate about it and I want
to change and at the beginning he was not so happy with that. People expect to
build a house, have family. She started talking about traveling the world. The
more I was thinking about it the more I felt confident to go this way with her.
It took us I think almost two years to decide finally even if people think we
are completely stupid we will do our thing and we are pretty confident it
will work out anyway. This is our Volkswagen. It’s an at28
model. It was built in 1991. It was yellow so we did the paint job on this. We
worked on the body for almost three months. Next to the driver area, the sides, we
replaced them completely. The seats are from T3 caravan made for
long distances. We have hidden nice lighting and everything is out of
spurs. It’s a 2.4 liter diesel engine. It has 65 horsepower. Name of the car is Mr. Wombat. Franzi mentioned during the process the car looks like a wombat from the
front. We have two spare wheels. One in the back and one beneath. We cannot lock
it from the outside. We can just lock it like this and we have feel like a big
safe and even if someone is able to get into the car he will not be able to
access this area. Place for water, some spare parts for the car, for the bed,
clothes in the back. There’s also some food. Here all the electric stuff. All the
auto stuff behind the water container. Slacklining here, solar shower. In case we
get stuck anywhere. It happened two times but it worked well with this. Some
stuff for Franzi she loves to paint. We have our table here. We have also put the
windows into the car. We have two solar panels each 140 watts. We can source electricity from three
different sources. Solar from the Sun. From the engine. At the campsite
somewhere we can also get the voltage from there. Inverter which is up to 3000 watts
and the system is connected to 280 ampr AGM battery so if the sun is
shining the battery is almost full. If it’s weather like this we can stay like
three days without charging. It was around 1400 euros. We
can come from the driver area to the back and you can pack everything quickly
start the engine and go away. The fresh water we can just replace. This is 20
liters and we have a gray water tank of 35 liters. If it’s full we can open it
here. It’s more efficient and not so much work and it’s cleaner of course. We have
in total five of these tanks. One always here and if it’s empty I just go to the
back and I take one of the other four in the back and we can stay
seven to ten days. It’s a Planar 44d. It’s a very good alternative. It costs around 500 euros but it’s worth the
money. When we spend some cold days I think when it was snowing we put it on
and within five minutes the entire car is warm. We tried to keep the car as much
as possible out of gas. We have to use it for cooking. Anything else is going with
electricity or with diesel. The controller for the heater you can set at a
certain degree or you can just make it the biggest and then when it’s warm we
regulate. Actually this is my favorite part of
the van because I like to cook a lot. You have a lot of fruits, some oil,
salt and pepper. It’s also fixed with screws so hasn’t fallen down. I have more storage room. Basically this is Tony’s side so he
keeps a lot of his clothes here. We have some towels here, there’s some cosmetics. Toothbrush, hand towels, some more
cosmetic stuff. Everything fixed with magnets. Coffee, tea, these are for
crumbles. I make sometimes oat crumble. Our jars they are fixed with screws. More
storage, plates, the garbage here. Our emergency toilet. Normally we go outside
and for all the ladies out there on Amazon you can find device but I think
that just works fine. You just put it onto the bottle and think they are
almost the same. Five kilo gas bottle comes out here on the left side and
here’s our gas cooker. Just take it out it’s flexible you can cook outside. Put it here. It’s
pretty easy. At first we wanted to install a fixed one but then we thought
oh if you have the opportunity to just move it wherever we want. We have a
folding table and then to use it it’s basic, simple, but it works. So extension
just push it up here. You can cook here if you want. You can have dinner here. This is also from IKEA. It’s good too if you have a lot of small things to keep storage. Lot of jewelry. This is from the Philippines. Bookshelf so we got a lot of books. White sage to make a nice smell and
remove all the bad energy and if you want to be separated, at least a little even though you can see through, you can just use this one and I can have my private now and read
a book or whatever I want to do. A fridge. It’s a compressor fridge. It’s not running all the time. If
it needs more power then it just goes on. I think 40-45 liters and you can also
use it as a freezer. Fits like that so they don’t fall down. This
goes up so my yoga stuff, the boxes. You can reach it from behind. Some more yoga stuff. Power for the fridge. We can charge our camera and all
that stuff. We also have USB. Come to the back. Our dirty clothes storage underneath. We made some holes here because on our first tour we didn’t do
this and then we had some mold. We made a bed extension. We have a screen here for movie nights.
We can use it outdoor. Here’s more storage. Lot of clothes and the picture was made
from one of our friends which we met on the road in Greece in Papigo where we
also adopted our two dogs. Television. This is newly added. At the beginning
I didn’t like the idea but now I’m, I’m okay with it, I like it actually a
lot. Just like this. It’s pretty easy and we made this because the wall
is not straight so antenna here. It’s sometimes funny to watch movies and
series in other languages you know you get to know the country. Probably the quote of our project was
“doing by mistakes” because we had absolutely no background working with
our hands but that’s the reason why we wanted to do it. In the end we wanted to
say, “that’s ours and we know everything about it.” Each screw was in our hand
before it was screwed in the car. Nobody can grab it from us. Should just
start at some point. Be present, live now, enjoy life, chase your dreams, follow your
heart. Thanks for watching this week’s episode, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did
be sure to share it with a friend and thank you most of all to the Patrons who
support this channel I really appreciate you. Thanks for watching guys. If you want
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100 thoughts on “Practical Self-Converted Camper Van Built with No Previous Building Experience

  1. i'm not sure how safe his "safe" area is, when he says that even if someone gets in the car they cannot get to the garage – but if someone's inside, can't they open the garage from the inside, and then go around, grab stuff and run ?

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  5. Hi Dylan:) once again thank you very much for the opportunity of meeting you, Tara & Jackson. Even the weather was shit, we still enjoyed it very much. It´s always very inspiring meeting other people & was a great honor meeting you 3! We´ll continue following our heart & try to inspire others along the way to follow their passion! All the best & hope to see you soon somewhere on Planet Earth! 😉

  6. OHMAHGAD I'm STOKED to see two Germans! Fellow German here, hi! 😀 Great to see you on Dylan's channel! Been planning my own van for ages (still in the planng stage tho, ugh). Seeing two fellow young people without building experience being able to produce such a winderful home gives me a lot of hope and encouragement that I'll be able to do it, too.
    Have a lovely journey! Your Mister Wombat is a beauty, I hope to meet you one day with a van of my own.

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    Vunderbar Video…….thnxx for sharing, and keep them coming.

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  17. Awesome and underrated or more so unknown vans due to their popular smaller brothers T25s and split bays etc. I have the LT 35 and its just the perfect van in terms of size and space inside. You can stand up and yet it is still small enough to park it around and drive also you can drive it on normal cat C license. Low HP yes but the Torque is huge on these as they were the main industrial transporters back in the day so you dont really need super fast acceleration anyway. You can get a turbo version which has around 100hp though.

  18. Very nice conversion, real homely look to it, but for me, I would really want a shower/toilet room, I'm not really that at one with mother nature in that respect! Lol

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  20. Ach ja und sollte ich jetzt nochmals so einen Kommentar von Dir "Mr. WanderinsIsland" bekommen, dann bekommst du von mir keine Antwort mehr, sondern dann ist es wohl sinnvoller mal nachzuprüfen ob dann ein solches Video nicht einfach rausgenommen wird mit sämtlichen Kommentaren. Trifft Euch vermutlich mehr, denn wie so viele wollt ihr sicherlich bloggen und irgendwie damit Geld verdienen ha ha ha :-).Achso hatte gerade Zeit und habe eine Datenschutzbeschwerde eingereicht. Ich denke das sollte dir zu denken geben. 


    die Referenznummer für Ihre Beschwerde lautet QMH373OIXUUQN2I2UKDGWJYJ4U.

    Hiermit bestätigen wir, dass wir Ihre Beschwerde erhalten haben.

    Das YouTube-Team

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