Pre-Engineered Buildings for Ortec in Pointe Noire | Frisomat – PreFab Steel Buildings

Welcome to Congo-Brazzaville. We’re in Pointe-Noire, one of Africa’s biggest oil ports. Ortec, a world player in the storage and
processing of petrochemical waste, is developing an industrial site a few
kilometres from the port of Pointe-Noire. Eric Bedel, Ortec site foreman, shows us
the three Frisomat buildings on site. In these two steel buildings, Ortec stores
and processes sludge from oil platforms. This machine separates the sludge into its three
basic components: water, soil and oil. The building’s open side walls allow natural
ventilation during the processing. The third Frisomat building is a workshop
where cement is stored and transhipped. This hangar was built in less than two weeks and ensures comfortable conditions
for the Ortec workers. Frisomat already covered over 120,000 m² of
industrial buildings in Congo-Brazzaville. This Central African country is expanding
rapidly at the moment – as is Ortec. The ultimate proof: a new Frisomat building
is on its way to Pointe-Noire. Discover the video on the Mandiélé/Maloukou Commercial and Industrial Centre, the biggest project in Frisomat’s history in Congo.

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